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By: fred1kidd
2nd & Charles
I have shopped 2nd and Charles on Harbinson in Irmo, S.C. for the past few weeks and got some descent prices for used books in great shape. I have picked up books that had price tags for say $5 on the back from other book stores that people have purchased and sold to 2nd and Charles. Then on the front of the same book was a 2nd and Charles price tag for $15. But, my shopping experience was always a good one until yesterday when, I went in to sell some books. I have a large collection of coffee table type books (all in them in pristine condition) that I no longer wanted or needed. At the same time, my room mate had some books in his room that he also wanted to get rid of. We drove together to sell our books. I approached a sells girl at the counter and was told to unload my books from my boxes into white tubs. She also stated that only one house hold was allowed three tubs. I explained that I was bring some of my books to sell and that my room mate (with a totally different name) was selling some of his. She looked over and saw him unloading his books into bins. "After" checking in my book and giving me my claim number, she then looked at my room mate and refused him books because he lived at the same address. Didn't matter to her that he was just a room mate. Her attitude the whole time she waited on me and my room mate was that of an ice cube.She told me to come back in a few hours to claim my credit points and that if I didn't return to the store that day, the books would be considered abandoned and I would not receive any credit or the books back.I returned to the store two hours later to claim my store credits. The same girl who I dealt with earlier handed me back two bins out of three of books that I had brought in. She then preceded to tell me that I could take $5 in cash or $20.83 in store credit. The rest of the books they didn't want. Some of these books were collectors editions and all looked brand new. I have looked in their store selections and what they had to sell in the subjects that my books were in, the books were slim and a lot older books in less than new shape. So, I am not sure as to how they came to the decision that they didn't want my books. But hey, no problem. I donated them to the local library and got tax credit rather than through them away.The clerk then started reading off all these rules (Example; Any book without a dust cover was not accepted. etc..). All my books had dust covers without tears or stains..I asked for the manager and the clerk just stood there and looked at me. I had to track the manager down myself who, also happened to be up front about five feet from this so called clerk. I explained about my room mate and how the clerk handled it. I also mentioned to him about all these rules that she started spurting out at me and mentioned too that " No where" in the store are any of these so called rules posted. His comment was (as he was looking around the store and not at me), "You will have to go on line and file your complaint on there". It was very obvious that he could care less. Needless to say, I took the $20.83 in store credit rather than lose it, purchased two books and left.I did call in the complaint to their corporate office (you have to go under Books A Million as they are the parent company). Spoke to a very nice lady who apologized and took down the complaint.In telling this whole story, I doubt that I will be back in the 2nd and Charles and have gotten better prices on Amazon as well as shopping Barnes and Nobles sale tables. Plus, I would rather do business and spend a little more money with a company or store that appreciates my business. 2nd and Charles is okay for used books, music and albums. But, their selections in some areas are very slim.
By: Stephen S.
2nd & Charles
I've been going to this particular 2nd & Charles on a fairly regular basis for two years and it is one of the coolest shops I've ever been inside. Friendly people, GREAT deals on movies and music, tons of cool merchandise, and just an all-around cool environment. I've been trying to figure out these other negative reviews, and all I can figure is they went in once and had a bad experience. I've lost count of how many times I've gone and loved it. A 2nd & Charles came to a desolate street in my hometown in Greenville and completely rejuvenated it. Love this place.
By: orchid1203
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
My only complaint is that some of the associates will act impatient and interrupt you before you can even finish asking your question. Other than that, I enjoy the quiet, less-crowded atmosphere.

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