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By: jessica.torresrosa
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet
Let me first a say, that I have eaten here several times since this establishment has first opened and have absolutely loved it. My husband on the other hand is not crazy about the place. This is my 9 year old daughters favorite place to eat and being that it was her birthday, she had her pick on where to eat. Let me say how disappointed I was as soon as I had to stand on a long line to be seated, although there were many empty tables. We were a party of 6, waiting on our 6th person to arrive shortly. One of the specials offered was a birthday meal stating buy 5 meals and get one free. Perfect! Not really, once our turn arrived to be seated my husband asked the teenaged girl who handled the seating, of the birthday special. She informed us sure we were eligible for the deal. Did we have I.d for proof of d.o.b, where we explained she was 9 and has no I.d. she asked for her birth certificate! My husband replied with a laugh, surely she was kidding. She was not. After her explanation of, she only works here she doesn't make the rules, management does, we should have left. So I asked to speak with the manager. But for my daughter's sake, we stayed. We state its her birthday, can we have the pretty flower brought out to her as she was sung Happy Birthday. Sure was the reply. As we were seated the little 25 year old manager asks what's the problem, where I question him about the birthday deal. He said it's normal and they have done it before and apparently many have produced birth certificates. In fact, I am the only person to complain about how idiotic of a request it is. Really? I don't think so. Is there no such thing as patronage or customer service? It was $6! His cocky little attitude almost got my water dumped on his head. Still we stayed. We asked the server a question and were immediately corrected on the prunciation of her name. Sorry Cazzie because Cassie is so unusual.At this time our 6th party member arrived. Although I asked for 6 waters, we received 5. I ask the waitress for another water and she hands me my husbands water where he had just gotten up to serve himself. I had to tell her we needed an additional water. The selection of food was scarce, the eggrolls and wontons were old and hard. The food was subpar. I had to remind them of my daughter's cake and when it was brought out it was some pieces of desert from the buffet with grapes. I did appreciate the waiters effort. Once we left, the manager acted as if he didnt even see us. I will NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN! Especially when its run by obnoxious adolescents who were quite lucky I was on my best behavior. Sincerely Jessica Rosa, the short curly haired Puerto Rican woman who almost opened a can on you!!
By: kandydove
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet
On today, I and my family went to Hibaci on Auburn Ave, in Columbus, Ga. Our son is autistic. He has aspergers with ADHD. He's 3 years old and is all boy. We have been to Hibaci on a many of occasions and had fallen in love with the place, until today. We had been there for a while and our son had done very well up until the time we were all settled, full and eating dessert. Like Lil Jon says "YEAH", our son would get vocal here or there but once again, he was quite the "big boy" for the meal until we got to eating our ice cream. He wasn't fussing, fussy, crying or anything like that. He was enjoying himself and was very happy but yes, when he was, he was loud, not long, loud. The matre d came by our table and signaled for us to quiet him down so we did, almost. He would still do his yell but the octive was much lower and yet, we still tried to get him to quiet all the way down. Before we were successful, the matre d returned to our table and straight asked us to quiet him down. I tried to explain to him that our son was autistic and to just give us a lil time but he was quite firm in his desire to have our son quiet. I told the matre d, "give us a few minutes to finish up and we'll be our of your hair". This satisfied the matre d and he left our table. I, on the other hand, felt my spirit drop and proceeded to pack our things to leave. I and my family have never been embarrassed or ashamed of our special child and today is no exception. We make no excuse for our lil man and we are so proud of the progress he's made in the short time we've had since discovering he has aspergers but today I wanted to cry. We have been to Hibaci a many of times and have never had a problem with being there so this really got to me. Yes, Hibaci on Auburn Ave, in Columbus, Ga. has lost some customers. I know that the lost of our little money will probably mean nothing to them but this stance means everything to me and my - SUPREMEservice - SUB PARmanners - SUCKS
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By: Jonathon L.
