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By: Ron S.
Summit Auto
There is always two sides to the story. Clint C was a customer of mine, but he was one of thoses customers that was real annoying because he would come in to my shop smelling of alcohol and was always trying to haggle on the price. He would always bring in his own parts to be installed. He always new exactly what he wanted done. He would diagnose his own problems by reading about it on the internet and expect me to do the work according to his own research. At first I felt sorry for the guy becuase I could see that he had some mental issues. Fifty years old still leaving at home with his parents unemployed and spending most of his days on prescibed Meds and drinking alcohol while collecting an alimony check from his wife. Clint was upset with the last car that I worked on for him becuase I didn't haggle on the price and I didn't let him bring in his own parts. He came to me for three years as he stated, and was happy with the repairs. I finally told him no more haggling and bringing in your own parts so that i can install them. I explained this is the cost of repairs and parts If you can't afford it you may have to take your vehicle somewhere else. It's sad that he felt this way and posted his negative views about me online but I'm not surprised. I hope for you Clint that you look into some treatment, your not a bad individual you just have some issues that need to be addressed by professionals. You know where I'm located and if you have an issue with me posting this about you. You know where im located and we can discuss this in person. I really hate to air your dirty laundry like this in a public setting but I had to address my side of the story as well. Word of advice be truthful when you post things about individuals. I didn't see any thing mentioned about how many deals I gave you...Grow up....
By: dblred
Mile High Car Company
I just bought my 2nd truck in less than 2 years from mile high. they were the only company that didnt lie to me on the phone just to get me in there. I just finished bankrupsy, and didnt have much to put down, and needed a truck for my buisiness. I talked to many dealerships, and told them upfront on the phone my situation, and they all said "no problem, we'll get you a truck". they were all liers, and either turned me down after I went in, or tried to put me in a junk truck i wouldnt either consider buying. I talked to the guy i bought my first truck there from, his name is bill. HE is now a manager, so i worked with him and a salesman named jesse. told them exactly what i needed in a truck, how much i had down, and my credit situation. for having bad credit and not a lot down, i knew i was asking for a lot. took them a couple weeks, but i got a call from bill telling me his boss was at the auction and found the perfect truck for me, and the bank could finance it for me with what i had down. they called me as soon as it got there, i went and drove it and said lets do it. i thought since it was 8:00pm and they were closing, it would be the next day, wrong! both bill and jesse stayed until 10:00pm to finish the deal and get me my new buisiness truck. no other dealership would do even a quarter of what mile high will do to get you in a GOOD vehicle that you can afford, reguardless of your credit. I wont even think about going anywhere else for my future vehicle purchases. thanks again. Very happy customer, Shane
By: davemusgrove
Mile High Car Company
In August 2011, I bought a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser from the Mile High Car Company in Colorado Springs. This was my first time buying a car, and the process went smoothly thanks to the outstanding service and professionalism of my dealership representative, Mr. Jesse Barrios. Mr. Barrios let me look around at the cars on the lot, allowed me to take me time, and when I settled on a vehicle, he showed me through the car’s features, answered all of my questions fully, and kindly escorted me on a test-drive, showing me more features in the car as we drove. After deciding that I wanted the car, Mr. Barrios listened to my reasons and helped me arrange a plan for down-payment (I would like to also note that he didn’t stop until I got the best possible monthly rates, as well as insurance rates). He helped walk me through the paperwork (NOT rush through it), continued to answer whatever questions I had, and even had the car washed and fueled before giving me the keys to drive off the lot with it. Among the qualities Mr. Barrios displayed was real professionalism, politeness, intelligence and, above all, sincerity and patience. If you’re looking to purchase a first-rate car, truck, or jeep in the Colorado Springs area, I personally and geniunely recommended the Mile High Car Company at 1480 Ainsworth, where you’ll find great vehicles, with great service from people like Jesse Barrios.
By: Joe T.
Summit Auto
It is sad to see all these nonsense reviews on not only a great person but an honest one as well, I recently relocated from Southern California; and let me tell you what dealers charge an hour independent shops in So Cal charge even more. So that customer writing the bad review saying Ron is over priced! ! ! ! ! ! ! I'm here to tell you his hourly labor rate is far more competitive than most independent owned shops . I can honestly say he is a man with good core values and ethics. I have a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado with 91,000 miles I price around all of Colorado Springs dealer, national retail chains trying to find the best deal for a 90 k service and it varied from $950 to $1,750.00 and Ron was able to do the same exact service the dealer was gonna charge me $1,750.00 Ron only charged me less than $800.00 needless to say I have found my automotive repair shop that exceeds the service and knowledge I use to get back home. Keep in mind the car garage that use to service my vehicle's he had more than 35 years in the industry. P.S. Ron please continue to provide that great service and excellent pricing don't let these computer trolls with all the liesthey are posting discourage you from providing that honest and excellent service You are providing Great Job Ron! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
By: wapiti_harvester
All Around Automotive
I was in need of some auto service work, and was looking for a new, HONEST automotive shop with mechanics that I could trust to only fix what needs fixing (I need my car fixed to get back and forth to work....Not to qualify for the Daytona 500). I was tired of getting some massive unsatisfactory bill of health report back on my car from the bigger auto shop repair chains each time I was in for an oil change or corrective maintenance issue, and I decided to try my luck at All Around Automotive as per the mention of a friend.Personally, I don't think you ever really want to be on such good terms with a repair shop that you refer to it as "my repair shop". If your there often after the work and maintenance they do, perhaps they are not doing their job. With the experiences I have had with my vehicles, I will no longer take a car, and RV elsewhere for service.The salesman and the mechanics are extremely honest, and treat you like family. They understand that most people are just looking to get back on the road. They are confident in their work, living up to their standard. They have ALWAYS gone the extra mile for my families automotive issues. Check them out, especially if your leery of the aggressive sales auto shops and service chains. These folks will insure your satisfied and not empty your wallet!
