By: Rd H.
BestWay Disposal
I have had excellent service with Bestway. Prior, I was with a well known company for years. The costs kept going up and up. Not unusual, but from $35 to almost $120 in 8 years! Enough was enough. What tipped it for me was adding a fuel surcharge that always went up and never down. There was never, ever a justification in writing as to this fuel surcharge that was in the end pure and simple gouging.So I sought out and found Bestway. Excellent Customer Service from the start. They supplied two cannisters which increased my capacity by almost 40%. And my bill was cut by 60% from the prior company. I have had opportunity to watch the gents who provide the service and they are very fast and efficient. I have been very, very pleased with Bestway in all respects and today as I pay my bill was compelled to write a review for them. Oh, and that they are a locally owned service is also a huge upside as well. My father became a customer as well and is also pleased. I am a real customer who rarely writes reviews but in this case, Bestway is deserved of high marks. Flat out cutting my bill by as much as I did while gaining MORE capacity... yes, top shelf service. Also also... I learned they have an incentive program for their drivers that I find most excellent. I like the fact that I can express my in this case positive opinion that can make its way to the dirvers and have a positive impact. Well done on this too.
By: Deborah D.
BestWay Disposal
I just read the reviews and can hardly believe some of them. We have lived in Colorado Springs for approximately 40 years and since my husband is a home builder, we have moved around a bit. Some areas were not serviced by Bestway and we also have about 20 rental properties which are not all serviced by Bestway. So I do have comparisons and I have nothing negative to say about them at all in all the years that we have used them. Even though we live in Black Forest and can get some nasty weather, our trash is always picked up on the scheduled day and usually around the same time. The driver is as nice as he can be and even has helped out by carrying some large bags of pine needles from the side of my home to the truck. Both the regular trash and recycle trash drivers have always done an excellent job with being on time and never leaving any trash behind. In addition, whenever I have called into the office, I have never had anyone rude; they have always been helpful. I don't normally write reviews, but when I read these, I felt I needed to. I would highly recommend this company over any other disposal company in Colorado Springs.
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By: Cailen B.
L&L Disposal Service
We had excellent, reliable service until the time we had to terminate service with L & L due to a move out of state. I called to cancel services two weeks prior to moving out of state in November of 2014. Marci (the receptionist) told me services were canceled. I then received a bill 2 months later for the next three months of services. I called to cancel and Marci assured me she had canceled the services this time. Here it is, April, and we received another bill. I called and Marci claimed she couldn't cancel our account. She was rude, unprofessional, and confrontational. When I asked for a written confirmation that our services had been canceled, she said no that she was telling me they had been. When I prompted again for written confirmation she hung up on me. During the time we lived in CO, L & L provided us with excellent trash service; however, when it comes to customer service, the company is more than lacking.
By: anonymous1881
BestWay Disposal
I initially chose Bestway for their recycling options. The trash service was inconsistent at times. Sometimes there would be trash strung out everywhere or the outside of the can would get excessively covered in smelly liquid for a few weeks and I would have to clean it but most times the service was good enough (reason for 2 stars). However, customer service was definately bad every time I had to deal with them, including the customer service management. Like the other reviewer, I was told that I could not receive a refund if I was cancelling to switch to a different company. I was suprised by this and when I simply questioned it I was treated poorly by customer service. In fact, if the company that I am switching to doesn't work out, I will not be going back to Bestway, not because of the minor trash pickup issues, but because I do not want to deal with their customer service people again.
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By: Christina G.
L&L Disposal Service
I've been using L and L for my service for 6yrs, they have always been amazing! From grabbing my trash from by the house when I've forgotten to take it to the street, to taking extra bags (when needed). When I had a couch that needed to be junked, I called and scheduled it's pick, they picked it up (it was a reclining full sized couch, very heavy). They charge 3 months at a time, for a low rate. One cycle I missed paying, they continued to pick up my trash for the whole 3 months anyways, and reminded me I had missed a payment. When ever I call, they are incredibly kind and considerate! They also know this city very well. My parents have been using their services for over 6yrs as well.
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By: Anthony A.
Tri-Lakes Disposal
the service is good, but it's pretty annoying that there's not an email address posted on the website. it's 2015... you need to give your customers an email address. needing to call, especially when the phone operator is difficult to hear because of ambient noise, is very inconvenient. besides, it would be less disruptive for your employees to answer emails than phone calls and it allows your customers to go about their day instead of sitting on the phone. i could send an email in 30 seconds and then continue whatever i was doing before that.
By: y.harry41
Springs Waste Systems
I just wanted to thank Springs Waste Systems and the driver that services my area (3005 Drakestone Drive). I love this company, because the rates are good, and the service is great. If I put out larger loads, the driver always takes it. Every time I call in, the phone reps are very pleasant and helpful. I recommended this company to my daughter who just bought a house. Thank you Springs Waste for being the best trash removal company in Colorado Springs with the best customer service!!
By: Dennis P.
Tri-Lakes Disposal
Have used this co for a number of years. They do the jobthat WM couldn't do. Great friendly Crew and they even givea senior discount. It 's a company that seems to care for theiremployees when safety matters in bad weather.In a world where it's becoming rare to find a service that justdoes the job you pay for without hassles these guys knowwhat it means when the statement is made " Just Do Your Job."
By: William J.
ETech Recyclers LLC
E-Tech Recyclers has expanded their business. They are no longer at the Van Teylingen address, but have two locations...their residential drop off is at 2780 Steel Drive Colorado Springs Co 80907, and their commercial warehouse is located behind the Bibles for the World offices at 1107 Garden of the Gods Rd Colorado Springs CO 80907
By: dgerald889
Springs Waste Systems
Just a note to say that I happened to watch your waste guy retrieve our trash this morning. A small piece of paper fell onto the ground. I was impressed that he noticed it, got out of the truck and picked it up. Little things like that make a big difference. Keep up the good work... whoever our pick-up guy is!
Tips & Advices
The cost of trash pickup often depends on the size of the garbage container and whether the service is being handled by the city or a private company. The monthly rate for weekly pickup of a 48- gallon garbage container can run around $20 if this service is handled by a local municipality, while pickup for a 96-gallon cart can cost roughly $22. Rates are often higher when working with a private company.
A compost cart is used for the pickup of compostable items. The list of compostable items includes yard debris, such as branches and plant trimmings; a wide variety of food products, including everything from baked goods to poultry to fruits, grains, and sauces; non-recyclable paper products such as used paper plates and cups; and miscellaneous items, such as cotton balls, hair, and wooden toothpicks.
Trash should always be placed in a trash container when possible. However, if you have more trash than you're able to fit into your trash container, some trash pickup companies will accept the trash if it is bagged and placed next to the full container. Many trash pickup companies will accept up to five extra bags at no charge.
The most common residential trash container size is 96 gallons. A 96-gallon container is large enough to meet the needs of the average family, and it's generally able to handle weekly collection cycles without overflow. This is the largest residential trash container that a garbage truck's automated side loader can accommodate.
Paint cans should not be placed in regular trash bins. Paint and paint thinners can be hazardous to the environment, and these items require special handling when it comes to disposal. If you have paint cans that need to be disposed off, call your trash pickup company to make special arrangement to have them removed.

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