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By: Rykarichrob G.
Planet Fitness
*Complaining to the managers or on their Planet Fitness Facebook page will reach deaf ear. If you want your complaint to mean something please call their corporate number. 1-844-880-7180or (603) 750-0001or Email info@planetfitness.comPlanetfitness.com/contact-planet-fitnessThe Gym and Staff are all great. However the Franchise owner is a miser penny-pinching niggardly Texan. (No office to those related to Texans)1. He has the highest start-up fees compared to any other Colorado Planet Fitness franchises.2. Most Planet Fitness's will offer a $10. No Commitment membership, this guy traps you in with a 12 month commitment that comes with a $58 Buyout Fee for your right to cancel, or else you have pay them for the $15 a month 'real' no commitment membership for the right to cancel anytime, which also has a high start up fee compared to other Planet Fitness's.3. Over priced drinks and merchandise, $4 for a Gatorade / Red Bull, $6 for Muscle Milk. or $30 for a $9 bottle of tanning lotion. I'm Surprised they charge the members for the free pizza Monday's and bagel morning Tuesday's 4. No Wifi, call up any other planet fitness nation wide and they will 90% have this, this should be a standard with the membership.5. He under pays his staff, they are always paid minimum wage, while other Colorado Planet Fitness's start their employees at $9. with raises every so often. He also doesn't give them any benefits like extra pay for working holidays, or even paid vacations. Can you believe that, these employees have pretty much met the bottom of the barrel with this job. Flipping burgers or scraping toilets pays more than this job.
By: chrobert123
Bon Fitness Center
I don't know what BG67555 is really upset about since this person didn't give any specifics, and I found the review not helpful at all. I joined Bon Fitness in January 2012, and am completely satisfied. The staff is caring and knowledgeable, and the facility is immaculate. Yes, the gym is small, but it's perfect for my needs - and clearly the needs of more than 300 other happy members. Even with so many members, the gym is never cramped. I get smiles from the staff and the members when I walk in. That's what sets this place apart. I've belonged to Bally, Golds, and 24 Hour Fitness over the years. I've come to appreciate the importance of feeling like I actually belong to the gym as a person, not as a number. The only reason I didn't offer 5 stars is because the gym has no pool or hot tub. A minor issue for me, though this might be important to other potential members.
By: miracle.mcmillian
Good Company Bar
I used to love this bar and frequent it quite often ($$$$) but I seemed to have gotten myself banned for life (a little extreme) when I gave my honest opinion to some new patrons that one of the bartenders wasn't good at mixing drinks and they should get a beer instead. They took it as me trying to "sway" their customers to go somewhere else. Not the case..... they just need to get rid of that bartender. I'm sure her drinks would be much better if she wasn't flirting with all the men so much or showing people pictures of her kid on her phone. It blows that they wouldn't hear my side of it that girl with the blond hair cut in a bob with some sort of accent blatantly lied. So now I'm salty and now I'm going to work really hard to "sway" people from this establishment.
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By: Deb B.
Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que
WHOOHOOO Charlie's is OPEN!!!! Just visited there today. New faces but still the same owner and the food was GREAT!!! All's I have to say is if you don't check this place out it will be a pleasure that you will rob yourself of. Cutlery fries so fresh and cooked perfectly. Beef that melts in your mouth. And the best bbq sauce I have ever had...So treat yourself or the whole family you won't be disappointed and don't forget the cobbler of the day. Deb & Bette
By: Gobin's I.
Front Range Barbeque
Our company Gobin's Inc. recently used Front Range Barbeque for our Company Picnic that was luau themed. We wanted to do a pig roast and Front Range was able to provide us with not only a whole pig but sides and sauces as well! We were extremely impressed by their service and everyone loved the food! Gobin's will definitely be using Front Range for our future parties! Thank you to the Front Range team for making our choice to buy local the right one!
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By: Jj S.
Carey On Saloon
Many times in my more than 30 years in the music business I've thought about opening my own bar... Actually more of a dance hall, with outstanding service great sound and a real country atmosphere. In all my schemes of doing this, watching the great old venues fall from fame, the Carey-On Saloon is the closest I've found to what I'd want! Keep it up!
By: Lania D.
Bon Fitness Center
I love The Bon Fitness Center and it has really saved my life going there and getting fit. The staff and the other members are always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. There are people of all ages and sizes and everything is always clean. I recommend this place over any I have seen to date. Been a member for a few years and love it!
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By: Jason L.
Being of Irish descent, this establishment is, by far, the best irish food and drink i have ever tasted. In many ways, this is the most authenticate irish food outside of Irland itself. I highly recommend this restaurant to any who are looking for an open and friendly experience, with good food and drink. 6 stars.
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By: Beth H.
Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que
Loved this place and so sad to see it gone. The staff at the end is what did you in they clearly did not care about supporting the buisnees or their jobs. Hope you re open!!! And if you do get a manager in that cares to see it thrive the way it should your product is wonderful.
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By: dfwdean
Julie's Kitchen
Spam Musubi order is huge: 4-pieces so don't order it unless you plan of sharing or you are very hungry. Nicely done.The Loco Moco is why I came and it did not disappoint at all: rice, beef patties, gravy, fried eggs on top, pasta salad, and Kimchi. Yum!

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