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By: Ron E.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
Repaired water damaged drywall, paint and texture kitchen ceiling and bathroom ceiling, paint walls of kitchen, a valance in a living room, and three bathrooms. I wouldn’t be doing anyone any justice if I wasn’t completely honest. This company stepped up and jumped in to take over when a competitor left us hanging the night before work was supposed to start (which was the weekend before Thanksgiving.) We were expecting family for the holiday so I was willing to spend a little more. I had to take off work while work was performed. The price was competitive but I was in a time crunch so it didn’t matter. There was cold weather expected and the company was happy to take the contract to work inside on such short notice (two days). It was a rough start due to icy road on Monday morning, after being stood up by the competitor, I was pushy about staying informed and I started to worry when they didn’t show up at 830 as promised. I called and they assured me it was a delay due to the icy roads. Work began at 1130 once paint and materials were picked up. Things went pretty smooth until I noticed the foremen was gone and his "assistants" started to tape up light switch covers instead of removing them. I took it upon myself to go ahead and correct the issue and took all the covers off in all the rooms that were getting painted. The salesperson had written down everything I wanted done however it seemed as though it wasn’t relayed to the foremen. He had a copy of the punchlist so I went through the list with the foreman initially line by line and pointed out everything I wanted repaired, textured, and painted but in a few areas, a coat of paint was put down prior to the texture. I pointed out my concerns and they were fixed prior to the next coat of paint. I had them re-texture a few spots on the kitchen ceiling and bathrooms where the counters where changed and the drywall needed to be textured. When I noticed something that I didn’t like, such as paint on the baseboards, they took care of it (I marked them as good as opposed to excellent for the light switch and baseboard issue). I think that should be expected by a professional painting company. It took them several days but they kept working until I was satisfied. They taped off to prevent overspray and did a great job of cleanup. They used the kitchen sink to clean up and the cleaning on our part was minimal. Being that we didn’t get off on the right foot, the salesmen was very generous and gave us a gift card for a meal. I would definitely recommend this company for this type of work. I recommend that any homeowner stay aware of the progress and make sure that the work is done to your liking. Thanks Front Range Exteriors!!!
By: Janine T.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
Great Stucco over siding. Replaced very large window in informal eating area with more efficient smaller one.The manager and supervisor showed up on a Saturday to look over and to conduct an evaluation of the project. On the first day the crew arrived on time as scheduled and completed setting up all scaffling requirements. Making sure all boards were tight and secure and removing the trim. The second day two gentlemen arrived to install the heavy black panel insulator. After completion chicken wire was installed and secured over the black insulator, covering the entire house. It was a little noisy, but we expected this. This process took two days. After the insulation of the chicken wire the stucco crew arrived to start applying the stucco over the chicken wire. This process took one day. In order to allow the stucco to dry completely the crew were away from the project for a week. The project was hampered with several delays due to heavy rains and unfavorable weather conditions. Once the weather conditions improved the crew returned to complete the painting and to mount all gutters, caulking and painting of the eves. The crew was always polite and addressed all questions in a very knowledgeable way. Not once did I hear loud or rude conversation coming from them. Everyone on the crew had a particular job to do and they did it with such accuracy. The one thing I took note of was their attitude for safety. At the end of each day they made sure their entire work area was cleaned of any debris or hazordous material that could cause injuries. When the project was completed the project manager conducted an inspection to make sure the work was done to the highest standard and to address any concerns or questions from the homeowners. 'Pride in Professionalism' should be Front Range Exteriors motto, because that is what they provide. We have already recommended them to several people.
