By: Samantha K.
A Turning Point
Their expertise in helping me become clean and sober was miraculous. I never thought that I would have this much fun being a sober. Being a square is far better than getting into trouble. This was my first DUI and it wasnt much fun. Alcohol is not fun, and is an addiction for me. Even a fun dance turned into a calamity. Alcohol is destruction to my body. I finally get the picture. Their is a liqour store on every block so I need to keep my support group phone numbers in case of relapse thoughts. Great job helping me and even better yet excellent job helping and assisting the whole community. Help is available but it takes the individual to open their eyes to the harm and endangerment of alcohol. Im not going to have my life cut in half for any fluids named alcohol. I plan on living a long full life of 100 thanks to my friends at A Turning Point. Its never to late. I enjoyed meeting nice people.
By: Gary G.
A Turning Point
The time shared with A Turning Point has been most memorable. Temptations are tempting and I cant be tempted. I had group therapy and know that I am vulnerable so I cant leave myself around temptation. It cost me an arm and leg once I get started drinking on top of it being a sin to put alcohol into my temple. For my body is my temple. Good Christian people here to help everyone. Dont miss your chance to turn your life around. It feels good to do the right thing. Im clean for life. I couldnt have done it alone. It helps having support and groups were other people suffer from the same temptations as I. It also helps to know that Im not alone and that there are other people being tempted on a daily basis. Its a daily war for me against evil and the harms of alcohol. Anyone can drink. It takes a bigger person to say NO!!!!!
By: Mary W.
A Turning Point
I called for an appointment and they got me in right away. I worked the program and it works. Taking every day one day at a time. One hour by hour. Now that I got entangled with addiction its going to be very difficult. I want more from my life than to hide from my life behind a bottle. Im getting my daily goals accomplished and I was happy to find such a good trestment center to help treat my disease. Alcoholism is a cancer. I dont want to be sick anymore. I got all the help I could get. Now its up to me. Ill give a praise report next year and see how I do. Im rooting for myself. They gave me the tools I needed to combat urges. I know I can call for relapse prevention if I ever need it. Best place helping someone like me. Five star company. Thanks.
By: Mark H.
A Turning Point
For the first time in my life I have enjoyed being sober and lucid. I have found fun things to spend my days doing after work. I never realized that all I need is sobriety. My savings is growing bevause Im not foolishly spending cash on lots of alcohol and weed. Im in love with the owners. They helped me tackle cravings and temptations. Their structured groups and everything helped me. Im glad I went to A Turning Point instead of anywhere else. Great staff well organized and pleasant and happy attitudes helped as well. Friendly and prompt. I got alot more out of counseling than I would have ever thought possible. I highly recommend this place to others that are tired of wasting time and money. The best thing I ever did for myself.
By: Henry W.
A Turning Point
The best in treatment for domestic violence. A humiliating but learning experience. I had to learn the hard way. I wont allow anyone to control my behavior with simple words. Drinking alcohol makes me vulnerable to arguing with my spouse. I have control of my behavior and staying away from pot and alcohol helps alot. The counseling given at A Turning Point is like no other. My relationship is improving and so am I. My brother used to get violent with me so I am a victim myself and have to remember not to ever fall into a trap. I appreciate everything more and made future goals that are fun to attain. I had fun improving and discussing pros and cons of relationships. Great program for me. Great people. I learned alot.
By: Judy R.
A Turning Point
I dont know why it states im a recovered addict. Never used dope. Have smoked pot and drank before. The first review on this website needs corrected. Hate people that use felony dope. I was falsely accused of using and that makes me want to fight the good fight against it. Great owners dedicating their time to the needs of our community helping others. They can help anybody despite their history with alcohol, dope, or domestic violence. Beautiful family owned company set out to help humanity in all our downfalls and shortcomings. Clean facilities with professional staff. The best since 1995. Each staff member holds a place in my heart. I love A Turning Point and triple love the owners.
By: Cindy M.
A Turning Point
The nicest staff ready to spend extractimecwith me to get all the curiculam examined. The best at helping me abstain completely forever without dope. I enjoyed the program and feel like its going to be a long road sober so I better find entertainment thats healthy. I wont ever go back to that lifestyle and am greatful to access any kind of help in this town. Great location, kind, nice professional staff their for me when I needed it the most. They helped me successfully complete the curriculam so I could get the most out of it. It was a requirement to stay clean and Im feeling healthier and more able to finish assigned tasks at work. I am going to live right!
By: Pearl R.
A Turning Point
The best in personable counselors. Great to talk to and discuss my issues to. Beautiful counselors whom helped me overcome my fear of sobriety. Fear to be alone and bored. I enjoyed lounges and bars but did not weigh out the consequences of driving while impaired. A THC marajuana ticket and a DWAI. Trained professionals guided me through the steps to enjoy my life without any mind altering substances and they helped me better my relationship with my spouse. No way to get home without drinking and driving from the lounge so I choose not to go any place that has alcohol. Wise people and wise decisions I have made to make A Turning Point in my life.
By: Billy F.
A Turning Point
The best place to go for relapse prevention. I was clean and sober for 16 years. I was in a bad situation. My addictions were costing me my life health and money. I was quickly failing at everything. I was in trouble with the law lost my home and my family. I got it all back within 6 months time. I can thank the professionals to help me get out of all the predicaments I was in. Ill never drink or use drugs again. How many times does it take to learn? Hopefully my last relapse. I cant handle the addiction. Its a disease and help is the only way out. Im thankful I went to them for help. Good choices is what Im making now.
By: Julia H.
A Turning Point
If it werent for bad times I wouldnt have wanted to quit dope. I paid alot to waste my life away. Had I not taken the time to stop Id be dead. Now I have to deal with all the side effects such as high blood presure. I know I caused unneccessary wear on my body. Im just glad the nightmare of using is over. I have the staff to thank for all their time and efforts showing me what a good life I have being sober. Its extremely hard to get off everything. I hope God rewards thoses that cared about me as well as rewarding me to quit and hopefully God forgives my short comings and blesses my future.

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