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By: D. B.
Servants of Holy Family
Through the Holy Rosary, the Blessed Mother led me to Servants of the Holy Family. With a passion for Truth, I came home to the Catholic Faith in all of its splendor and majesty at the chapel. At Servants, the Faith is proclaimed boldly, with charity, as well as with uncompromising clarity! The priests are compassionate and honest in holding firm to the Tradition of the Faith, and are genuinely concerned with the salvation of souls. They are undoubtedly a beacon of hope in a world that is set on deceiving many to change with the modern times. I highly recommend the Latin Mass here as it is said with unparalleled reverence and devotion. I invite all Catholics to return to our heritage by attending Mass at this amazing chapel, or by visiting the servi.org website for many resources about the one True Faith!
By: John H.
Servants of Holy Family
I have been attending Mass at Servants of the Holy Family Chapel for the last 37 years. During that time I have learned much about the Catholic faith from all of the great sermons explaining the Mass for that day to adult talks and catechism classes for my children. All of these things that I have been lucky enough to learn first hand are also saved on either video or audio form on the website. On the website you can learn about Saints of each day plus they have an ebook for great reading on every Sunday along with live streaming of the Mass and a liturgical calendar. If you ever get the opportunity to attend this Mass then please do. If not then view the website and you will find a great treasure of information about our Catholic faith.
By: Anne H.
Servants of Holy Family
Servants of the Holy Family Chapel offers the authentic Traditional Liturgy and Spirit of the Catholic Church. I have attended numerous Latin Masses, and none can compare with the reverence and accuracy of doctrine taught at this chapel. The Priests uphold Truth, no matter what the cost, and they pass on to us and our children the rich heritage of our Faith.In these uncertain times for Catholics, Servants of the Holy Family is a beacon of faith, of hope and of love. There you will experience Mass offered with the devotion it deserves, along with sound teaching and the example of holy living. If you are searching for God, and your heart is open to His Presence, you will find Him in this chapel.
By: Mj B.
Servants of Holy Family
We went to 6 or 7 Catholic churches seeking a parish where we could worship after being away for many years. After attending our first Mass at Servants of the Holy Family, we knew we found our "home." There is a level of reverence and love in this chapel that we did not see anywhere else. Attending the Holy Mass and receiving the sacraments here helped us renew and strengthen our faith. The website also offers so much! If you are lost and alone in the middle of the night, log onto the website and you will find immediate guidance and strength! Submit a prayer request and dozens of people will begin praying in response. We are so grateful to have found this Chapel!
By: Patrice K.
Servants of Holy Family
This is a beautiful chapel. What makes it so special and unique is that the true Catholic Faith and Holy Liturgy are lived and loved here. The priests at Servants of the Holy Family teach and defend authentic Catholic doctrine and do not embrace any of the modern so-called Catholic innovations that are practiced in the modern parishes. I recommend that you visit this oasis of holiness and see and experience it for yourself. It will change you life!
By: Carla P.
Servants of Holy Family
This Church has changed my life and my feelings about the Catholic faith. I was not raised in the Catholic church and so I was afraid of all things Catholic. I have been attending for about 11 months now and have learned more about Christianity then I could ever imagine. I have also grown much stronger in my prayer life. This is a true place to go to grow in faith!
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By: susanne.arens.10
Servants of Holy Family
Attending service at the Servants of the Holy Family is unlike any I have been to before. It was a wonderful spiritual experience. I highly recommend it to my friends and family.
By: Mary K.
Servants of Holy Family
Servants of the Holy Family Chapel is a haven of peace and a place of authentic liturgical and doctrinal observance. Once you visit, it will become your spiritual home.

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