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By: Ann J.
The Egg & I
If you're looking for cold food, forgetful waitresses, and a rude manager, this is the place for you! I went there with my son hoping for a nice breakfast. The server was friendly, but slow. Our food came out in about 10 minutes. My son's food was hot & steaming, but mine was cold. The waitress was nice about it and had another one made. While I was waiting, I decided to pour some more coffee from the carafe. There was only enough coffee in there for 1/4 cup. Again, I called the waitress over and she said she was sorry she had forgotten to tell me they had to brew more. So why bring out an empty carafe? The remade food came out hot, but by the time it did my son was already done eating. The waitress brought a new carafe of coffee, but it was not the same kind that I had ordered originally. When I went to pay I asked for a discount on the food that was brought out cold. After waiting 7 minutes, the manager came out & said he would take a few dollars off, but really didn't understand how the food could be cold. He actually implied that I was lying about it. I told him I didn't know as I was not the one who had cooked it. He took a whopping 4 dollars off the total. My son had wanted to try that restaurant for a while, and was really looking forward to it. While the food itself tasted good, the rest of the experience was so poor I will not be returning there ever again.
By: docstathem
Texas T-Bone
The BEST new steakhouse on the West side!!! We love it.The steaks are cooked to order and perfection!! Love the build your own salad option. It's awesome. They let you pick from 3 different kinds of greens, then add your own favorite toppings + your choice of cheese, and dressing. The steak burgers melt in your mouth!! Get a HUGE loaded baked potato, sweet potato or your choice of side. Country style atmosphere, laid back family restaurant, and great service! The kids always win! Service is always friendly and they work hard to get you seated ASAP. Choose from a good beer selection. They have several of the (local) Bristol brews on tap & I hear they have the best prices on this brew. Happy hour is $2 off everything, 50 cent Sliders and the best bartender!! (m-f, 2-6).Dave and Mary, the owners, come by and make sure everything is just right! Well priced and a great place to take the family. PLUS, they give you a money saving coupon when you leave -- you can't beat it. My family and friends love this place!!
By: lwjudyz
Black Bear Diner
My sister and I have doctors in CO Springs. We were so thrilled to have found Black Bear Rest. We ate there every time we went to Springs. We began taking our families and friends. The food was great and the staff so friendly and nice. Then my sister became quite ill and we weren't able to go for awhile. Just today we got to eat there. After we ate and were about to pay the bill, my sister became ill, she could not make it to the rest room. The staff brought her a bucket and she tried to do this very discreately. Then the manager came over and was insensed and rude, can she go to the restroom. We said sorry no, but she want off saying very rudely I'll get your check for you. I did complain to the waitress saying how rude she wAS and she didn't know the story. All the other staff were kind and caring. With a manager like this it won't be long before you have no business which is a real shame. I know our families and friends will never eat there again. There are lots of other nice places in CO Springs.
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By: coloradosprings f.
Piglatin Truck Ltd.
Speak PigLatin for great foodColorado Springs Food Guy went to the PigLatin food truck at the Curbside Cuisine Downtown located at 225 N Nevada Ave., at the corner of Nevada Avenue and Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs. They are only open weekdays for lunch between 11am-2pm. I tried the Piggy Grilled Cheese and it was delicious. It melts in your mouth. The Piglatin Plate was also sampled. Although the rice and beans were a little bland for my taste, the marinated pork and sweet plantains were fantastic. However, the masterpiece was the Stacked Arepa. The marinated pulled pork was succulent, the corn tortilla was just the right texture to carry the pork and the mozzarella cheese however it was the sweet plantains that caused a flavor explosion. To top it off, the staff was super friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. In the quest for good food, stop at the PigLatin food truck the next time you are downtown for lunch.Colorado Springs Food Guywww.ColoradoSpringsFoodGuy.com
By: Ali S.
Travelstar Inn & Suites
My husband & I just returned from Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have family that live there, so we visit quite often. This time our trip was great! I found a wonderful place to stay in the city. The room was large & well kept, something I rarely see when I travel. It really felt like home! The grounds were clean & well cared for. What impressed me the most, was the staff. When I chose to go to the office, the young man behind the counter stopped what he was doing to assist me!! The maid was there upon our arrival to see if we needed extra towels. Iv'e never had that kind of service. You can be sure the next time I go home to see my family, we will stay at 'TRAVELSTAR
By: Kim G.
La Sinaloense
I love going here its the best real Mexican food I've ever tasted. The people are very nice focused. All people that work there are very nice to me and all the other people there. The owners are two sisters and they are always aware of their business. They love to cook, they are always in the kitchen. Their passion is to cook so they are never really with the clients, but they are always aware of things. I love the people there especially a young woman who is always making sure that your okay if you need anything else etc.
By: Dion T.
Travelstar Inn & Suites
Having booked a room at TravelStar Inn & Suites, I read reviews about the hotel at trip adviser only to find that the hotel have had a lot of negative reviews from travelers before. A little worried, I reached hotel expecting the worst. But my experience turned out to be unique exception! The staff was friendly, location was ideal, rent fits my budget (only $60 for four of us), room was clean and had microwave, a mini fridge and an electric stove (none of which I expected to be there for the rent I paid).
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By: Mike H.
Howard Johnson
Great Hotel, Great Location!!Very clean and comfortable, the bed was perfect! Fair rates compared to others in the area. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Breakfast included a larger than average choice of food and everything was fresh and tasty. The hotel is located within easy access to many stores and attractions. The rooms were large and spacious. This hotel is near to Colorado Springs Convention Center. The location was great. I highly recommend Howard Johnson Express Inn - Colorado Springs.
By: berniebutt1
On Tuesdays and Thursdays the Yaki Bowl is $2.79. If you like tap water like I do, you are out the door for an even $3. The bowl consists of two yaki sticks, chicken on a skewer and a plateful of rice. I hardly let a "T" day go by without getting my lunch there.The staff is friendly and very quick. There is seldom a line, and even when there is I have my food and am eating in less time than at McDonalds or Wendy's. It shares a parking lot with Wendy's on Filmore, so it is easy to find.
By: amber.freeman.5454
Jade Dragon Chinese Restaurant.
Nice food but disappointed in the service. The last 4 times I ordered food there was always something wrong. For example on one order asked for chicken fried rice & instead they gave me shrimp fried rice, even after having the lady repeat my order back to me to make sure I would get what I ordered. Another time ordered the beef w/ garlic sauce but got the curry beef instead. First time is forgivable but with this happening multiple times I just cant order from here anymore.

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