By: Tracy B.
Street Smart Auto Brokers
I got T-TOTALLY turned off before I even made it to the lot. Id already been approved for a vehicle but because Street Smart was not on the list of approved dealerships my I couldnt purchase a vehicle from them. My credit is shaky and I TOLD Mory not to run my credit with more than ONE lender since Id already been approved.Those ******** ran my credit with 5-7 lenders WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! When i complained the general reaction was very cavalier.They felt as if they had done me a favor but I still didn't get a car from them and I still have approval to get a loan from a reputable company.Do not trust these people with your personal documents! They are careless with your information!If I entrust a biz with my info & they abuse it by using it in a way that THEY WANTED & not in accordance with my directive,Im NOT HAPPY!They showed their pure desperation by doing anything in an effort to make a sale don't go here!
By: raymond.mutchock
Auto Doctor
so I currently have a 2007 saturn sky. it was towed to the auto doctor due to some crazy electric issue. After 2 weeks of back and forth conversation with the owner nothing could be figured out. This may sound bad to most but I think not. These cars are apprently electrical nightmares. Fernando and his shop spent 2 weeks trying to figure out what it was. I am having to have it towed to an eltrical shop now because it is a mess (not his fault). With that said he has been more than curtious and despite the fact he spent 2 weeks wracking his brain on this car he did not charge my self and wife a dime! That is Honest. The shop it is going to has already expressed on how these cars are more than difficult. I believe that Fernando and the car doctor deserves a fair shake despite not fixing it. He came HIGHLY RECOMMEND and if I have any other car issues I will not hesitate to take another to him.
By: Terry M.
Springs Automotive Group
My wife and I were in the market for an automobile to replace the one we were giving to my 16 year old son. We found a perfect car online at Springs Automotive Group, and decided to take her for a test drive and see what we thought. I can't begin to explain how positive our experience was. Our salesman, Arman, was one of the most forthright, positive people I've met in the car sales business. He was very patient and was able to answer each of our questions with candor, and the questions we had which he couldn't answer, he went to someone within the dealership to who could. We also worked with Shana and Dave, who went above and beyond in making us feel welcome and comfortable with this process. I fully recommend this dealership- it was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable car buying experience I've had. Kudos!
user avatar
By: Megan C.
Nevada Auto Sales
Car buying can defiantly be a stressful experience, luckly for me and my family it was anything but stressful. When we arrived we were greeted by Jeff, he was very polite and told us if we saw anything we liked and wanted to take a look at he would be right there to help, and thats exactly what he did. Jeff was very understanding to our crazy schedule. Any one that has a young child, mine being 2 knows that sitting still for anything is rather impossible especially when there tired and cranky. I was so thankful that jeff was patient and helpful with her so that me and my husband could do our paperwork. Thanks to Jeff and the other wonderful employees at Nevada for a great car buying experience. Absolutely satisfied. If your in need of a vehicle stop by Nevada and ask for jeff and enjoy your stress free experience!!
By: Christopher H.
Red Rock Auto Clinic
Zoltan and the team at Red Rock Auto are incredible. They are not only highly skilled, they are also caring and quick to communicate, all of which are quite rare in the automotive industry. Over the years I've used Red Rock Auto, I can say confidently I've never been swindled or taken advantage of. Work has never been done on my car without a clear breakdown of parts, labor, options, and my authorization. They've stayed late to get my car to me after work and communicated with me every step of the way. They're always aware of my budgetary restrictions and treat me like a person who works hard for what I have. They always completely fix my car, and fast!Every experience I've had here has been overwhelmingly positive, refreshing even.I sing these guys' praises every chance I get!
Tips & Advices
You should change your oil filter whenever you change your oil, that is, approximately every 7,500 miles.
A oil filter is a device that helps remove contaminants from motor oil as it passes through the engine. A pump pushed the oil through the filter where it is strained and goes back to the engine.
High-mileage oil contains special conditioners that are said to help prevent gaskets from drying out and thus preventing leaks. This can be beneficial to engines with many miles on them.
Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but the price is offset by the need for less frequent oil changes due to the oil’s durability.
Tools needed to change your own oil include jack stands or ramps, a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drip pan, funnel, replacement oil filter, and replacement oil.

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