By: Arnold C.
Pikes Peak Acura, Ltd
Being a female as well as with the negative reputation that car dealers have, I was extremely apprehensive about purchasing a vehicle by myself. While, shopping at other dealerships, I ran into a large number of sales people that completely validated my apprehension. However, I was pleasantly surprised while working with Timothy Cochran at Pike's Peak Acura. If possible, I will always purchase all future vehicles through him and will highly recommend him to any friends looking to purchase a vehicle. My experience is as follows: I was extremely upside down on my lease of a Nissan Pathfinder and was interested in purchasing a Nissan Maxima that they had on the lot. From the first minute I met Timothy, he never gave me a sales pitch or influenced me in any direction. He knew that I had done my research and was an educated consumer so he didn't try to mislead me in any way. The bottom line is that I realistically couldn't afford a Maxima, given my upside down lease situation. Truthfully, Timothy probably could have easily convinced me to purchase the Maxima, which I clearly couldn't afford, in order to get a higher sales commission. Most sales people would have pushed me into a high payment with no regard toward my financial needs. However, he leveled with me and told me based upon my financial requirements, I really couldn't afford it and he'd show me cars in my price range. In the car business, time is money yet he spent 3 late nights letting me drive practically every car on the lot (I knew the test drive route by heart) and never got frustrated with me or made me feel like I was wasting his time. He really took his time to get to know what my needs were as a customer so that he could be the one to find the car that I wanted. On the 4th night, Timothy found a beautiful '03 Honda Accord that exceeded all of my requirements, needs and wants! During negotiations, I truly felt that he was on my side! I know it sounds naive but its absolutely true. I ended up getting a fantastic deal! It's been several weeks since I've purchased my Accord and Timothy still follows up in regard to making sure that all of the stipulations of the deal are met. He didn't just drop me as a customer the minute I signed the papers and drove off the lot. Timothy didn't act like a stereotypical car salesman... he truly EARNED my business from start to finish and I'd highly recommend anyone to go to Pike's Peak Acura and ask for Timothy. In my opinion, you'd be stupid to buy a car from anyone else!
By: Fallon D.
Pikes Peak Acura, Ltd
I came in looking for a used BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes. A certain BMW was on my mind though as it caught my eye online. Josh approached me right in front of the dealership after I parked. He knew of the vehicle I was looking for. After asking me what it was that I liked about the BMW he mentioned a few similar vehicles that he had in stock that were BMW and Lexus, including two that had just come in and were parked behind the building. He even mentioned Mercedes, but shortly, and I found out why later. He asked me why I was looking at those vehicles and then narrowed the field for me, although he did offer to show all the cars and let me drive any amount. He was able to give us fuel ratings, reliability ratings (he even quoted the companies that he used!), and told us about personal experiences and why some vehicles were traded in. He did present some Acuras to us, they had beautiful interiors but the exteriors weren't as cool for those years, but he never pushed us into any brand or make us buy. We were very happy. Once we discussed the numbers he cut right to the chase, made us comfortable, took care of our financial concerns, and showed us the invoice for the BMW (in addition to our research we were doing from our phones concurrently). Once we made a deal he was very excited and even brought his manager out to shake our hand. Finance treated us with respect and gave us good options for extended warranties, and the detail department presented the car to us totally clean. Josh even went so far as to take us back to service and introduce us to their manager who told us he would take care of us personally in the future. We did make the dealership give us a discount on an extended inspection, which they gladly gave. Josh and a tech even took me back to the bay to show me firsthand there weren't any leaks, which had been a primary concern. Josh was awesome. Go to this dealership because they were fair and it's a nice place, then see Josh because he's not stereotypical sleazy. He's a young guy that cares. I don't know if it's because of him being kind of new, his Southern upbringing, or parents, or his college/previous career experience that built his manners, but he'll make you happy.
By: Ringo S.
