By: docstathem
Texas T-Bone
The BEST new steakhouse on the West side!!! We love it.The steaks are cooked to order and perfection!! Love the build your own salad option. It's awesome. They let you pick from 3 different kinds of greens, then add your own favorite toppings + your choice of cheese, and dressing. The steak burgers melt in your mouth!! Get a HUGE loaded baked potato, sweet potato or your choice of side. Country style atmosphere, laid back family restaurant, and great service! The kids always win! Service is always friendly and they work hard to get you seated ASAP. Choose from a good beer selection. They have several of the (local) Bristol brews on tap & I hear they have the best prices on this brew. Happy hour is $2 off everything, 50 cent Sliders and the best bartender!! (m-f, 2-6).Dave and Mary, the owners, come by and make sure everything is just right! Well priced and a great place to take the family. PLUS, they give you a money saving coupon when you leave -- you can't beat it. My family and friends love this place!!
By: Jay G.
Overseas 101
A small "hole-in-the-wall" Chinese restaurant tucked away between Target and Chuck-E-Cheese that can be easily overlooked. The lights are usually dimmed and from the street it looks closed at first appearance, but don't let that fool you. Overseas 101 have some the best Chinese food in Colorado Springs. The food is extremely reasonably priced with lunch specials being around $7 and dinner around $9 with all entrees served with a choice of rice (fried or steamed), soup (egg drop, hot & sour or wonton soup) and an egg roll and cheese wonton too. Many other Chinese restaurants in the area will charge extra for what is given at Overseas 101. The restaurant is family owned and operated by a sweet older couple. The lady is as sweet as can be...she reminds me of my grandma calling everyone, "Honey or Sweetie" smiling while telling you to, "Have a nice day and come back soon!" The restaurant is quite small and poorly lit most of the time, but the atmosphere is quite and welcoming.
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By: Carrie F.
Coal Mine Dragon Restaurant
We have been regulars at Coal Mine for many years. Best place to take someone for lunch or dinner! Combinations are extremely affordable. The portions are HUGE! The Egg Foo Young (only available as a combo during lunch* but full portion as entree for dinner) is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Excellent Sesame Chicken, Mooshu, Orange Beef, BEST WONTON SOUP we have ever had! The staff is always super friendly, pleasant and accommodating. I do not recommend the General Taos Chicken for take out as it gets soggy quickly, but as an in-house-entree it is fabulous!! The dumplings are amazing! Fried or Stramed you will not be dissapointed! Lunch Combos are SO affordable and include complimentary hot-tea and fortune cookies. Seriously good Chinese. Best bang for your buck experience! They shove MUSAK playing most of the time, but sometimes to get a treat of oriental symphonies to accompany your meal. :) Craving Chinese? Head to Coal Mine Dragon.
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By: coloradosprings f.
Moon Star 2 Chinese Restaurant
Colorado Springs Food Guy visited Moon Star II Moon Star 2 Chinese Restaurant located at 5873 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. This is a casual but quaint restaurant decorated with modern Chinese flair. Moon Star II serves most of their dishes family style with huge portions to be shared. They also have single-serve dishes. I sampled the Orange Chicken and the Dieter’s Chicken dishes and they were but delicious. The Orange Chicken is definitely the best I have had in Colorado Springs. The Dieter’s Chicken was a delightful mix of chicken and fresh vegetables steamed to perfection. They put the sauce on the side to reduce the salt and calories. I love this restaurant and highly recommend it. The staff is friendly and helpful. If you are in the mood for some great Chinese food at a reasonable price, then visit Moon Star II.
By: Lu M.
China Village
For the first time, I ordered dinner for delivery. The total was 10% higher than the online menu stated even though it states "free delivery w/$15 minimum" and also taking into consideration sales tax. I still gave the driver a tip because I'm sure that wasn't his fault. I was shorted part of my order and the food wasn't good at all. It wasn't disgusting, but it wasn't good. This is confusing because I've eaten there, dine-in, for lunch on several occasions and always received good food at a good price. Even though it was a small sum, I still feel ripped off. I don't know whether I'll give them another chance.
By: Kim G.
La Sinaloense
I love going here its the best real Mexican food I've ever tasted. The people are very nice focused. All people that work there are very nice to me and all the other people there. The owners are two sisters and they are always aware of their business. They love to cook, they are always in the kitchen. Their passion is to cook so they are never really with the clients, but they are always aware of things. I love the people there especially a young woman who is always making sure that your okay if you need anything else etc.
By: berniebutt1
On Tuesdays and Thursdays the Yaki Bowl is $2.79. If you like tap water like I do, you are out the door for an even $3. The bowl consists of two yaki sticks, chicken on a skewer and a plateful of rice. I hardly let a "T" day go by without getting my lunch there.The staff is friendly and very quick. There is seldom a line, and even when there is I have my food and am eating in less time than at McDonalds or Wendy's. It shares a parking lot with Wendy's on Filmore, so it is easy to find.
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By: Rosemary B.
U-like - Sushi, Grill, Buffet
Great food, wonderful staff, good price. You need to try it. The best oriental food I have tasted here in Colorado Springs, we are taking out of town guests here. The manger is so friendly and the waiter and waitress are so helpful and friendly also, quick to remove dirty dishes and refill drinks.
By: onewheeler
The Drive in
We ordered three cheese burgers to go. When we got home, found out they only had buns, meat and cheese, no lettuce, onions, tomatoes condiments or anything else. Not edible and they weren't cheap. It was too far to take them back We've had good food in the past here, but won't go back for a while
By: fakeginger
China Wok
One of the good Chinese places in the Springs. I'm on a constant search for great sesame chicken and this place doesn't have it, but they do great things with other Chinese dishes. The Mongolian Beef is one of my favorites. Delivery is fast and affordable. And the staff is so friendly!

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