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By: paintgirl
Colorado Casa PMI - Extending Horizons
Colorado Casa Realtors has been handling our rental property for just over 3 years now and they are fantastic. I looked at some of the reviews here and I am very surprised at the issues people said they have had as I haven't had any with them at all. Our paperwork and payments are always in order and on time. The tenent we have in the house is great and if there are issues with the house someone from the office let's us know and we discuss options for repair. I think I read another comment about the office being messy or something.....does it matter how they keep their office, as long as they understand their method of organization? What is messy to one is not necessarily to another. They manage their business fairly and honestly and that is what really matters, especially today.I read some critcism regarding Jorgette's mannerisms and here's what I will say to that- she is down to earth and she tells it like it is. Maybe it's because I'm from MA and I am used to hearing the bottom line and comfortable with a person who is blunt, but I have no issues with dealing with the way Jorgette communicates and no issues talking to her. I prefer blunt because I know exactly where I stand and if there is an issue, I know exactly what the issue is. I appreciate that. I found Colorado Casa through a friend who owns several properties managed by Colorado Casa so I am willing to bet there are many more like me that appreciate the way they run their business. Hope this helps someone trying to find a property manager or looking for a place to rent, buy or sell.
By: Hilda A.
A Cut Above Property Management Company
My husband and I have used A Cut Above Property Management for over 5 years now and they have done an excellent job. We had a different company for a while and thought everything was going well as we didn’t hear anything from them. No news is good news. That company left town with everything. That is when we found A Cut Above Property Management, they took over everything. Took the old company to court as well as the tenants that stopped paying rent. They dealt with all the headache that can happen in horrible situations like this. A Cut Above has handled many challenging issues for us, they are fantastic. They are very responsive, proactive, and thorough in everything they do, including recruiting tenants, managing utilities, handling evictions, and so much more. The staff is very pleasant to work with and conscientious in managing my property. I feel very comfortable knowing that they have my interests at the top of their priorities. I honestly can't imagine having our rental properties (and keeping my sanity) without their invaluable assistance. I am very happy to work with their team and would highly recommend A Cut Above Property Management to anyone seeking property management support or expertise.
By: Trevor D.
Synergy Property Management
I have had our home in the care of Synergy Property Managers for over 5 years if not closer to 6 years now. I can’t deny that the prospect of leaving my home in the hands of another was out right stress inducing, but this has not been the case with Dodi and her team. From day one she herself took the time to come to our home and explain the process and the services offered. Through our time with Synergy we have had challenging times as well as exciting times. From tenants damaging our property, to basic maintenance and upkeep. At the moment we are happy to say there is a great tenant living in our home and have had no issues come to my attention in well over a year. Regardless of the challenges, Dodi and her team have done a great job at ensuring that in one way or another the home was back on the market as soon as possible and with a happy tenant inside.
By: bassetheating
Walker Asset Management Realtors
We have worked as a contractor for Walker Asset Management for over five years now. They are by far the most professional and ethical management company that we have ever conducted business with and are always very responsive to the needs of both their property owners and tennants as well. They are true professionals and I personally recommend their services to anyone seeking a professional and completely competent property management firm.Let me also add that I am also a previous tennant of one of their rental properties, having leased from them for a five year period. During this time they were ALWAYS very responsive to our needs as a tennant and we were very pleased with our leasing experience with them. Mike Machado Owner Basset Heating & AC, Inc.
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By: Kevin S.
Acute Property Management
Lately it's a terrible market to be a renter in and quite often it's a lesser of a few evils. I have lived in Peak View apartments for almost 2 years and it certainly improved quite a bit! My rent is less than the market since I moved in 2 years ago and while my rent doesn't increase it usually not buy very much. My one bedroom apartment is huge! Unfortunately many people move into apartments and don't pay the rent for a few months and then start bitching because they were evicted. I have always paid my rent on time and while the maintenance isn't up to snuff, they do their best given limited resources and staff. You could do a hell of a lot worse in Colorado Springs. In this market I am happy that I found the place.
By: Michelle V.
Nester Property Management
I have worked with them many times.They are both very understanding, kind and tell you everything honestly. I have watched them pay out of pocket for work orders the owner of a home refuses to. That's one thing renters forget. All work orders must be approved by the actual owner of that home, not the property manager. I have worked with a lot of management companies and I can honestly say,they are great honest people who try everything they can to keep the properties up to code. Even if they have to pay from their own pockets..rare company to find. Trust me, I've seen it all.
By: Cheryl J.
Professional Team Realty
We recently moved out and had the place professionally cleaned and got about 2/3 of our deposit back. A lot of the things we got charged for were things from the previous tenent that never got fixed. Pretty frustrating. Maintance takes a long time. The front staff was always really nice and professional. Leo was pretty intense and extremely nit picky. I will say though, they worked with us to let us out of our lease early with only a $500. Overall, I wouldn't rent from them again if I had other choices.
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By: Cody P.
A Cut Above Property Management Company
My girlfriend and I are very pleased with A Cut Above Management! Talawnna goes above and beyond, she is a true asset to their team. The management team responded quickly and professionally to a plumbing issue on my rental, even arranging a nice hotel for us (free of charge) while plumbers fixed the problem! I have never experienced great service like that from a management company. We will continue to recommend A Cut Above to anyone looking for a rental. Thank you for all that you do!
By: Larry J.
Synergy Property Management
My wife and I were looking to relocate to the Colorado Springs area and in the process we dealt with quite a few property management companies. Synergy was by far the best company. They are very professional and always responded back quickly to our phone calls. The Synergy property maintenance team has always responded quickly to all of our maintenance requests and made sure that we were happy with the work they did.Synergy is definitely the best management company in the area.
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By: Wilmer N.
Synergy Property Management
Our experience with Synergy Property Mgmt has been hassle-free. As a locksmith vendor/contractor we rely on quality information and concise requirements to provide our customers with top-notch service as much of our interaction is via phone or email contact. Synergy has always transmitted their requirements and job location(s) with clarity and professionalism - a much appreciated approach to doing business in time when details can easily become lost in the day to day stresses.

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