By: Chris M.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
Wanted to get my house painted to put on the market next year and called FRE based on reviews on Angie's List. Worked with Jim at FRE and was quoted about $4400 for paint/trim out the door and he suggested we also do a roof inspection as he saw some minor hail damage that we might be able to get our insurer (USAA) to cover the cost of not only the roof, but also get some of the paint done on 2 sides of the house. I did get 2 other quotes from other A rated companies but NO ONE could do both the roof and the paint under the same USAA claim.USAA came out and Jim was right! Put in a claim for the roof and they were also covering 2 sides of the house paint/trim. So, out of pocket only had to pay my deductible (2,900) to cover the rest. Jim was great to work with and we went with the Class 4 roof from Atlas and Sherwin-Williams Superpaint.The roof was done in one day and only had minor "shingle dust" around the house. Nothing too bad. Looked great and when we had that hail storm back in mid-July the hail/rain was just shooting off the new gutter lip they installed. Great job.Because of the rain we've had lately there was about a 3 week gap before the painters got started, but last week we had a stretch of sunny days and they came out one morning, power washed and got screens off, and added 3M window tape and coverings, then next day did the paint and trim. It came out fantastic.Then this weekend one of the FRE owners, came out to check on the house and make sure everything went great. Awesome service and awesome job, would use these guys again in a heartbeat.
By: francisp
Front Range Exteriors Inc
I accepted the offer of a free estimate to have the exterior of my house repainted. I was curious, so I said yes. My wife was there during the estimate and I looked at the paper work when I got home. They offered 3 levels of paint with different warranties. I knew the price was competitive based on what my neighbors had done in the past several years due to hail damage. We decided to go with the high end paint to hopefully lengthen the time till it needed to be painted again. I signed the paperwork to have the job done and waited for some decent weather to got the job done.Danny called on Thursday to let us know he would start on Friday at about 10:30. He showed up on time and told us what he planned to accomplish that day and the next day or two to complete the job. To my surprise, thursday was spent "prepping" the house for paint. I expected taping the windows and exterior items attached to the house (lights etc..). Actually they did that and caulked, and primed. I hadn't seen that level of work on all the houses I had seen painted around me. The next 2 days were the same. Highly professional workmanship with wonderful attention to detail. I tend to hover when someone is working on my house. They didn't mind and seemed to relish explaining the process. I was completly comfortable with their ability. Danny was in the business for 25 years and the 2 poeple working with him had 15 and 7 years of experience.My wife and I are both very happy with the experience and the outcome. We will call them again when we need work done.
By: _chadb_
Front Range Exteriors Inc
We had a great experience with Front Range Exteriors, start to finish. In mid January, Matt gave us a "no obligations" estimate. He appeared very knowlegeable of paint products and walked us through the process of painting our home's interior, but we never felt pressured. Our walls were quite rough in the high traffic areas from our four children, but Matt assured us that they were repairable. We scheduled the project for the next week, and the entire job was completed in under 2 days. We considered moving out of the house for a few days (more expense), but were pleasantly surprised at how low impact the project actually was. The paint (Sherwin Williams - Harmony) dried very quickly and had surprisingly little odor, a concern as our son has breathing allergies. The painters were considerate of us and our property, and undoubtadly skilled at their trade. They paid special attention to the rough areas, patching and re-texturing multiple surfaces. Never, at any point, did we feel like they were "cutting corners" or giving us less than we bargained for. My wife and I were amazed at the difference this project made in the appearance of our home. We were very happy with the service we received from this company and would not hesitate to refer them to our friends and family.
By: Daniel L.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
Exterior painting for the entire house, replacement of 20 windows and 2 patio doors. This is a FANTASTIC company!If you want quality work, done right, then go with Front Range. On the other hand, if you want something done hastily and poorly, look elsewhere.Matt and his crew were extremely detail-oriented and always showed us that they wanted the absolute best for our home, as if it were their own residence. They were so impressive with painting our home's exterior and replacing most of our windows that we kept finding more jobs for them to do, including replacing the remainder of our windows (including the addition of a large garden window in our kitchen), adding a new front door, building a new front porch, and re-painting two metallic roofs on our back porch and utility shed.Future projects we plan with this company include a garage interior renovation, installment of panoramic windows in the exercise room, and a back deck re-build.If you really want the best possible work done on your home, go with Front Range. Keep in mind that better quality may sometimes require more patience on your part, but is major home maintenance/construction something you really want to rush through?Thank you, Front Range! We look forward to working with you for years to come!
