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By: L F.
When looking for SHEARLOCKS ph # I saw the 1 * rating. I was shocked. I called for a appt and asked what happened. Ishan had rented a both out to a hair dresser n the story is true. Unfortunately, Shearlocks as a whole took the hit.So let me tell you my experience..Went with a freind As I spoke Ishan the owner who is from Turkey. When I had learned that he once lived in London. I asked with major excitement in my voice. Do you know how to do this hair cut that I was describing to him. He said yes yes. I did not think I would ever get it again. When I came home from my trip of a life time in 1991. I went my hair dresser. He assured me he could do it again. I'm thinking just follow the cut, right!!NOT! When Ishan does my hair I get so many compliments. Ishan told me about one of their clients that had gotten married on a cruise and took Ishan and his wife to do the hair and nails. So my five stars should help give you another perspective. thank goodness for Shearlocks.
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By: Robin S.
Cost Cutters
I would not recommend to get a hair cut from here. I went in about 3 weeks ago and asked for a trim and got one of the worst cuts I've ever had. I went back the next day and got it fixed, well at least to where I could manage it and was told I would be able to come back in a few weeks to get it trimmed up again. Well I did and the girl who cut my hair said well it depends on the person's hair and how it's cut so she made me feel as though it was my fault for having to come back in to get it retrimmed and still didn't give me what I asked for so my business will be going somewhere else especially considering I always bought my shampoo and other necessities there
By: wildcat123
Cost Cutters
It is an amazing salon! Yes, a lot of people are scared of Cost Cutters, but really it is the place to go when you are needing a great style, and a friend to talk to! Your stylist becomes your friend, mine did, ask for Erika aka Tinkerbell, you will love her, she is one of a kind! :) If you like to be listened to when you talk about what you want she will listen and she will let you know if it is the right choice for you! Once you go to this salon, you will know you have found a place that will be your, well at least my, place to go when you need some pampering!
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By: Rachelle S.
A Magic Salon & Boutique
I just wanted to say this is the BEST place for Tanning, Hair Salon, Finger Nails done, Swim Wear. Julie the owner she is a sweetheart and all the employed they will help you out in anyway and have Great Prices to make you feel beautiful inside and out. I have been going here for years and no matter what I will continue to come here. Come join and make your self feel more beautiful inside and out and just get relaxed while you are being pampered. Everyone Deserves it..
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By: Michele S.
Sprint Store
Walked into this store was immediately greated by the technicians. We told them the problem we were having and without further delay they were into our phones and fixing them. This is the second time we've visited this store so we know this is genuine. These guys and gals really care! Now we take all our friends to this store when they need an upgrade or a fixin. I might add its 160 miles round trip but so worth it!
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By: Jennifer S.
Cost Cutters
I absolutely adore the girls at Cost Cutters on Conley Road. I always ask for Emily because I have learned I can trust her to always do an amazing job!! They are all such sweet and genuine people and so great with kiddos. My 3 year old loves the girls there and I won't go anywhere else!
By: Shawn C.
Keystone Chiropractic & Sensory Development Center
Very affordable! I had crazy headaches all the time before I started going to Keystone Chiropractic. Migraine meds were not working and since I started getting adjusted the headaches have been much more manageable. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
By: Laura C.
Keystone Chiropractic & Sensory Development Center
Dr. Aaron is the best at what he does! Not only is he a great chiropractor he is also a great doctor for people with neurosensory disorders. He really cares about those he works with!
By: Scott M.
Keystone Chiropractic & Sensory Development Center
Excellent chiropractor. I recovered very fast and Keystone is very affordable. They were flexible with the appointments (squeezing me in at the last minute was never a problem)
By: Doug W.
Kaldi's Coffee
This St. Louis icon expanded to Columbia in a way you'd expect. Old building with character, big space and the town's best cup of coffee.

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