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By: pmreview
Bent Tree Apartments
The apartments are close to everything, great spot for that. Given the area they are in, they are your safest option as well. The maintenance lead is really good as well. He is the only one on staff who listens when you have a problem and says "Let me see what I can do about it" rather than "I don't know if we can do that." As for the rest of the staff it is like the this. The property manager is always on the phone or out to lunch so she sends you to her assistant. Her assistant is an apathetic rude person who could care less about anything. The other girl in the office is pleasant but she shuts the office down early on week ends so don't expect to be able to get in there on weekends. There are also always uninvited tenants that come to stay in your apartment. And when I say that I mean the roaches. They are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And it's not just roaches, take your pick of bugs and they are in your apartment. I have been sitting watching TV and had a huge roach run up my leg. I have gotten up early in the morning and walked across the room only to walk into a spider web, in my living room!! They spray but it doesn't help. The buildings are old and not sealed at all. All the spraying does is kill a few that get in. The office could care less, they go with whatever is the cheapest quickest way to shut the tenants up, not what will fix the problem. Also, in their brochures they say that they have "gourmet kitchens" and "designer tile bathrooms" bwhahahaahahaha! My fridge and stove are from the 80's and my dishwasher hardly cleans a dish. The designer tile is the same tile you'd find in a McDonald's bathroom, not fancy at all. They also claim to have energy efficient AC's. That may be true but when you can see out the bottom of your door because it has no insulation nor do any of the windows, that efficiency is gone. Over all, it is an OK place if you need to move somewhere that isn't over priced and is close to stuff. I just wouldn't ever recommend planning on staying for very long.

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