By: Yvonne M.
Capital City Baptist Church
Actually I understand how important it is to limit the amount of distractions during a service. Some churches have a constant flow in and out. Very distracting. I understand sometimes it is NECESSARY to leave the sanctuary but if so and you can not wait then you should expect for the ushers to preserve the quietness and Holiness of the sanctuary. And NOT to distract others for the benefit of one.I attended this church for several years and only left when I moved too far away.I'm Sure they did not mean to embarrass you and also that they were trying to to preserve yours and their testimony.These people are genuinely kind, loving and giving. I'm sure that they would be concerned that you were offended, BUT not to the extent they would put you above the Lord and His Holiness. I think they would hope you'd understand that.
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By: willow4292
Rosewood Baptist Church
my mother died oct 2 1962, her funeral was at your church, i also went there as a child, do you have past records, or where can i get this information?who was the pastor at this time?please contact me a.s.a.p.sandra martin mcabeep.o. box 333blythewood, south carolina 29016828-702-1961e-mail; willow4292@gmail.commy mothers name; mary lucille butts martindied oct.2, 1962husband kenzie b. martin
By: Lakeia M.
New Laurel Street Baptist Church
New Laurel Street Baptist Church is awesome & amazing. Pastor Jackson keep preaching that word like God give it to you. I Got The Keys and it was Necessary. Thank God for New Laurel Street Baptist Church.
By: marthasims
Haskell Heights First Baptist Church
Haskell Heights is a great place to come and worship. We have a great pastor, one who preaches, teaches, sing ,pray and dance to the Lord.,God Almighty ! AMEN!

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