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By: Mary W.
A Turning Point
In working with several outpatient treatment centers this was finally the right choice. Im using my tools to obstain from alcohol. My support is my family and A Turning Point. One day at a time. Today I have my day booked. No time for fairytales that alcohol is fun. Its unhealthy and against the law. Cant drink in my home then its against the law. Cant walk home drunk and cant be at a bar drunk so whats the sense. Its a gimmick to make us fail. No wonder why they made alcohol illegal with prohibition. Its still illegal, so is pot. They helped me work their program. It works if there is a strong desire to quit. Its illegal and its no party on my body and health. If throwing up is fun then we are all in trouble. Greatest five star company around. Good luck to those smart enough to put an end to alcoholism. We can all fight the good fight some kind of way and make this a better place to live. I admire the staff and trained counselors. Good wholesome people here to make a difference. It was interesting and met a new few friends in group therapy.
By: Henry W.
A Turning Point
Before I came to A Turning Point I thought I knew everything. The smartest thing someone can do in a domestic is to do and say nothing. I wasnt able to do that before treatment. Doing nothing works better than getting loud. Alcohol get louder so I stay away from the stuff. If im ever in a situation again where there is a domestic between me and my spouse A Turning Point is only a call away. Im never getting into ttouble again. Im to old and gray to be in a jail over any nonsense. I appreciate all the assistance given to me to get me out of trouble. They were always kind and courteous. The grestest people in the earth were here to help me. I almost lost my job and freedom. Thanks for helping me and everybody that asks for help. Simply the best help.
By: Samantha K.
A Turning Point
Their expertise in teaching me right from wrong finally worked. Im tired of hitting rock bottom and never having money because of the expense. The nice people at A Turning Point have forwarned me about the effects and harmful results of drinking alcohol. The more I hate it the happier I am to beat urges and cravings. I worked the program and it works. I plan on living a long life and a healthy one. Nothing good can come out of going to a liqour store or bar. The money I spent getting treatment is the best way to help myself. Thanks to the staff and owners that bestowed patience and kindness every day. Great place to go for treatment.
By: Mark H.
A Turning Point
The best thing I ever did for myself is to go get help with my costly addictions weed and alcohol. I am very proud of myself and extremely happy with A Turning Point owners and staff. It was really nice of them to help me ignore cravings and temptations. I dont beleive marajuana is good for us. Its smoke and smoke causes cancer and health problems. If you ask me the entite state is in denial if medical people need pain meds pot sure cant stop pain only hurt my throat. Thanks for all the endurance coaching me on the correct path for a successful life and healthy lifestyle.
By: Billy F.
A Turning Point
The best place to go to for guidance to a sober lifestyle. I was close to homelessness and loosing my children. I had a 3 week long relapse. I had been sober 16 years and got to confident. I chose the right place to beg for help. They were prompt and courteous and gave me good avice on making good decisions. Great place to meet others facing the same temptations that God can help us overcome with actions like enrolling at A Turning Point, abstaining from friends that drink, by ignoring thoughts to use or drink. Thoughts go away.
By: Don M.
A Turning Point
The best in treatment and help that I needed. Im glad I phoned in and took part of groups and got to hear other peoples stories and discuss the harmful effects of using and drinking. Great counselors. Neat clean and organized. For a few hours a week I sure got alot out of it. Im on the right path making the right choices. My grades have improved and my job is going better. Wonderful owners and everything was kept confidential. We werent forced to attend AA. We were treated and respected like adults.
By: Lisa W.
A Turning Point
Ive been to alot of places and nothing seemed to work. Time spent at A Turning Point was time well spent. We had deep discussions on the calamity alcohol usage causes. I see no need to drink. Its a waste of time. Its not worth the trouble it causes. Its also a financial burdon to buy beer. Good counselors there. I encourage anyone with the courage to live life sober even if its most boring. Life is to beautiful to waste and the mind is to good to ruin. Beautiful people.
By: Julia H.
A Turning Point
The more I opened my eyes to the harm of using the more I was determined to stay clean. It took alot of work and counseling just to take a close look at the time and money I wasted to hurt my body and mind. If I could turn back the hands of time I would have chosen good safe friends. I found friends at A Turning Point with the same problems. I was also educated on harm and effects of using. I never want to go back to that life and am enjoying my life once again.
By: Lucy W.
A Turning Point
Never before have I met counselors that not only care but are beautiful friends. We need more than education we need to feel good about our treatment provider. The owner is pretty and spends time with everybody. The most besutiful people on earth. Their beauty shines on like the most expensive diamonds. The rainbow lands on A Turning Point. They cared so I cared about my future. Loved it. It was a breath of fresh air to have care by anybody in this world.
By: Gregory J.
A Turning Point
The best in making treatment fun and enjoyable. Great education and expertise in obstaining from all including tobacco the silent drug. Funny staff always encouraging me to enjoy life clean from everything. Great location cozy groups always kept confidential and a very pretty owner. On the inside for helping all of us and pretty on the out. Beautiful family as well. Here to help us get through the process of changing for the better and self improvement

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