By: J. S.
Woodhill Family Medicine
When we first arrived in the Columbia area, our military insurance provider appointed Dr. Yousefian to be our primary care doctor. He is simply the best. I've lived in many locations and come in contact with many, many doctors and yet, for me, Dr. Yousefian stands out as one of the top in his profession. He's kind, empathetic, and a patient listener. Even more importantly, he's proven himself highly dedicated to giving my family the best care possible. The nurses and office staff are also exceptional. I had a medical emergency and not only did the doctor continue to reach out to me until my crisis passed, several in the office did as well. Very impressive. The office staff (and I'm talking every single person I've interacted with...) are the kind of people who run and open the door for you when they see you in pain, work tirelessly with your insurance to get you the appointments you need in the quickest time possible and are ever ready to answer any concerns that you may have. I've even been at the practice very late in the evening and yet they didn't rush me out, giving me all the time I needed to make sure all was in order before I left. (A special "shout out" to Judy who reached out to me many times with kindness and concern during my medical crisis and remained unsatisfied until I got all the tests and appointments I needed in an impressively short amount of time. Also a note of gratitude to the receptionist who recently worked and worked with me and the schedule to get my child, with an ear infection, in to see our doctor on short notice. ) I would also like to point out that it is a large practice so, yes, sometimes I encounter a "phone call overload" and can't get through. I can really empathize with the reviewer becoming frustrated with this, but I've learned to simply wait 15 minutes or so and try again. I'll usually then get through to a friendly and apologetic voice.As a final note, I'd also like to add that it's a bit of a drive for me to get to this practice. I have to drive 40 minutes from my home (sometimes many more depending on traffic) to get there, not by choice but because my doctor shifted offices to this location. Even so, the drive, to me, is worth it because I feel that my children's and my health are in good hands and you really can't put a price on that or weigh it against any minor inconvenience.
By: Tink W.
Columbia Auto Center
One day I needed breaks and just decided, you know what, I' m tired of hating my auto place or just going to one because its close. I end up feeling totally taken advantage of and broke because my bill was so high. So I decided I was going to go to about 10 different auto places to see what each one said was wrong with my brakes, what the solution would was and what the cost would be.After listing to outrageous prices and recommended additions that only raised my price the last one I ended up at was Columbia Auto Center. I expected they would be like the 9 auto places before them so I was already on guard. The mechanic looked at my car immediately. He said " you need new brakes and I'll have to shave the rotors". I told him others said I need them replaced, but he told me they were fine and just needed to be shaved so there was no need to pay extra to get new ones.I learned something new that day... In my excitement I totally forgot the name of the place But when I needed my brakes done again its all I could think about. I drove around and found them again, and once again received EXCELLENT service. This time my windshield wipers stopped working, and while I was there I knew I might as well get my brakes done since they did them last time and gave me such a great price... There was also a noise every time I turned my wheel. The service and knowledgeable staff make everything a great experience. Everyone is friendly and willing to assist, which I find rare now a days...On my second trip, Kevin greeted me with a smile and opened the door. He answered all my questioned, listened to me ramble on about how I found the solution to fix the car on the internet. Kevin immediately looked at my car. He was really knowledgeabe,, he didn't recommended anything I didn't need and even found me a few coupons which made the price wayyyy lower than I thought it would be. Like I said, I always felt, that as a female, the auto shops were trying to get over on me but this place never tries to do that. They don't over charge me. They don't think of extra things to try and bring up the price and they are FAST!! I'm officially a lifetime member and will taking my car to Columbia Auto Center for everything.
By: simplemanft
Palmetto Wholesale Auto Sales
I just purchased a nice Tahoe from Todd Epperson at Palmetto Wholesale. Got a great deal on the car. I even shopped the local papers and online. Todd beat the others prices by more than $1,000.00. Car was clean and in great condition. Todd even pointed out 2 flaws I didnt even see. The owner was present all three times I visited the lot and gave me a free GPS system after the deal was done!!! I dont usually buy from car lots, but I now have a new outlook. Thanks for the great car Todd, Bobby, and George... I will be back for the next one
By: G M.