Pikes Peak Acura, Ltd
We met Josh outside the dealership on a Sat. Even though it was cold he was standing outside in his suit apparently undaunted. He met with us immediately and was very polite. He hurried us inside and offered us coffee, hot chocolate, and soda. After we were comfortable and had exchanged some small talk he asked what he could help us with. We wanted to see the 2014 MDX and he showed us one inside the showroom. He was extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle and walked us around telling us everything from how it was built, to all the seen and unseen features. Also impressive was all the anecdotes and quotes from third party sources he had readily available about the performance of the vehicle. He was full of stories! We just talked and enjoyed ourselves, and he gave us a nice book to remember all the info he gave. He offered us a drive which was important for this visit, He even let us pick the color for the test drive. We told him we wouldn't buy the first day as soon as we started, and he never pushed us. He did offer some financing, leasing, pricing options to try and "entice" us, in a laughing way, but we stuck to our guns. We also appreciated that he introduced us to his manager so we knew who we'd be dealing with, possibly. We knew from our research that the MDX is awesome. So we went back on Monday and asked for Josh again. He promised us honesty and simplicity, and we received that in negotiations. We knew the vehicle's price and so had some smaller factors we wanted deals on. Josh worked with us and we got what we wanted! He took his time before and after we visited the finance office telling us about all the Acura perks and extras we received with a new vehicle (there's A LOT), including how to work our phone, navigation, and the Aha for online. We racked his brain and have been back 3 more times and he's stayed with us. Plus, every time we visit he gives us a car wash and quick interior clean. We bought Acura because they are the best and don't inflate prices. We will always work with Josh because he was raised right and cares about people. And I wouldn't want to disappoint him, haha.
By: dblred
Mile High Car Company
I just bought my 2nd truck in less than 2 years from mile high. they were the only company that didnt lie to me on the phone just to get me in there. I just finished bankrupsy, and didnt have much to put down, and needed a truck for my buisiness. I talked to many dealerships, and told them upfront on the phone my situation, and they all said "no problem, we'll get you a truck". they were all liers, and either turned me down after I went in, or tried to put me in a junk truck i wouldnt either consider buying. I talked to the guy i bought my first truck there from, his name is bill. HE is now a manager, so i worked with him and a salesman named jesse. told them exactly what i needed in a truck, how much i had down, and my credit situation. for having bad credit and not a lot down, i knew i was asking for a lot. took them a couple weeks, but i got a call from bill telling me his boss was at the auction and found the perfect truck for me, and the bank could finance it for me with what i had down. they called me as soon as it got there, i went and drove it and said lets do it. i thought since it was 8:00pm and they were closing, it would be the next day, wrong! both bill and jesse stayed until 10:00pm to finish the deal and get me my new buisiness truck. no other dealership would do even a quarter of what mile high will do to get you in a GOOD vehicle that you can afford, reguardless of your credit. I wont even think about going anywhere else for my future vehicle purchases. thanks again. Very happy customer, Shane
By: davemusgrove
Mile High Car Company
In August 2011, I bought a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser from the Mile High Car Company in Colorado Springs. This was my first time buying a car, and the process went smoothly thanks to the outstanding service and professionalism of my dealership representative, Mr. Jesse Barrios. Mr. Barrios let me look around at the cars on the lot, allowed me to take me time, and when I settled on a vehicle, he showed me through the car’s features, answered all of my questions fully, and kindly escorted me on a test-drive, showing me more features in the car as we drove. After deciding that I wanted the car, Mr. Barrios listened to my reasons and helped me arrange a plan for down-payment (I would like to also note that he didn’t stop until I got the best possible monthly rates, as well as insurance rates). He helped walk me through the paperwork (NOT rush through it), continued to answer whatever questions I had, and even had the car washed and fueled before giving me the keys to drive off the lot with it. Among the qualities Mr. Barrios displayed was real professionalism, politeness, intelligence and, above all, sincerity and patience. If you’re looking to purchase a first-rate car, truck, or jeep in the Colorado Springs area, I personally and geniunely recommended the Mile High Car Company at 1480 Ainsworth, where you’ll find great vehicles, with great service from people like Jesse Barrios.
By: Smitty F.
