By: parris.larrain.1
Ecumenical Social Ministries
Recipients of Care & Share donations, and US Govt commodities, this organization could do better. In comparison to sister locations under C&S, this agency has more questionable practices in my opinion. They offer a checklist of items for the recipient who comes in need, but only give the recipient half of those items. Is the agency misrepresenting to C&S ? or is this common practice. How do they account for what is given if the items are misrepresented? I'd like to see this cleared up and hope this is just a mistake in appearances.
By: bruce.mitchell.14606
Woody's Bar & Grill
After several visits, all very good, I come to eat the food, not look at ambience and not the customers. Food is always fantastic, fries are killer awesome and generous, Reuben sandwich was the best ever. The price was shockingly low. Service always great, fast and friendly. I go during the day so I cannot speak of the evening experience. Check out other website reviews to get a better idea how good this place really is. Remember it is a bar, not a chain restaurant. Love it, the last and only review was almost 5 years ago.
By: Alex B.
The Green Line Grill
great burgers great fries . I would have gave five stars if customer service was tip top and listened and attended to customers needs & wants...no ranch dressing for them delicious fries and no avocado for them delicious burgers. How many request do u need to make this possible ? Or should I bring my own ? -almost completely satisfied customer-
By: jammer2
Tam O'Shanter Pub
I have been in a few times and every single time the food's been Awesome, the staff's fun and friendly, and Karioke is a ton of fun!! It is a Family owned business and you feel like a member of the Family right away...It's just like the good old days when everybody really did know your name. You Outta Check It Out!!
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By: Mary R.
Frankie's Bar & Grill
Love this place. My home away from home. Awesome New Owners, Myra and Eric !!!!! Last night, Emily you ate always the bomb. Ariel, you handled yourself wonderfully. I was proud of you. This bar is like "Cheers" , I call it my Frankie's family.
By: Leah W.
Circle K
We stopped in with sick kids and Candace was super helpful in every way and gave us everything we needed. Went above and beyond to get us we needed to get back on the road. She didn't make us feel bad for bringing our mess or pressured. Thanks!
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By: Rin F.
Inside Out Youth Services
I have been going to Inside Out since the school year started and the people there are some of the friendliest and most amazing people I have ever met. They are like a giant family. I love Inside Out!!!
By: Jennifer O.
American Red Cross
YellowPages has been a very helpful guide to me, my family and friends in the past and present. Very recommendable!
By: Bill W.
Bernie's Place
I remember Bernie's place. It was always a great place to go. People there are friendly and you are always welcome.
By: Reinaldo F.
Thunder & Buttons II
Great place!! The menu is outstanding and great environment. The service is A++

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