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By: Dustin K.
Knotty Headz
I came in on Saturday to verify pricing on the piercings I was going to get and was informed that they do 1/2 off on Tuesdays, so I decided it would be best to wait considering the amount of money I was going to be spending here and that I was buying a piercing for three other people as well. Today, Tuesday December 2nd 2014 I came in to get the piercings and was expecting to spend over $130 until all of a sudden getting my ears pierced at the gauge we discussed on Saturday totaled $95 by itself (Both ears would have been $120 or $60 a piece on a normal day). One of the owners was the one who gave me the information on Saturday, double checked what I wrote down and even made sure to write HALF OFF DAY on the note, but then today decided to say that it's incorrect and the price isn't changing and had a slight attitude about it even though I had the same sheet of paper from Saturday with her hand writing. My piercer was AMAZING and I love my Vertical Tragus, so I give you mad thanks. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I'll be bringing my business back to Knotty Headz or recommending this shop again due to the clear lack of honesty to what even management tells their clients.
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By: Erin M.
Knotty Headz
Let me just say the guys are nice. Other than that. No. Beware. First off they didn't ask me for ID. Said I didn't need to fill out paperwork. That should have been a red flag but I was blinded by hope and excitement. I got an anchor on each thumb. I liked them at first but now that the swelling has gone down I see they are awful. One is bigger than the other. The bottom of the anchors are shaped differently. He didn't complete his lines. I have blown out ropes because he dug too deep. The black shading on the right the is fading and I can see the outline clear as day. Now I have to pay for them to be removed. Decker blvd location has ruined my hands.
By: lexthelion
Knotty Headz
I've had my belly button, vch, and tongue pierced at this location and never had any problems. Although they're not the friendliest of the bunch, they're nice enough and I'll probably be going back in a few weeks to get my nipples done. I haven't had any issues with the piercings, the after care was explained well to me and they are pretty nice about making you feel safe and comfortable. And the environment is clean. That was a must for me. I definitely recommend them for any piercings and the pricing is pretty fair too, $20... If you're looking for a decent piercing shop, I definitely recommend the Knotty Headz on Beltline.
By: Mclain L.
Immaculate Body Piercing
Why is there not a 10 star option?! loved my experience! They were very polite, friendly, quick, and informative! All of the employees are super friendly and willing to answer any questions! I came here for my first piercing and was so nervous! They all said it was normal and talked me through each step to make sure I was completely comfortable! They talk you through the whole procedure and are completely willing to do anything to make you feel as comfortable as possible! There was barely any pain and it was just completely a WONDERFUL overall experience! I recommend Immaculate to any and everyone!
By: Tia D.
Knotty Headz
Knotty Headz Tattoo has a true Tattoo Artist. I went there to have a tattoo done by Alex(who came highly recommended). He was EXCELLENT!!! I had a picture of what I wanted and he designed a tattoo for me on my left foot that was 10 times better than the picture!! Plus the facility is very sterile and clean and the staff is very courteous. If you are going to have a tattoo done it should be done by Alex at Knotty Headz!!! He doesn't create tats he creates ART! Also the prices are very reasonable. My next tattoo and any more after that will DEFINITELY be done by him!!!
By: johntruent
Skin Deep Tattoo
I went in with a picture of a tattoo I liked, got a quote, and the artist asked if I would mind if he changed some details. I was hesitant... but I went with it. Came in later when he had the drawing ready and was BLOWN AWAY! He added so much to the design and he seemed genuinely excited about doing it. I asked how much more it was going to cost now with the changes and he said a quotes a quote, no extra charge.I got an awesome tattoo and it was affordable. Staff seems to love their art and customers. Shop was clean too.
By: Chari C.
Skin Deep Tattoo
Kyle did my tattoo on Oct 15 2014. I couldn't be happier with the finished product. I have to say he is a very talented artist and the shop is extremely clean with a professional staff. Reasonably priced, I have to say I shopped around first and compared to the other tattoo shop here in Columbia...Skin Deep will be my first choice for future tats also. Good job KYLE!
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By: Hannah D.
Knotty Headz
I give this place two Stars. Because for my 16th birthday I was allowed to go get my belly button pierced. Everyone there was real nice. Even though they didn't talk that much. But A month after getting it done I realize that the peircing is crooked. And every time I turn around my peircing seems to be infected. I would not recommend going here.
By: Kelli M.
Ouch Piercings & Tattoos
I LOVE this place. I've gotten all my piercings from here (I have 3 different ones). Kara is THE BEST! She only works Friday and Saturday though. Cassidy is great as well. Not a fan of Hope though ����. So if you're going to get a piercing go see Kara! Ouch Studios also gives students discounts!
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By: Kathy G.
Ouch Piercings & Tattoos
Kara is wonderful, will definitely be back, it's worth the hr drive to be pierced by a topnotch artist. That being said, the girl behind the counter at the front desk however, could be less monotone and a bit more friendly. Doesn't hurt to smile, I promise ����

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