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By: bluboy4
Moto Gizmo
The owner, Mark, is a former machinist and seems to know a few things about fixing a bike. That being said, I have had my carb worked on twice by him and I still smell gas and the bike runs rough when it's warm and he has adjusted the mixture twice. Also, he replaced the plug cap and it started popping off or was just barely hanging on after a year and a half. Plug caps should last longer than that. Also, I watched him replace my clutch and he didn't tighten to spec. He retails chinese scoots too. One of my neighbor's bought one from him and had to have three motors put in it after a year.Bottom line, if you're mechanically inclined and you've got some metric tools, do the work yourself if you want it done right. go to a mechanic only if you don't have the tools or the knowlege and do so at your own risk. Also, if you want something dependable, don't buy chinese. You'll be walking an hour later just like with the food.
By: Steven J.
Moto Gizmo
it was a sunday night. i'm from out of town...way out of town, portland oregon. i'd ridden my ducati st3s cross country and lost my rear brake. my traveling buddy said you won't find any help tonight. i looked up mechanics and mark was the only one to answer his phone. it also turned out to be his anniversary. the next day was a holiday. he met me at his shop at 6am and saved my trip. anyone complains about this guy needs his head examined. thx again mark.

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