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By: Jon L.
I was just there on mon 11-3-2014 and was very surprised the son is the owner now. I've always gotten along with him and the staff.it's true that sometimes they get a little occupied with what it is that they're doing and can take awhile to get to you. Some of the reviews I've read are claiming that he and or the staff made comments about the potential customers and wven tried to rip them off? I'm sorry but i call bs. I've done business with them since they opened. I've purchased many brand name automotive tools, firearms, flashlights, knives, and some jewelry there. Every time I've walked out feeling likw i got a good deal. Every now and then i have let thwm know if i personally feel or know something is priced a little high.but at no point have they ever insulted me or anyone in my presence. Back to the beginning of my review now. I was there Monday looking for a toolbox bit it had already sold so i was looking at their guns. The staff was busy but acknowledged me and the owner recognized me. That there says a lot. I haven't been in this store in about a year to a year and a half. But he asked how i am and remwmbered that i had at the time been married with a child. We played catch up for a few minutes and then i startdd looking at an expensive weddkng band set for the woman I'm with now. The price was just fine but because he remembered that i uswd to shop there a lot he struck a cash deal with me and reduced the price by a ton! Now I'm not saying he'd do this for everyone but he remembered me and that I've spwnt time and thousands of dollars in his store and it was his way of saying thank you. Welcome back and congrats on the baby and good luck with your proposal. I asked for a timeline to consider qhat we discussed and he was more than willing to work out many different options. Someone who is willing to go that far not just for a sale but to sau thanks to a longtime customer is truly awesome. We all have our bad days. I completely understand that if somw of the claims have happened that you're not willing to give this store another chance. I however have bought many things from car aufio, motorcycle tank and fenders, guns, etc. Still have everything and they all still work just fine. I'll keep going back as long as they're open.
By: Jon S.
Specialty Sports & Supply
I have to say after the many gun transactions that have taken place between Specialty Sports and myself have been awesome. I need to give props to the number one sales person there Mr. Bud, or Toyota Bud as I like to call him, every single time I visit the store it's like visiting a long lost friend. He treats my wife and I better than family. Knowledgeable, friendly knows what I'm looking for and has called me to let me know when they get guns in that I'm interested in buying. As I said before friendly not pushing to make a sale willing to work with me to get me into the right gun for the right price. Another guy that is great to work with is Bud 2 shorter glasses knows his guns and is awesome for someone looking to buy their first gun. Patient and willing to explain fit and function to get you into the right gun not just any gun. Great people great product. I have seen some bad reviews and can only think it might be the one leaving the review as I have not had any issues in the years I have dealt with Specialty Sports. Thanks All. PS I can't leave out the nice gals that take your money professional and pleasant got to love em.:)
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By: Richard V.
Hickman Rifles
I consigned a shotgun with Hickman rifles that was modified by the previous owners. The owner looked up the value while I was there and told me what to expect. He had sold my shotgun in short order and fetched a top price even with the detrimental modifications. On top of that, his consignment fee was absolutely minimal compared to other consigners I had queried. He now has another of my shotguns on consignment which I expect the same results.
By: teresa.hartling
I would highly suggest this place. You never know what you're going to get at a pawn shop, but I was so surprised. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. When we walked in, one of them said,"I'll get you the best deal I can", we were like ok, sure.. they weren't kidding! Got two brand new air conditioners, on still in the original box, and both work great! We will be going back! Highly, highly recommend this place!
By: coloradohunter
Paradise Sales
Good selection and generally helpful friendly staff. The problem is Paul Paradis's arrogant and condescending attitude towards customers. He is also inflexible on his pricing, claiming that everything is already discounted, although he is almost always significantly higher than other shops. Bottom line - there are better places to shop that are more respectful towards customers.
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By: Matt B.
I've been looking for a certain pistol for about 8 months couldn't find one even new,walk in there the other day and they just happen to have my FNH 57gave me a very fair deal I'm totally pleased with them it's great to see another family run people don't understand how hard it is to keep a smile on your face when you're working with family lol would recommend any one of my friends
By: rustyxj
Family Firearms Sales
I went in to look at the 2 pistols I was serious about buying so I could compare them side by side. This would be my first pistol purchase. The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions. Best of all, they were willing to deal with me on the price of the one I decided on. I got a great pistol at a good price. Check them out!
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By: Clint S.
Specialty Sports & Supply
The staff for buying firearms and accessories were nice and pretty knowledgeable. I was there for the gunsmith, who was not helpful. He seemed as if it was an inconvenience for me to ask questions about my gun, and how to get it fixed. He offered no real help and I was very disappointed with the overall experience.
By: Marie K.
Truly AWESOME staff. Made me feel welcome and right at home. I HIGHLY recommend this shop to all of my friends and family for beautiful reasonably priced jewelry and awesome firearms. I have always done and will continue to do business with Top Dollar Pawn at all of their locations!!
By: Josh M.
Paradise Sales
Well knowledgeable staff. Even took my a course for handgun safety in order to get my concealed license. Whole experience was great, they were very profession. I tend to buy my ammo here as well, it's generally a few bucks cheaper than wal-mart or any other dealers in the area.

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