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By: Hansey C.
Cantey & Co Inc
You would regret if you rented from them. I do not think they care about their customers. What they are interested in is just your payment.
By: James W.
PMC Property Group
Not customer service friendly at all. Very difficult to reach people at this office. Not helpful with apartment transitions. College apartments are in high demand, so I can only assume they have built in customers and high demand who's clients have to put up with the terrible service, like myself.
By: Lola L.
Real Property Management Midlands
If your company has a A+ with the BBB don't worry we ( ex tens and current) will make sure that changes .unprofessional , negligent , theives . Extremely horrible company I don't even know how they haven't been sued out of business yet . 100% of the "positive reviews " are from family members or friends . Daryl is a crook . Gives black owned businesses a bad names . You are trash Daryl . Complete trash .
By: Lola L.
Real Property Management Midlands
unprofessional , negligent , theives . Extremely horrible company I don't even know how they haven't been sued out of business yet . 100% of the "positive reviews " are from family members or friends . Daryl is a crook . Gives black owned businesses a bad names . You are trash Daryl . Complete trash .
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By: Jonathan M.
Realty Security Inc
Flea infestation, mold, terrible communication. I live two doors down from the office, and they never contacted me to let me know that if I didn't pay my Balance of $583 immediately I would be evicted. Again, I live two doors down from the office and received no phone call, no email, and suddenly the police are knocking on my door. I received an eviction notice after being two weeks late on rent. I was able to pay the same day as receiving this eviction notice and this all could have been avoided if the office had contacted me. Previously if I was late by a few days, I would get an email or a phone call. This company is evil and vicious, and clearly just out to make a buck.
By: Brad O.
Palmetto Property Management of Columbia
They likely do a good service considering it is just two people running a business at the kitchen table in a residential neighborhood. My concern is the things they wind up charging you for at move out. Soldiers just dont even bother to clean they will keep most of your deposit even if you leave the place immaculate as I did. They re-shampooed the carpet and charged us for that after we'd already paid to have it done. For installing a new screen on a window? That will be $40 [I bought the screen at Lowe's and the owners said they'd pick it up when it was ready. Lord knows how much they would've charged for ordering the screen as I did].My advice is find out who the owner is of your rent house. You can email him or her on global and cc the property mgt team or vice versa. It is a good thing to have a 3rd witness to any commo you send to this biz. You will likely get a txt msg reply. You will not get a call back after 5pm since they lack 24/7 answering service.
By: username2014
Real Property Management Midlands
Worst renting experience I have ever endured. Was forced to hire an attorney and break the lease early because of there refusal to adhere to fair housing rules and regulations. The home was marketed as having heat and air, and even told by management that the home had both. Only to find out upon moving in that the home had neither air nor heat. They refused to make any necessary repairs needed in the home: •Damaged roof that leaked when it rained. •Raccoons that made there way into the attic from a hole in the roof. •electrical issues that would cause the fuse box to constantly trip. Electrical outlets would spark and smoke. •zero insulation in the home causing energy bills to be extremely high. Had the home audited by SCE&G they concluded major housing code violations. •Trash left around the adjacent unit from the previous tenants. 8 months after they moved out. •rude customer service from the entire staff. Would get into arguments with the staff for with holding rent payment for poor living conditions of the unit.•had to stay in a hotel when conditions became too poor to live in.
By: Cindy J.
Salty Fin
Horrible! Stay away from these people. No communication, got attacked by Stacy for asking questions in a very nasty way, no help with the closing documents. They just left after they got the sale. Tori was supposed to be our realtor and she is very pleasant. Stacy is not. I would never recommend this agency to anyone friend or foe. I've sold probably 10 pieces of property in my lifetime and have never been treated the way Stacy treated me. Insulting, demeaning and condescending. If you go with these people, just be sure not to ask questions because you will get reamed out. I understand it was a small sale, not an expensive house, but they knew that because they set the price. The communication was non-existent. I had to find out what was going on through the buyer's lawyer and calling the inspectors myself. I did the work, they get paid. Never been spoken to by someone I am paying like Stacy did. Stay away! There are many other good realtors in the area and others told us not to use them but I did like Tori. I should have listened. Find someone else, anyone else unless you like be attacked for asking questions. The closing was today and there were mistakes on the closing documents to our detriment and I had to point them out and have them fixed. We could have sold our house and saved the commission. Never again.
By: Anna P.
Landmark Resources LLC
I highly recommend Landmark Resources LLC! The staff is very hard working, and they're constantly making an effort to help anyone that needs it.
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By: Marcie C.
Hubbard Group Rental Hotline
As a tenant of only 3 months. I have 4 problems so far. •Improperly billed for utilities •Unit damaged by management contractors and no repairs after numerous notices•Appliances and a hot water system inoperable. Management VERY slow in repair/replacement•Unit became infested with bugs due to torn screen (prior to tenancy). Management advised not covered.Look elsewhere if you want quality landlord!!

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