By: Saundra W.
Giggles Thrift Shop
Have shopped here often for my children. I also bring in clothes my children outgrow so I can spend that money in store for my kids. Took in a bag of clothes and a 2 weeks later they were still not looked thru. Walked in the next week and the gentleman behind 5th counter hands me my bag and said she didn't want anything. Get home and their is a note attached. It says "didn't go thru- most were dirty or stained, holes etcTook Halloween costume, blanket, and shirt $2.00"I had multiple costumes(2) and blankets(3) inside. These were the clothes we just recently purchased and we're freshly laundered the day I sent them in. No holes in anything. I also did not receive the $2.00. I feel like I was robbed and will not be doing anymore business with this store. I'd rather give them to charity.
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By: Tabatha H.
Value Giant
Not bad I love the cheap prices on clothes that helps them alot. We have been several times n always a good selection
By: Jessica B.
Giggles Thrift Shop
I always love this store. I never know what little treasure I might find. Awesome place to shop.

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