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By: sarahsalith
I really want to support small businesses. I opted to pay more to have my trusty iPad 2's screen replaced and I chose iRepair in C'ville because the lady has always been so nice and answered questions we had about phones and cases. I knew she was the owner and I asked her about replacing my screen. She said it was no problem and her son-in-law could replace it. I asked what kind of warranty they gave and she said they covered installation and manufacturer's defect. I thought I couldn't go wrong. I told her I really wanted it done right and my brother had his screen replaced somewhere else for a cheap price, but it came back with a thumb print underneath the screen. She said that would not happen... so I left my iPad over the weekend. She told me someone would call me to let me know it was ready on Monday. No one called. I called Monday evening and I was told that it was ready so I headed by the next day. They were busy for a small company. Five people were ahead of us and folks were still trickling in. We waited for about 20 minutes (28 weeks pregnant and no chairs) and when I got to the counter, I looked at my new screen with smudges all over it and was immediately disappointed. I spent almost $170 to fix it instead of putting the money toward a new one (again, my husband was right). I asked the young guy about the warranty on installation and defects and he confirmed what the lady told me. I realized that most of the smudges were coming off so I paid and left. Later that night, I realized there were smudges under the screen that were NOT coming off. I headed up there the next morning and talked to her. She said they only covered manufacturer defects and if they were to replace my screen, they'd have to break it to get it off. I said that was fine. Just put another one on there. She told me I had to talk to her son-in-law. Later that night, I stopped by again to talk to him. He said my screen looked great and there were others that he installed that looked much worse. I was ticked. I pressed him for a replacement or a discount to no avail. I left vowing not to go back. Two days later, my screen cracked --horribly. The replacement screen cracked in the upper right-hand area, more than an inch away from the corner. The glass started to come out and leave splinters in my finger. (Good thing it wasn't across the bottom where I type!)My iPad has lived in its Otter Box since the day I got it. The one time I pulled it out to admire it, my seven-year-old dropped it and that's how I got the original crack... which was not a bad crack. I just wanted it fixed. Now I wish I would have left it alone. I'm not sure how the replacement screen cracked, but I do know it was in its Otter Box since I paid for the screen and got it to the car and it was in my possession the entire time. It never hit the ground. It was a very cheap product for a very high cost. I am not happy.

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