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By: Michael B.
Greene Crossing Apartments
First of all the train tracks are directly next to the building with no sound barrier and the drivers do not care at all that it is a residential area. So whenever it goes by they WILL honk their horn as loud as possible and it WILL wake you up EVERY SINGLE TIME. The annex is treated like trash. They do a pitiful job maintaining the interior of the hallways. If something gets damaged it usually takes months or sometimes even longer to be repaired. Also relating to the annex they will tell you that there is a printer there you can use to print out your schoolwork. How nice right?!?! NO. Half of the time it does not connect to the computer (showing that it is not set up correctly), and when you get lucky and can connect to it you find out that they never refill the paper. EVER. They also rarely fill up the ink. So don't rely on that for printing out your papers. Its still included in your bill though as a courtesy. Your welcome. Third they are greedy scammers. In your contract it states that you are liable for "damages minus normal ware and tare". This statement has absolutely no meaning to them. They will charge you for any mark in the room whatsoever, no matter how minor or insignificant. I was billed $45 for a "Partial paint bedroom". They sent me two pictures as evidence. The evidence showed a damage was so insignificant that the camera could barely pick up. So they said that they had to repaint a portion of the room. When they did that, the painter did not bother covering the floor to avoid paint splashes, so paint got on the floor. I was apparently liable for that too.
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By: Christina X.
Aspyre At Assembly Station
Genuinely, do not stay here. Please don't waste your money. I saw a few bad reviews before I moved in and ignored them because I liked the look and location of the place, and I regret it. From the day I moved in, things in my apartment were broken. I've had an electrical issue or a leak/break nearly every week for the 6 weeks I've lived here. Maintenance takes forever to respond. They only have 2 men for the entire building. They claim to have an emergency number, but it's legitimately the same number as regular maintenance, so if you have a pipe break after 5pm, you have to deal with your apartment flooding until at least the next morning. This happened to me. I've also had a ceiling leak in the bathroom that I've been told has been fixed three times, but leaks again every other week. Maintence is rude and borderline sexually harassing. I've been stared up and down to the point I've had to walk out of my own apartment while they're here. I have a broken ceiling fan, and I was told that the boss refuses to replace it, so my fan is always on high -- runs up my electricity bill and causes my apartment to be freezing all the time, which is horrible for my lung condition. These are only a few of the problems. Parking is horrendous. I have to park on the 4th floor of the garage more often than not. There are roaches and spiders everywhere. The room they've given me is near uninhabitable. It's gross negligence as a product of either severe laziness or extreme ignorance to let someone move into a unit with so many fundamental issues. I come home every day and genuinely worry about what else I will find that's broken. And it's definitely a undergraduate environment. I've had drunk teens knock on my door late at night twice. They claim it's safe because of all the magnetic locked doors, but the main entrance from the visitor's parking lot is broken, so anyone can walk in. I had to buy my own alarm system to feel safe. Do NOT waste your money here.
By: Matthew D.
Aspyre At Assembly Station
The staff is completely unknowledgeable and the apartment is not close to anything. The staff accuses people of noise violations and trash violations all the time just to make extra money on top of the ridiculously high rent that we have to pay. I have to walk at least 30 minutes to get to my closest class, and if you choose to take a shuttle that will take at least 20 minutes just to wait for it, and this is on top of even more minutes that it takes to complete all the stops the bus has to take going to and from campus. GO TO 650 LINCOLN INSTEAD: better apartment, actually ON CAMPUS, and an actual staff who will work with you to make living actually convenient. It's quite simple, Aspyre has been the worst housing I have lived at in the 3 years I've been at USC.
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By: Gary E.
Austin Woods
I have been living in Austin Woods Apartment in Columbia SC an all at once the complex is pet free. Which rocket scientists thought up this idea
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By: Pam J.
Vista Towers Apartments
Maintenance not timely with response. Towing is a BIG problem! Layout a problem for large furniture.
By: sumterjoy
Shandon Crossing
This was my first apartment and close to my job. The first week I moved in someone tried to break into my apartment. The people upstairs are so loud I have to complain everyday. The people throw trash all in the breezeway. I would never live out here again the lady in the house is real nice.
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By: Madison S.
Tamarind At Stoneridge
The worst place I've EVER had to live. Staff is super nice when they are taking your money, after that you mean no more to them than the front doors that don't close, black mold under your sink and in your showers, heat that doesn't work in the winter and a/c that doesn't work in the summer, disposal/dishwasher that doesn't work, or the old dusty appliances that they'll write on your lease as "updated". Don't buy in to the "safe community" that they add as a feature. If you like home invasions, car break ins, and smashed windows- This is the place for you. Don't have an alarm clock? No worries. Cockroaches love to wake you up. A cardboard box has more insulation than the walls of this apartment. Sky-high electricity bills are not uncommon. Any place other than here is an upgrade. Save your money.
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By: Reggie W.
Rutledge Forest Apartments
Had to move there were bats getting into the apartment, and management wouldn't do anything. Had to pay $150 for wildlife to catch them, and move our family to a hotel. Wild life never found the bats but 1 turned up in my kids laundry hamper. I don't recommend this apartment complex to anyone. And maintenance stinks.
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By: Amanda B.
Chimneys At Brookfield
I wouldn't even give that place 0 stars! DON'T GO THERE!! I called the day before I was going to go there and spoke with a lady in the office. I told her I would be there to look at an apartment after my child's therapy was over at 2:45 and she was fine with that. I explained to her that I was looking for somewhere immediately since my son and I lost our apartment due to the flooding and would definitely be there to look. I drove 30 minutes away from where I was staying in the cold with a small child that I have to pack into a car seat to be greeted with a snotty receptionist that told me she spoke to me the day before and she told me they didn't show apartments this late in the afternoon. It was only 3:45 and the office supposedly closes at 5:30. When I told her that she didn't tell me that she then proceeded to tell me that she's sure she did! (I think I would have remembered not to make a 30 minute drive if I couldn't see something!) She huffed under her breath and said "I guess I can show you a unit" and slowly got up and her annoyance with me was blatantly obvious! I just said "No, that's fine." I walked out and drove 30 minutes back to where I'm staying. If that place will talk to someone like me, whose lost everything in a terrible flood and is sleeping on a floor with a 2 year old child, how do they talk to their residents? I barely made it through the door without encountering their snotty attitudes! I feel sorry for their residents! To make a long story short, don't even waste your time going there! Its not even worth wasting your gas on! If a person who's technically homeless won't even move there, that really says something! Not even to mention the building across from the office is burned down!!AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!
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By: Margaret M.
Tamarind At Stoneridge
You will so regret being here. There is Mold, bugs come in and the managers are horrible people. The are so dishonest and unreliable. There is a constant change in management and it just gets worse. One said when I came to pay my final bill " What did you house get flooded and you have to come back? As a matter of fact I was evacuated. This is not a compassionate management. They smile and make you think they carte!!! NOT!!!! DO NOT RENT HERE!!!

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