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  • 1.Stovall and Company, Inc - Columbus

    11011 Veterans Pkwy


    6.25 mi


    I purchased approximately 25 plants from this company. After planting them, I just happened to notice that deeper within the shrubbery was some browning taking place. I thought that a little plant f

  • 2.Stovall Funeral Home

    605 Main St


    28.57 mi

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By: Irizarry G.
Seasonal Concepts Landscaping & Nursery
today was my fIrst time visiting the store . When I walk inside the person behind the counter was with a costumer so I procedded to looK around the store after 10 min I stand up close to the register waitng to be acknowledge so I can ask for the plant I was looking for. Another 5 min past and was not acknowledge . I lef the store and was not asked if I needed anything. The store only had two ladies and perhaps they were friends with the cashier so that is why my business were not important. I will never come back again, awful customer service.
By: Veronica W.
Taylor's Tiny Tots
This Review is for Taylor's Tiny Tots Daycare. The workers there neglected to monitor the children allowing my 17 mts old grandson to be bit in three different areas of his face. They did not administrator First aid because the bites had dried blood when his mother picked him up that evening. The skin was broken on one of the bites. Plus when his mother picked him up the daycare workers didn't mention he had been bitten.His mother noticed the bites as she was leaving out the door. When she asked them about it they told her they didn't know how it happened. She was not given a statement on his injuries. I called the director today she lied saying one of the workers was monitoring them when my grandson was bit. If she was monitoring him then why did she allow him to be bit three times And she lied to me saying an injury statement was given to his mother the day it happened Which is an total lie because they said they didn't know what happened to his face. This daycare will be reported for neglect asap. I do not recommend to anyone.
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By: Daisy R.
Puddle Jumpers
I went to visit this center today (June 8, 2016) and witnessed the worst situations! A class for my 1 year old full of complete chaos and unorganized! 1 kid on top of a book shelf, and the other pulled the fire alarm. As we had to evacuate the building, some kids didn't have on shoes! Its 93° and the kids were sitting on the hot sidewalk in the from parking area. One of the workers kept using her foot to make a toddler stand up by pushing him with her foot on his butt!!!! Then as they are bringing the kids inside, one of the toddlers leg was too short to climb the sidewalk, this same workers put the toddler she was holding on the hot concrete to get the kid over the sidewalk and pulled her by the arm!!! I was at a loss for words! My child has never been to a daycare and after what I witnessed today.....I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone.
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By: Shelia L.
Children's world learning center
This is a great daycare and they pick up from home. They have a wonderful Staff who make you feel welcome and take good care of your children.
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By: Jennifer F.
Puddle Jumpers
So disappointed in this daycare. First they put a different baby's bottle in my daughter's bag which is monogrammed. The next day she was sick which makes me think they let her drink out of that bottle. It was a completely different brand of bottle and even had another child's name on it. Then when she moved up to baby 2 room she had diaper rash the FIRST DAY. She is 8 months old and only had diaper rash once with me... She goes to this room and gets it the first day. And it wasn't a mild rash it was so bad she had blisters and they were bleeding. When I told them they said "she didn't have a diaper rash" and when I asked why was desitin on her they said they put it on as a preventitive measure. Also they wrote they changed her at 5:30 when I picked her up at 5:15 so they scratched it out And put 5:15. They are liars and neglectful of children. Please don't take your child here.
By: Jeanne P.
Puddle Jumpers
Puddle Jumpers is a disgrace of what you would call a Christian Academy. I was a little skeptic to even take my daughter there after reading a review of what they told me was just a disgruntled former employee but now I can honestly say all those reviews are true! They claim to be sanitary but my daughter kept getting sick from hand foot and mouth because of this facility! They didn't even notify other parents until something was said to them because it was very unprofessional to not even let others know they had an outbreak going on. I withdrew my daughter because I was afraid for her health after losing 10 pounds because she kept getting hand foot and mouth from this facility. I did not pay the 2 week withdrawal that they ask for because I considered the contract I signed null and void since they lied about how sanitary they were. Not only did they have the nerve to lie to me about that, they also lied to BBB after I filed a complaint against them. They lied and said my daughter was the first and only to have had it. They are full of liars just like the review said. Granted some people working there take exceptional care of your children that still does not excuse the liars leading and owning this place and their unsanitary issues. I will stop ranting now but just know that if you were half the Christian you all claim to be then you definitely know this business will NEVER prosper in the end.
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By: Nikki H.
Puddle Jumpers
I had nothing bad to say about this business prior to withdrawing my son from this business due to our move out of town. The staff were always nice and professional. The teachers in my son's awesome. However, the owner or whoever handles the finances is very backstabbing and nasty. I contacted the business on more than one occasion due to withdrawing my son and I was still backhanded. Very unprofessional way to handle business! It's sad how good some people can put up front and towards the end, their true colors come to the light. Sad.
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While there are many nurseries that provide various product guarantees (usually with limitations), each establishment has its own set of rules and policies. Ask questions and do your research before buying.
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The best plants for low-maintenance care include ficus, spider plant, Mother In Law’s Tongue, cacti or cactus, Peace Lily, Touch-Me-Not, ivy, succulents, and Kalanchoe. Each of these plants requires minimal watering and attention (but still might like you to talk to them).

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