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By: elcoqui
Mi Viejo San Juan
Let me start with the pluses. The food in this restaurant (MVSJ) is good and it's authentic Boricua food. I know--soy Boricua. Additionally, the family who owns and runs this business are friendly and truly take pride in their business. HOWEVER, (and I say this with reservations because I truly feel that as they gain more experience, the minuses will be corrected), most of their meat dishes are a bit salty. I want the salt to enhance and bring out the flavor, not dominate. Thus, after a while, it can ruin the original delight. Perhaps due to too much adobo? Also, the food selection lacks variety. The menu offers a fair selection, but what's on the menu is all you will get. After going there four times, you sought of exhaust the choices and going there seems more routine than an adventure. True, they do have specialties, but they're basically for appetizers (which are very good frituras, such as papa rellenas, empanada--which are really pastelillos since empanadas are thicker crusts--personally I prefer the pastelillo as MVSJ cooks it). What's unusual is that such common and most demanded plates such as pollo fricase, pollo frito, carne guisada, bacalau en salsa, and mofongo are not part of the daily menu but treated like specialties, which you may have to wait weeks to be offered. So don't expect these very common and popular plates to be offered any time soon. Strange, but true. From Boricua restaurants in the US I've visited from N.Y, N.J., Florida, and Chicago, I've never seen these selections excluded as daily choices. But as I stated, as they gain more experience and clientele they may open the selections more or at least alternate selections among the days of the week. The family seems to have a passion for the restaurant business. I hope this passion translates into a better selection for the many customers that I'm sure they will get. PS: Their sancocho is to die for! Unfortunately, it's also treated as a specialty. They should at least offer it every Saturday when families get together to go to a good restaurant--which this one is destined to be.
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By: Ayla R.
Arbor Point Apartments
As of January 1st of 2017, Arbor Pointe came under new management. Her name is Vicky and she is an absolute delight to talk too. Her staff is very informative and caring. Her maintenance staff is hardworking and only want the best. Since I am new to apartment life, when my husband and I left one day together, I left my key in the room. I caught one of the maintenance staff and explained how i got locked out. He got the master key and let me back in. What I didn't know was that he was leaving work. He was off and didn't give me a hard time or attitude. That was wonderful. Vicky changed many of the rules that the previous owner did not have. There is a background check for sex offenders, drug offences, and others. Only 3 adults can live in the apartments at any given time. I don't know how many kids. It is fairly quiet and i never see any drama (cop calls, fights, drunkards.) She is planning on doing many renovations, many of which she has already done to empty ones. They spray every 40 days for bugs.They will be filling the swimming pool to turn it into a rec center.I live in a 2 bedroom wood floor apartment. We only pay for electric and internet, the rest is part of the rent. We don't have a dishwasher. The laundry machines are rather small. It would be cheaper to go to the laundromat at this time.
By: Sandra M.
The Goddard School
We moved to Colorado Springs in December of 2013 and thoroughly researched child development centers for our 2 and 4 year old sons. We had high expectations based our experience with our previous preschool. Based on our research we visited 3 centers and Goddard was the clear winner. But at the end of the day you really do not know if it is the best choice until your kids settle in, you have some experiences and see the response and the results. 6 months after our decision we feel even stronger about our decision to send our kids to the Colorado Springs Goddard School. From the front office team, to the management to the teachers, they all do the their very best even in the most challenging circumstances. I have seen them rally around families going through tragic circumstances and go above an beyond. The communication is frequent, informative and clear. My experiences with the teachers has been positive and they actively work with you and your child on their needs while balancing the needs of the other children. The management is very engaged and responsive. I have a hard time getting my kids to leave school at the end of the day. Based on our experience, I highly recommend this school.
By: Jay G.
Pueblo Viejo Mexican Restaurant
First off, Pueblo Viejo's staff is extremely professional and friendly. We didn't have to wait in getting a table. We were greeted with smiles and given an option were to sit. The restaurant was clean and colorful. The menu had many different choices to choose from (maybe too many to excel at them all) at reasonable prices. We were given fresh chips and salsa, and again, the employees are very attentive! If we need more chips and salsa or drink refills they were on it without us having to ask. So, why only 3 stars for this Mexican restaurant? The food, don't get me wrong, the food isn't bad it's just nothing special. Pueblo Viejo's dining experience is memorable, but their food is not; it gets lost in the sea of all the other bland Mexican restaurants. Pueblo Viejo's didn't excel in flavors or taste to separate themselves from the rest of the typical chain restaurants.
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By: Morgiepan ..
Woodside Townhomes
Think long and hard before you sign a lease here. If you are between the ages of 18-35 you will likely regret it. Management is invasive and intrusive. It is a hassle to have guests and if you do they WILL be knocking around 10 pm. Should consider converting to a senior community. The shenanigans mentioned in the comment below could literally qualify as talking in your own living room with the window open, There is no AC so it is almost impossible to close the windows in the summer but we did last summer because of this very reason. A washer and dryer in unit is not worth feeling like you are living with your parents again. It is not worth it.
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By: Kaitlyn M.
Cheyenne Crest Apartments
I have been living here since november 2014 . I moved here from a different state to be with my husband who is military. At first I was hesitant because of all the bad reviews i read. I dont understand how its had so many bad reviews because none of that stuff is true. We love it here! The staff is always polite and helpful. We never hear our neighbors. They keep to themselves. They are constantly working on the buildings making them look better & they always keep us informed on upcoming changes. So please if you're hesitant to rent here dont be!
By: puertorra
Mi Viejo San Juan
The food was delicious and authentic! Service was good and the owners were very friendly and passionate about their restaurant. I had the pernil with arroz con gandules and amarillos, and my husband had the empanadas special with arroz con habichuelas and amarillos. We both loved every bit of it! I left so stuffed and wishing I had room for dessert too! They cook orders to go as well! Their cooking is right up there with my Mom's cooking - My mom is the BEST cook in my family so that's really saying something!! I'm definitely going back.
By: vdfelix
Arceo's Mexican Restaurant
this location has changed hands several times over the past few years, and we were a bit reluctant to try again until a neighbor suggested we give it another chance. very happy we did! the service was excellent... a very nice menu... and the food was tasty and hot! portions were huge. the tamales, enchiladas and chile rellenos were quite good and the sauces and salsas very good. prices were also very resaonable. definitely will be back and recommend!
By: gordo26
Rancho Allegra Mexican Rstrnt
Great locally-owned non-chain restaurant. Don't let the location keep you from trying it. Food is consistently good and never a very long wait for it to come out. Cadillac Margaritas are outstanding. Tap beers are served in a frosted mug. Owner is often on the premises and many times greets you at the door and seats you. Very personal service. They get to know their regulars and always make you feel welcome when you return.
By: John K.
Talon Hill Apartment Homes
OK but I think I'm out after three years..Pool area is noisy after hours in the summertime with people climbing the fences to swim at wee hours of the morning. Their response: call the cops. Also although I am not a pot smoker they recently put a lease amendment disallowing pot on the premises even though it is lawful to use within your own residence. Drunks and gun ownership yes..Pot notta.

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