• 1.China King

    420 W Highway 22


    20.63 mi

  • 2.China King

    3720 W Truman Blvd

    Jefferson City,MO

    25.11 mi


    Best Chinese place in town. My family loves Chinese and Thai food and this place is the best.

  • 3.China King

    2797 S Clark St


    26.86 mi

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    I give four stars out of five cause of cost, they have great lunch deals and a very good value. Dinner is much higher for the same items on lunch menu! For flavor, quantity and quality 5 stars

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By: Alba S.
New Jingo's Restaurant
Love, love, love this place.We were visiting a friend who attends the Mizzou and were planning on going out for a (failed) movie night. The problem was that we were attempting to find a place to eat on New Years Day, which if you haven't tried to do it yourself in a college town, is damn near impossible. After dong some extended urban hiking (aha, just kidding; it was only a couple of blocks - I'm just lazy), we came to Jingo's. Decor: The place is super duper dozy. It looked like 5 four-person booths and a few free standing tables, so it *is* on the small size. The walls are red and decorated with the traditional scrolls, lanterns, etc. They also have a semi open kitchen, which was charming on the night we went because our waitress interacted regularly with her two young children while they watched Spirited Away on a plasma screen tv. (So adorable!)We had a party of five, so we ended up grabbing a booth and snagging a chair for the head of the table.Food: I had the shrimp lo mein, which was delicious. We also ha the crab rangoon, which was pretty good too. My boyfriend had gotten the general tso's chicken, which was flavorful and crispy. I was actually pretty jealous of his dish.Service: Our waitress was pretty nice and responsive, but I was a little irked about the wait. The appetizers we ordered were brought out with our food, which didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but no big deal. The waiter who brought out of dishes didn't seem to know the difference between them all, which made giving them out a little annoying. These were all minor things though, and totally didn't distract from the meal.All in all, a great Chinese food place that I would definitely eat at again!
By: Bhan J.
New Jingo's Restaurant
The Chinese food here CAN be authentic! You just need to be able to read Chinese :-) My friend and I had 'spicy boiled fish', and 'dry cooked pork', both spicy. Both authentic. BUt may not be for everyone... I have liked Singaporean fried rice noodle before. Big portion. ONe serving is enough for both my husband and I. Curry-y and spicy too. If you want authenitic Chinese food, this is the place. BUt go with someone who can read the Chinese menu. And go with big appetite. Probably 4 people ordering 2-3 dish is a good way to do it. In the basement, now there is a Asian market. Has lots of real Chinese flavorings and spices, if you want to try your hand at Chinese cooking, this is a good place to get ingredients. And their price on produce is better than local grocery stores.
By: Stef S.
New Jingo's Restaurant
I think New Jingo's is the best Chinese restaurant in Columbia, well at least for delivery. However, delivery takes at least twice the estimated time (I've waited 2 hours before). But as far as food, it's delicious!! I normally order the beef with garlic sauce with white rice and crab Rangoon (which are great!). Their garlic sauce is wonderful. It has a spicy bite but its not over powering at all, and it makes the rice taste even better!Today I switched it up and ordered the chicken with mushrooms and I was a bit disappointed. There were only like 6 pieces of chicken and a TON of mushrooms, and there wasn't a lot of flavor. I assume the amount of chicken was bc it was a lunch special but I thought I was getting chicken with mushrooms, not mushrooms with chicken.
By: Tammi T.
New Jingo's Restaurant
Had dinner at this place last night and wanted to share the delightful experience I had. Logged into Yelp and....wow. This little town of Columbia does have its share of haters !!! First and foremost, the food is authentic Chinese. The typical American palate would not know real Chinese from PF Chang's or orange chicken or all that other usual crap that passes for Chinese. In fact, a review by a Chinese customer sent me to this place. Second, the service is very friendly and caring. From checking on us, to serving a generous second bowl of rice, to making sure that our leftovers were packed properly, to the smiles throughout, our dining experience was certainly better than average.
By: Dono R.
New Jingo's Restaurant
Ordered a while back and really enjoyed the food. Good mix of veggies in with the meats. Crab rangoon appears to have actual crab in it and tastes like it as well. Egg Rolls are great, they have a little curry in them if that's your thing.Ordered delivery last week, Jingo's Chicken and Curry Chicken. They called and said their main chef hadn't come in so they couldn't make those dishes. We cancelled. Tried again yesterday and same story. Not sure if we'll try again as the more mainstay dishes(lo mein, general tso's) we got were pretty pedestrian compared to what I'd had previously.
By: Chandler R.
New Jingo's Restaurant
Perfect. I'm often tempted to drive back to Columbia just to have more. It was a big plate full, enough that I had some of it boxed up to go, and there were plenty of the pancakes to spread plum sauce and to stuff with veggies and meat. While it's nice, I prefer to stuff my own use my hands and then chopsticks, then my fork to get every morsel. Here, it's well worth it. I found this restaurant while visiting Columbia thanks to Yelp and the good reviews are genuine. Not a lot of atmosphere but cheap, tasty excellent Chinese food.
By: Kame K.
New Jingo's Restaurant
Jingo's was made for a college town! All entrees are in the $6-8 range. They're open until midnight every night (except Saturday when they're opened until 2 a.m.!). The food is good. It won't blow your mind, but it's very solid Chinese food. My dish was supposed to have cashews in it, and to remedy their absence, my waitress brought out a plate with literally 5 cashews for me to dump into the dish. Nonetheless, I will have no reservations about returning here; the food is good and the prices rock!
By: Taylor O.
New Jingo's Restaurant
It's pretty standard fare - all your favorite American-Chinese dishes are here, I can't speak for authentic Chinese ones. The lunch special is good - great selection and options, runs for a few hours everyday, great price. A special mention, they had some giant crab rangoon. Thin crispy wonton wrapper holding a massive ball of cream cheese, slightly seafood flavored goodness.
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By: Leah G.
Chinese Wok Express
Good food, but terrible customer service. Out of 4 different employees who served me, not one could crack a smile or a "hello." Granted, they were busy, and the place was busy, but when I got a dirty look from an employee just because I needed a fork, that was it for me. They need to learn a tiny bit of customer service skills, or quit their jobs!!!
By: Mata R.
New Jingo's Restaurant
Dinners are well priced, you get a side with it crab ragoon, soup, egg roll or a can of soda. There is a ton of veggies, good meat, over rice with the sauce from you meat choice over it. Really good food, great price, and speedy delivery. It arrived before the quoted time and the delivery driver was nice. Delivery took 40 minutes for me.

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