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By: Kelsey M.
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
I was running late for a very important appointment when I realized I had locked my keys in my car. I called 24 Hour Lockouts an the representative assured me they would be there as soon as possible. They were there within 15 minutes and were very quick to unlock my car. The technician was very respectable and professional. The technician was also driving a nice vehicle that was clearly labeled as a locksmith, so I had no concerns about a random car driving up towards me. He made sure that I didn't need anything else before he left, and he also helped scrape my windows since I was in such a hurry. I would most definitely reccommend this company!!! The last encounter I had with a lockout comonay was awful. They got my address wrong, drove to the other side of town, and then demanded I pay more money, even though it was their mistake. I will never use anyone but 24 Hour Lockouts again, and I will pay top dollar for the excellent service they provided me!!!
By: Elsie D.
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
I had an issue where my key were secured my trunk and required a locksmith to come bail me out. I called every minute of every day Locksmith and under after 10 minutes he showed up and helped me recover my keys. The person who helped me was very friendly and kind and knew what he was doing. Extremely amiable and chatty excessively which is by all accounts elusive at times when its chilly and late around evening time, however he appeared to be exceptionally glad to assist. Cost was great and lower than past encounters with different locksmiths. My general experience was without a doubt a 10/10. Would suggest every minute of every day Locksmith to anybody required some assistance recovering their auto opened and out and about.
By: William C.
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
I still remember that day. It was April in 2011 and I was in a hurry because I need to use pack my things as I am catching up a flight. When I check my bag my key is nowhere to be found! I check my spare key on the mat and it’s not there as well! I was about to call the police as I thought there’s a robber inside my house. Suddenly I remembered I was cleaning earlier and I am quite sure I put all the keys on top of the Fridge. I then took my Phone search for the 24 hour lockout toll free number and in less than 30 minutes I am already inside and 30 minutes later I am already on the airport! Thanks 24 hour lockout!!!
By: kimberly.templeton1
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
My daughter and I got locked out of my running truck in the middle of a blizzard at walmart, my door handle busted off. I called a few locksmiths in the springs and was very disappointed and upset when I was constantly told it would be like an hour until someone could come. I called these guys and he showed up in 3 min! He was very nice, professional and got my door open immediately! The price was very reasonable compared to the other companies as well. This is now the only locksmith I will call and I HIGHLY recommend them!!!
By: deebornl
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
I accidentally slum shut my car and it was locked. The bad news is that the keys were inside and there's no way to get in except to break the window. I wanna cry for that idea because I really love my car and don't want any damage for it. Good thing my friend suggested 24 Hour Lockouts and we called them looking forward they could open my car without any damage. They came in quick and I was so glad no damage at all on my car.
By: Brian T.
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
My Mom always leaves a spare key to our house on a secret compartment just within our porch, but one time I partied late and got complacent that I could still find it there, but to no avail. The bad news is that I found out that they went to my Aunt’s house several miles away from our area. So I seek help from a locksmith that came within just 20 minutes. Glad I called 24 hr lockouts; they helped me get away from the trouble.
By: Scott C.
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
Your in a hurry to got home just to watch your favorite TV show and when you arrived you found out that the keys of your house is missing. damn! I tried to unlock my door using my full force but it's impossible so I called up 24hr lockouts in Colorado springs and it's like they've got magic. They arrived in less than 10 minutes and unlock my house and I was able to to watch the finale of my favorite show. Amazing service.
By: Sara H.
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
I called 24 hour lockouts from the amazing reviews I read on here. I had a few reservations but I am SO SO relieved and excited I found someone who I could depend on and trust! Which in todays society are HUGE!!! The gentleman arrived quickly and was so professional and helpful! I will definitely be using them in the future and referring them to my family and friends! Thank you so much 24 hour lockouts!
By: bradleygunderson
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
Today I was opening the store. My first week have the privilege to do so. I went out back to have a smoke just before opening and the door slammed shut locking me out. I started panicking because I didn’t want my boss to find out and called 24 hour lockouts in Colorado Springs. Thanks to 24hr lockouts. They were great and very fast and nobody will get notice it was fixed.
By: Juan W.
24 hour lockouts of Colorado Springs
Lucky we have one near town.I never expected to find myself locked outside my house in the middle of a freezing night. I called my girlfriend who was away to visit a friend. She called 24 hour lockouts for me and just less than an hour later they reached my place. In no time my locked door was opened. It's amazing to see how they do the job.

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