Pikes Peak Acura, Ltd
Went to Carmax to get a used Chevy Avalanche but before we got it my wife found another one with less miles at Pikes Peak Acura. Went there with a lot of trepidation as we hate buying cars and thought it would be a huge hassle. Carmax was our limit because of their no-hassle approach which we love. Anyway we went to PPA just to look at it. we called ahead of time and Paul met us there with keys in hand. He was very passive and just wanted us to check it out and go for a ride. asked for my drivers license which is standard but didn't push a credit app or any other paperwork at us. We ended up agreeing that this is the car we want and after some minor haggling, the wife, we ended up signing. Paperwork was quick and painless and Steve in financing helped us tremendously . we were in and out in about an hour and a half at the most. I got the truck home and expected that underneath the awesome detail job we would find all the stuff they missed....WRONG! the oil was recently changed, the air filter is brand new, and the truck was thoroughly gone over. We will be back to them in a year for our next car to replace our other lease. It's nice when dealers don't act like dealers and true professionals. If you go, check out the Viper in the showroom. not affiliated with them at all, just really happy!
By: dbronner12
Colorado Springs Dodge
Humm...I read some pretty nasty reviews about this dealership but I did not experience most of it. I did have an appointment at 9am and the sales person Jason was not on time. However, his fellow sales people stepped up to the plate and did ask me if I was being helped. They called Jason who was running late due to mischievous dog at home. Jeremy stepped in and test drove the vehicle I was interested in. By the time we got back, Jason was there to apologize and take over. As for the deal and finance department, I thought I did get a fair deal and excellent customer service with no strings attached. I looked over my contract and it was the same as discussed. Scott was nice and friendly, answering all questions. I'm not sure why others has some bad experiences but I went in knowing what my trade-in value was, the vehicle and the deal I was looking for. I did go to Ford to do some comparison shopping. The deal at Ford was better and the truck was cheaper but I have always had a Dodge truck and trust in the quality. The Dodge received better customers reviews and expert ratings plus I got better optionals with Dodge over the Ford. In the end, the Dodge was more expensive but the product is worth every penny and I have no complaints about the deal or dealership.
By: Tam K.
Pikes Peak Acura, Ltd
Bought a BMW from Pikes Peak Acura. Even though the salesman we met didn't know much about that particular car, he quickly found someone who did and was able to show the features we didn't know about making it really easy to just get in and take a ride. The sale/paperwork process was quick and easy. Very friendly stuff and everybody we met personally: 'our' salesman Jim, finance guru Tom, BMW guru Steve, 'we owe you' service fairy Linda. Thank you, guys! Had a chance to meet service personal and again, very friendly and professional. I found the car on the internet and the reason we went there to look at a BMW in the first place was because we despise Winslow BMW and i've never met one person in Colorado who had a single good word to say about them. Rude and obnoxious bunch. Not only i would absolutely recommend buying there, i know i will go back for my next car and plan on service my cars there as well. No, i'm not affiliated with that dealership in any way. Just a highly satisfied customer.
By: Scottie D.
Pikes Peak Acura, Ltd
There was no pressure to the sale. Matt was very attentive and answered all my questions. If he didn't know an answer he didn't try to fake it. He got the answer from service so I knew I was getting accurate information. He was personable and enjoyable to work with. We actually purchased two used vehicles in one night so he worked both deals for us and we were good with the final outcome. He came through with everything promised. Travis from Finance also did a very good job. He knew our priority was to get in and out quickly as it was already past closing time and we were all tired. He walked us through the paperwork and gave us the detail we needed to feel comfortable signing on the dotted line. He also has been available for additional questions. He didn't push the extended warranty that night so we were able to go home and give it more thought as to whether or not we wanted to included that in the deal. All in all, a very nice experience for buying a car.
By: Daniel R.
Peak Kia Chapel Hills
I went into Peak Kia @ chapel Hills after having tons of my time waisted at other dealerships. I was introduced to Bre Krone a sales rep after only 10 minutes of explaining my situation and my interest, Bre already had the vehicle I wanted ready to go and the process started in no time. Not only was Bre quick and efficient with the technical process of purchasing a car but she was extremley infortamtive regarding the vehicle and personable I felt like I was dealing with a pal and not just a sales person looking to make $$$ off of me. The entire process was a pleasant one and I am extremley satisfied with the service and the treament I recieved from peak kia @ chapel hills. Bre definitley has a client for as long as she remains in car sales. I would highly highly recommend if anyone is in the market for a new or used vechicle to absolutley look no further then Bre Krone at Peak Kia Chapel hills she is the best of the best hands down.

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