Wingstop Restaurant
Ok, despite the reviews I read I chose to go here and I'm glad I did. I specifically ordered bone in wings mango habanero and Cajon. They were huge, and full of flavor. I couldn't eat them all.i also tried some of my wife's boneless garlic and regular BBQ flavor. The meat inside was soft and all white. I was surprised as the ones you get at bww's are crunchy and not always good.But these were. The garlic ones didn't have much flavor in my opinion and they were expected to be greasy and were but not to the point of being nasty. I mean its buttery garlic sauce so its expected. All in all great price awesome wings bone in or out, very clean place and a friendly staff. Location is by Lowe's off exit ten. I will be going back as I fell in log with this restaurant.
By: Julie C.
Btj Wings
Had lunch there today. Food was served hot, fresh, & the portion sizes were incredible. You definitely get your money's worth. Tried the Philly Cheese Steak (best in town, in my honest opinion) with fried rice as a side. The fried rice was seasoned & prepared just right. Two people can eat one meal because you get so much food, it's hard to eat it all in one sitting. The prices are decent too. I don't know anywhere else in town you can get that much food for that price. My dad had the cheeseburger & said if he wants a decent burger, he'd choose here over McDonalds. He couldnt even finish the whole thing. Customer service was great too. Will definitely be returning!!
By: melissa.hargett.12
The writer above must be a disgruntled employee that didn't cut the mustard because I have never read a more bogus review of any business. I have been going to Speakeasy since the early 80's and I have rarely experienced a more courteous wait staff. Every time I go I am in awe of their professionalism regardless of who waits on me. They obviously have high standards and great training for their employees. The menu is varied and yet everything they offer is consistently wonderful every visit. They are very reasonably priced and it is one of the best locally owned casual dining establishments in Columbus.
By: Taylor W.
Wingstop Restaurant
Went to Wing Stop recently. Food was ok. I did not like the fact that EVERY wing I. Bit into was brown in the inside. YUCK! But while waiting for my order... the big white guy in the back was tossing wings, Wing sauce got on his finger and instead of washing his hands like a REGULAR CLEAN PERSON SHOULD, he proceeded to luck his fingers. THAT WAS BEYOND GROSS!! What the hell are they teaching their employees. They also need to give you real fries and not the end, hard, crunchy pieces. It will be a LONG time before I go back.
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By: celtichealer
Clean Eatz
I do their meal plan. As a busy single professional it is a convenient and healthy option. Their meals are delicious with the right blend of fat, carbs and protein for weight loss or just a healthy lifestyle. Plus it's all raw/clean eating. Then there is the price. That to is very reasonable for what you are getting, a healthy balanced fully prepared meal that just requires a few minutes in the microwave from you. Couldn't be happier that I found them. Wish I had money to invest to open a second location in the area.
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By: bask215
Texas Roadhouse
Grant, the manager is INCREDIBLE! My husband and I had our first date on Friday the 13th - 30 years ago. He made this anniversary the best ever. The food was fantastic, the staff was welcoming and our server was wonderful. What we found that you don't see very often is a happy staff. Everyone in the kitchen as well as on the floor was in great spirits and it made the evening relaxing and enjoyable. We were never rushed and we truly enjoyed our meals. For a great time and fantastic food, you must visit this restaurant!
By: georgiaprune
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet
My wife and I have eaten here four or five time and it has been just great. The last time we went someone had over salted the seafood salad. I told the host and he in turn told the lady manager on duty. Within five minutes of me telling the host about the problem the manager was at our table asking me about the salad. She immediately went to the salad bar and removed it. We really do love this place. It is a breath of fresh air for dining in Columbus
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By: Daniel L.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
Food was great (as usual). However, our 8 year old was born in the USA (like everyone in my family), so she could not read the child's menu written in a foreign language (perhaps Spanish). When we asked for a kid's menu written in English, we were told the restaurant ran out. I know illegal immigration has been out of control since 2009, but English is still spoken here for a few more years. Come on, Cracker Barrel!

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