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By: kory.s.mitchell
Beyond Boundaries Travel
Since 1993, when in high school, I have been traveling with Beyond Boundaries Travel as a ski group coordinator for my friends. I've gone on to expand my travel with Beyond Boundaries Travel, but we still talk about those trips and the experience was always top-notch? Additionally, I have recommended their HP Fan Trips to several friends with kids and they loved it.I want to tell you a true story of my experiences with Beyond Boundaries Travel.I was part of a group that traveled to Belize Sept 9 - 13 2001. Yes, 2001. I awoke one morning after an exciting day of Catamaran fishing, swimming with sharks, snorkeling, and an evening out with locals to a world turned upside down by 9/11. We were stuck in paradise, not knowing when we could return home, and completely unsure of how exactly I'd afford this unexpectedly elongated stay. Sure, the world had bigger problems, and I don't want to minimize those, but that was our group's problem. We were stuck with no timetable when we could return home, and personally, I was at my budget.We returned 9/18/01; 5 days over our expected stay.In stepped Doug and Beyond Boundaries Travel. Doug worked tirelessly to monitor our ever changing flight situation, move all the travel for 20+ people, and procured lodging at prorated, or in most cases pro-Bono, for the additional nights.This situation was not his responsibility, but he took the onus to help us make it through.The thing about travel is it can be tricky. Planes get cancelled, the merits of lodging can be misstated/exaggerated, or you can literally get stranded.You need a trusted partner when traveling, and I trust Beyond Boundaries Travel.Kory

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