By: Marjorie R.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
They applied a second coat of stain to three deck floors; installed two new gutters and downspout extension; applied a new flat roof to the front door overhang; patched two large holes made by flickers in the soffit. Front Range Exteriors is my "go to" company for all the maintenance on my house exterior. This is convenient for me because they have experts in several different trades (e.g., roofers, painters, carpenters) so that I can get the repairs done dealing with only one company rather than several. Because the same workers return, they are developing a history of what they have done on the house in previous jobs. All the employees who have worked on my house have been polite, friendly and extremely competent. The quality of the work done is excellent and they are prompt to repair even the slightest hiccup (e.g. a small trim strip that worked loose). Because they do such quality work at fair prices, they seem to have many jobs with the result that there may be some lead time before they can get your job done--but I feel they are worth the wait of a week or two.
By: Brent S.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
Earned 5 for 5 from us too. Craftsmanship and great products added tremendous value and long term protection to our home. The fun part was getting to pick from a wide range of colors and the best part was seeing a contractor treat the project like it was their home. It now looks brand new and we could not be happier. The fantastic results did the same for the even better customer service, they are top shelf in our book. Superb attention to detail and a commitment to excellence is obvious from every angle. And fair prices to boot where we feel we received more than what we paid for. By spending a little more for paint and trim work, we will likely never have the house exterior painted again, (If we did, Front Range Exteriors gets the call.) So with all the sincere feedback, we obviously highly recommend this team of professionals to anyone looking to paint their home. BOTTOM LINE: If you're used to getting the best for your hard earned exterior painting money, call them first!
By: Steve B.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
While we normally do business through personal referrals, the cold call made by Front Range Exteriors proved to be a great exception to our rule. Jim reviewed all of our paint options and we were very impressed with his level of knowledge of the Sherwin Willliams line and the entire process from power wash, scraping and caulking to the actual paint application, body and trim. On the strength of his presentation, we decided to go with Frontier Range. Jim remained in constant contact with us throughout the project and answered any questions or concerns we had and resolved them quickly and professionally. Likewise, our painting crew, headed up by Danny, was very friendly and diligent with the prosecution of the work. We love the results--our house looks beautiful and we're already getting compliments from our neighbors, friends and family.
By: Dan R.
Front Range Exteriors Inc
Once the cold weather started hitting, we were suddenly pressed to replace three windows that gave us a lot of trouble last winter. This winter really crept up on us! Well, we called Front Range Exteriors, and they sent out an estimator to evaluate our house with a thermal camera (that was neat) and give us an estimate for the three. He did a great presentation of the new window technology, and the price was a lot less than I expected, so we replaced all of windows in the house! After three weeks, the new windows were delivered, and a crew came to install, and they were extremely skilled and professional. We also financed the whole thing with their 'green sky' program, because there wasn't any interest for a year, so why not? Great experience overall.
Tips & Advices
Monthly, carefully observe the door as you open and close it. If you hear or see anything unusual, take a closer look. The regular motion could loosen up some of the hardware, so take a few minutes to tighten everything up. Also, be sure that tracks, tires, and other moving parts are lubricated. If your door is painted, make sure it isn't chipped or peeling. Deteriorating paint on a wooden door could let moisture in, which leads to warped doors, while a steel door could rust.
On average, a new garage door installation will cost around $1,000. Most homeowners end up paying somewhere between $740 and $1,400, including the installation and the door itself.
It depends. For someone who tackles home improvement projects, installing a garage door might be a viable do-it-yourself project. An experienced wood or metal worker can install with the right materials, tools, and knowledge. Someone less experienced should contact a professional. Depending on the size, a door could weigh as much as 200 pounds, though some smaller or uninsulated ones could be less than 100 pounds.
If you begin to notice this around a change in seasons, check the lubricant on the tracks. Weather patterns will affect lubricant's effectiveness. Dirt or debris on the tracks could also be the cause; make sure they're clear and clean. If the tracks look fine, make sure the doors are hung evenly.
It could mean your tracks are either dented, falling, or otherwise misaligned. Misaligned or damaged tracks can cause the door to cease working or fall off its tracks. If your door is stuck, slanted, or looks unstable, call a professional who will have the right tools to fix the problem.

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