By: trvlbum
All About Travel & Honeymoons
Very knowledgable about the Caribbean. Very friendly, helpful service was offered to us.After speaking with our agent we decided to book a resort in Jamaica called Halfmoon Resort. Wow, it was a perfect 10, just what we were looking for. Suggested by our agent, Jill. She really took excellent care of us. She even had our room upgraded for us. That was a very pleasant surprise.If your unclear of a decision - not sure of the vacation spot or which resort is right for you? May I suggest calling this agency for guidance. Simply ask ALL ABOUT TRAVEL & HONEYMOONS.You will be happy that you did!
By: Alicia T.
All About Travel & Honeymoons
well , My husband and I returned from a wonderful two week excursion in Thailand. We had just over two weeks there (last week in August & first week in September) and visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and finished up in the Golden Triangle. The trip was just magical and we loved every minute of it. seriously my advice to any new married ppl to visit thailand . http://www.globogirls.com/place/23-Thailand-
By: rolebu1
The Cheesecake Factory
Took Son and family for birthday here. Very good service and huge plates. Like to go back next time I visit.

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