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By: Alyssa S.
Calvary Preschool
When looking for a preschool program there were many factors that I considered. Curriculum and costs were the obvious factors but I also was interested in the passion of the teachers, organization of the director, and the caring family environment of the program. I found all that and more at Calvary Preschool. The director Kimberly Case knew all the kids names and greeted them every morning. The teachers not only were interested in my kids but the weekly emails kept me informed as to what they were creating and learning in the classroom. Other factors that led me to choose Calvary was each class attended weekly gym time and monthly chapel time. Calvary quickly became a second home to my 2 and 4 year old.. Class sizes are intimate as my 2 year olds class was 10 kids with 2 teacher and my 4 year olds class was 14 with 2 teachers. The special traditions like a Spaghetti Dinner for Dads and the Mother’s Tea are just a few examples of Calvary creating special family memories. As someone with a Masters in Early Childhood Education, I was picky of the right preschool for my family and Calvary surpasses all expectations. I will forever sing their praises.
By: Anna W.
Lifting Off Child Care Ctr
As a past employee of this center, (left after I received my teaching certificate) I can honestly tell you this center is a warm and inviting environment. The majority of the employees have worked there 5 years plus, demonstrating it is a great place to work. Additionally, the majority of kids have been there since babies, proving parents love the teachers and service. Never did we ever drive a van when students were not properly buckled and if the owner discovered this were to be true he would have corrected the behavior immediately. Buckling so many times, you get to be experts on the activity and learn to go faster so the kids are not sitting in a hot van!! I loved working there myself, and before having children, I continued to come back as a summer employee. I would suggest to this individual who called the center to ask to speak directly to the owner, and I am most confident he would have been more than happy to have a proper discussion on the matter. Now working on my administrator certification, I have learned how important it is to give administrators proper time to solve problems.
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By: Tesa V.
Little Sprouts
have been working with Little Sprouts for almost 2 years and I only work where I'm happy. Little Sprouts is my 2nd family and I wouldn't work anywhere else. I have worked in childcare here in the springs for 14 years and have seen plenty of centers that have not been quality care. Little Sprouts is clean, the staff are amazing and Ms. Lisa the owner is always involved with everything. My daughter enjoys the School Age program and loves Ms.Danni. If you are interested in Little Sprouts please stop by and look at it yourself, get your own opinion of how we are, you won't be disappointed . We strive to be the best and we ARE THE BEST!
By: Tracy M.
Horizons Childcare
My daughter started attending this daycare when she was 1 yr old. She has been there for the last 4 yrs and we both love it. They have been a great help with everything from potty training to preparation for kindergarten. My daughter has had great relationships with all of her teachers and everyday when I pick her up she tells me about great things from the day. The staff is very helpful and replies to any questions in a very timely manner. Plus, they have updated the security so you need a code to get in now. I would recommend them to parents in a heartbeat.
By: Jessie L.
Calvary Preschool
This is my last second and last child to go through the Calvary Preschool program, and I am so sad to leave. Teachers are amazing! Class size is perfect to make friends yet have the individual time that students need. My children have VERY different learning styles and socialization history, yet they both learned a tremendous amount. Both kids more then ready for Kindergarten when they finished up. I will always be thankful to Calvary Preschool for starting my children off so well.
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By: Melissa H.
Little Sprouts
After touring many childcare facilities we finally decided upon Little Sprouts for our newborn. The main pull for us was the organic meals and environmentally friendly approach that Little Sprouts implements. They also have a really nice outdoor play area and animals for the kids!!! The head staff, Sara and Tesa, are amazing individuals. Very caring and always there for you & your kids needs. Another neat thing is that they accept cloth diapers, which very few places will do.
By: austinfan
The Enrichment Center of Grace Pointe
I think the staff in the infant and toddler rooms are fantastic. They are nurturing and great with my kids. They are the best at helping to potty-train. My son was potty trained with three weeks of starting there. The center is clean and organized. The lesson plans are pretty cool. My kids really love this day care. I recommend this day care to everyone.
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By: Sheila P.
I just called this company. I am a sales person trying to get their business. The company was so nice, told me all about them. I think that it is very telling when you are very nice to people that you don't have to be nice to, that you don't owe anything to...that says a lot about what kind of people they are. It really made my day.
By: Tom C.
First Baptist Church
We actually found this church in the Yellow Pages when we first moved here. We were never tempted to check out any other churches. Sound biblical preaching, friendly, very easy to become involved. Located near some of the fastest growing areas of the Springs, so that is another plus.
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By: Christopher M.
Family Worship Center
I love this Church cause they treat you like family. They are so friendly and the daycare that they have also is wonderful. They love the kids down there. They treat them as their own.
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