• 1.Backstage Salon

    5877 Palmer Park Blvd

    Colorado Springs,CO

    6.09 mi


    Women’s Haircut with Shampoo and Style

    nice and friendly staff they do awesome hair cutes I highly recommend them...

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By: clairemax
Trendzy Nails
I think the five-star reviews of this place must have been written by the employees to trick people into thinking this was a classy establishment. While its not terrible, it's certainly not what I look for in a nail salon and definitely not worth the price. I was looking for a place closer to home since I live in fountain, and found this one in YP with seemingly great reviews. When I walked in the door, my immediate thought was that the place was tiny, cramped, and dirty-looking. All the posters in the windows are years old and faded, the windows themselves are dirty, the floor was dirty, the techs' tables were cluttered with crap...to make it worse, even though I was the only one there, they employees were all just lounging around watching a movie (one was even sleeping, and remained asleep in a pedicure chair the whole time I was there!) and didn't bother to get up and greet me. They just asked what I wanted. I said gel polish, which was listed as $20 on the price sheet by the door. I thought ok, even if the service isn't great, that's ten bucks cheaper than what I usually pay for it. Still kind of grossed out by the look of the place, I go sit down with my tech. While my nails look fine, they certainly don't pamper you here or give you the quality of service that other salons do. He didn't soak my cuticles or even bother to trim them (and I have horrible cuticles), he just dove right in with the file and grinder. I should also mention, there is NO SINK in this place! So you can't wash your hands, they just blow the nail dust off with a can of air. I'm glad he didn't trim my cuticles because his tools were in a plastic pencil box and had been used on who knows how many people without being cleaned (the salon I normally go to, Skyline Nails, charges you $1 but they open a fresh, sanitary pack of tools for every person, which I love). He kept giving me crap about my color choice (if I want black, don't harass me or keep asking me why I want black). When he was done, he did massage my hands with lotion, and then charged me $30 ($10 more than the price listed on the sign). I didn't bother to ask about it because a) that's the same price I pay elsewhere, so no real loss I guess and b) I kind of just wanted to leave. I was wholly unimpressed with this place and will not be going back. The only nice thing they do is give you a punch card that entitles you to some money off after ten visits, but I have no desire to go back there one more time, let alone ten.
By: rebecca.turner.73550
Living Art Tattoo Studio
To say the least I had one of the best tattoos done by Kate @ living arts tattoos a few weeks ago.... As I was not familiar with that area I was told to walk in & check out the art.... As I did I was greeted by a very friendly employee who was very busy yet still managed to greet us with a friendly smile as we were told to make ourselves comfortable & have a look at some of the artist work... I was then asked what I was looking to get & as my dad & mom have both passed away 5 years to the day I wanted to get something in memory of my Dad who was an avid hunter & quite the artist himself ... I was greeted by Kate who was on a tight schedule she managed to not only get me in but after spending time working with what image I thought I wanted Kate again ceased to amaze me with her brilliant ideas & artwork not to mention she really understood how much this tattoo meant to me and went above & beyond to make it special! As we started the tattoo I was in fear it was going to hurt as I was looking at about 3 hours of work but to say the least she did way more than what I had ever imagined & knowing this will be on my body forever I can truly say that living art tattoo made it more than just a special experience not only with the tattoo but with the shop & the artist there by the time we were finished I think every artist had popped in at least once to check it out & great advice from all these talented artist only made my Dad's memorial piece that much more amazing! I cannot express my gratitude for this special piece I will carry with me for the rest of my life! I will most definitely be back for more art work very very soon!
By: kellyshygirl
Living Art Tattoo Studio
I went in to get a piercing and was greeted by 2 people behind the counter. They both welcomed me with smiling faces and asked if they could assist me. I wanted to get my nose piercing done and was a little nervous. The guy behind the counter spoke to me and assured me everything was going to be just fine. The place was clean and you could smell a lavender sent in the air. I went into the piercing room and the same guy who helped me behind the counter was the same guy who was doing the piercings. The piercer was wearing a mask which i thought was odd, but he explained he wears one with all his piercings to protect us and himself from germs and people who are sick. He went over the Aftercare sheet and gave me his card, and asked if I had any questions. I did have a few and he answered them. My piercing was quick and painless. Michael Brummett is the best piercer I have met. He is very professional and cares about his clients. I will only go to him for my piercings now. I found out he also does tattoos and discussed a few ideas I had. I am waiting for my husband to get back from his deployment so we both can come in together to get tattoos. Im looking forward to getting my tattoo done as well.
By: hana.bloomberg
Styles Salon