Sandstone Apartments
I can't believe what the previous rater notated about these apartments. The manager is a very decent person and the human beings that live there aren't clueless. In fact, they are very decent people. They probably have more heart than the people in the neighborhood where I own my home! The person that wrote that review probably lived there and was kicked out for any number of good reasons. In any apartment complex there are rules and they must be followed in order to maintain a nice, safe place to live.
By: Kurt F.
Lake Shore Village Apts
I have lived here since March of 2012. Do not believe everything you read. It has a swimming pool, next to a lake, playground, dog park, laundry facility, security guard, rent is cheap and electric is cheap if you use it wisely. I enjoy living here. It took some time to weed out the bad apples that used to live here. It located close to Walmart, Aldi, Biglots, VA hospital and more and not far from downtown. I lived in the Summit previously, there was bad apples there also.
By: Jackie J.
Dr. Gerald A Fishman, MD
Dr. Fishman is all right. He has helped a lot of people over the years. Experience is good. He seems to be more hemmed in since the new health care law, and in my opinion does not talk as freely. His assistant Tammy is as mean as the dickens and a control freak. You cannot tell her one thing. If Dr. Fishman tells you he wants this done, she changes it as if she is the doctor. She talks to a person like they are dirt. Can hardly stand going in there because of her.
By: Jennifer W.
Leesburg Car Mart
Leesburg Car Mart is a wonderful place to purchase a car. The owner, Tim is down to Earth, honest, and respectable salesman. Tim does not hide information about his vehicles, he gives you honest answers. I've purchased 3 suv's from Leesburg Car Mart and can truly say I've gotten my moneys worth out of each one. If your looking for a decent, clean, dependable ride - go to Tim. God Bless!
By: stacytaylor
Wellspring Apartments
Its a great apartment complex. Office staff is very nice and hlep you out. The community has changed alot since the new property manager. The whole community looks better. You get greeted when you walk in the door at the office. The apartment was super clean and had new carpet. I would chose living here. Im still currently living here and lived her for 10 years.
By: Lilliana R.
Grice, Dina Dr
knows her stuff.... she might be a bit aggressive about removing stuff.... but she has told me about situations where people have put off having things removed and then ended up with not so happy endings.....i would rather wait an hour in her waiting room than months for someone to check out any immediate concern that I have....
By: spires
BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER! So impressed by this place. Easy to buy a car here. My sales guy, Evelio, came in on BOTH of his days off to help me get my car. (the reason it took two days is because my insurance company was closed the first night). Anyway, give Carmax on Jamil Road a try and you won't be sorry.
Tips & Advices
This depends on the facility. Patients should call to find out if they'll need a referral from their physician prior to making an appointment.
Aside from hyperbaric oxygen treatment, most wound care centers offer:
  • Debridement: The removal of dead skin and tissue surrounding the wound. This can be done surgically, using a whirlpool bath, syringes, enzymes that dissolve the tissue, or wet dressings that dry on the wound and absorb the dead tissue.
  • Dressing: Wrapping the wound in a protective film, gauze, gel, or foam.
  • Compression stockings: Tight-fitted fabric sheaths that encourage blood flow.
  • Artificial skin: A covering that is applied to the wound for several days as it heals.
  • Ultrasound: The use of sound waves to promote healing.
  • Growth factor therapy: The use of materials naturally produced by the body to encourage quick cell growth.
  • Negative pressure therapy: Creating a vacuum around a wound to encourage faster blood flow to the area.
Depending on where the treatment is administered, hyperbaric oxygen treatment  can cost $100- $1,000. After insurance is applied, patients may have a copay of $10 -$50 or a coinsurance fee of 10 percent to 50 percent.
Most wounds should heal within two to six weeks. An individual should seek chronic wound treatment if a wound has not begun to heal after two weeks or is not completely healed after six.
Most health insurance plans cover wound care. Patients should check with the clinic and their health insurance provider before seeking treatment to be sure.

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