After receiving a terrible haircut and color job for well over $200 at one of the most expensive, overly franchised salons in Colorado Springs, I was mortified and I was in desperate need of a color correction and fix for my cut. I frantically did an internet search for any other salon that seemed reputable, and I'm so relieved that I found Styles Salon. I saw Stephanie, and she got me in right away. She took her time to analyze what the previous stylist had screwed up, asked me plenty of questions about my hair and how I style it, and really took her time to come up with a plan to fix my hair. I was so happy with Stephanie's knowledge, patience, professionalism and attention to detail. I felt safe in her hands. She fixed the botched haircut- it's super cute! And the color is worlds better than it was when I walked in. I'm so glad I've found a stylist in the Springs that I can count on to do a great job. I highly recommend this salon. Everyone there seemed knowledgeable, patient, attentive, and professional, and their prices are reasonable for a job well done.
By: docstathem
Texas T-Bone
The BEST new steakhouse on the West side!!! We love it.The steaks are cooked to order and perfection!! Love the build your own salad option. It's awesome. They let you pick from 3 different kinds of greens, then add your own favorite toppings + your choice of cheese, and dressing. The steak burgers melt in your mouth!! Get a HUGE loaded baked potato, sweet potato or your choice of side. Country style atmosphere, laid back family restaurant, and great service! The kids always win! Service is always friendly and they work hard to get you seated ASAP. Choose from a good beer selection. They have several of the (local) Bristol brews on tap & I hear they have the best prices on this brew. Happy hour is $2 off everything, 50 cent Sliders and the best bartender!! (m-f, 2-6).Dave and Mary, the owners, come by and make sure everything is just right! Well priced and a great place to take the family. PLUS, they give you a money saving coupon when you leave -- you can't beat it. My family and friends love this place!!
By: Angel S.
Living Art Tattoo Studio
Just letting you all know just what a wonderful establishment you have here in Colorado Springs. I've had several pieces done here over the years & I can't say enough good things about this tattoo parlor. Your artists are phenomenal with their own uniqueness and individuality. Whether it be 3-4 hours of custom work or an hour of something less intricate they always give the same attentiveness to detail & artistry. It's not only the cleanest professional atmosphere I've ever been in, they are family friendly & have the most welcoming & personable staff I've ever encountered. The talent that flows through your walls have touched many lives & we wear them daily....& forever. I highly recommend Living Art Tattoo for the best quality Tattoos & Piercings in Colo Spgs hands down...this place is second to none! I am proud to wear your art & I look forward to giving you as much business as my remaining unadorned skin allows me to. You guys are amazing...great job all of you.
By: miracle.mcmillian
Good Company Bar
I used to love this bar and frequent it quite often ($$$$) but I seemed to have gotten myself banned for life (a little extreme) when I gave my honest opinion to some new patrons that one of the bartenders wasn't good at mixing drinks and they should get a beer instead. They took it as me trying to "sway" their customers to go somewhere else. Not the case..... they just need to get rid of that bartender. I'm sure her drinks would be much better if she wasn't flirting with all the men so much or showing people pictures of her kid on her phone. It blows that they wouldn't hear my side of it that girl with the blond hair cut in a bob with some sort of accent blatantly lied. So now I'm salty and now I'm going to work really hard to "sway" people from this establishment.
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By: anitakj1
Pens and Needles Custom Tattoo Company
If you are looking for that SPECIALl tattoo and that SPECIAL person to do that art on you...you should use Matt Brown! I have a few tattoos from over the years but came across Matt a few years ago, and I will NOT use anyone else ever again! He is my artist!He took the tatts that I wanted and made them mine to were no-one can every copy them. He put his SPECIAL twist on them and made them my very own! I have traveled to get my tattoos from this guy and will continue to do so! So far I have went to Gulf Shores, Tennessee, and Colorado Springs, from Birmingham Alabama....and it does not phase me a bit! I cant wait for my next trip back to Colorado! Maybe around August sometime I will be getting another piece of artwork done by non other than Matt!!
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By: Angel S.
Living Art Tattoo Studio
I love this place! I've had several pieces done here over the past four years & I can't say enough good things about this tattoo parlor. Whether it be 3-4 hours of custom work or just an hour of something more simple, they always give the same attentiveness to detail & artistry. It's not only the cleanest, professional atmosphere I've ever been in, its also child friendly & have the most welcoming, courteous & personable staff I've ever encountered. I highly recommend Living Art Tattoo for the best quality Tattoos & Piercings in Colo Spgs hands down...this place is second to none! I look forward to giving Living Art Tattoo as much business as my remaining unadorned skin allows me to....
By: genise
Trendzy Nails
They are great! They have great customer service and their work is top notch. I use the Gel for my nails and they last for at least 3+ weeks. It is a down to earth place where you feel welcome to come. The service is fast, they are even entertaining with music and comedy. I have been to the stuck up joint Amy's and will never go back. I also used to go to Nail's First and had Jenny but I always had to make an appointment with her. There are times when I just want to walk in, get my nails done and be out. I recommend Trendzy Nails and I will remain a loyal customer. Speaking of Loyal, they have a punch card called the Loyal Card so after 10 punches you get 10 bucks off. Awesome. Genise

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