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By: N E.
North Idaho Rental Co
I have had no problems- something is broken they fixed it, I have a question it gets answered, they even work through house issues i have been living in same house two years and always pay my rent on time and never have an issue with them. I did a walk through and photos when I moved in I will re review when I move out. Great job so far NIR.
By: Distressed tenant T.
The Real Estate Connection
I am currently a resident in one of the mobile home parks this company manages. I believe these guys don't care about their tenants. They do nothing to protect you. I was forced to get a camera system around my mobile home to protect my family. They will let ANYONE into their neighborhoods! I highly suggest that no one have any dealings with this company. They have bad business practices.
By: David Q.
The Real Estate Connection
According to Rental Connections website, they have been in business for over 30 years. Considering the experience I had with them over the span of 10 months, I would think they had no experience in the property management business at all. The staff clearly has no experience understanding, communicating, or following rental rules or policies and it led to numerous issues and conflicts with the office up until the property’s owner sold the building and the management was taken over by a new office. The only exception on the staff was Tiffany; she was wonderful and really had a heart. If you’re reading this Tiffany, please find another place to work because you are so much better than them. Rental Connection let us move into a unit they had not inspected before hand and was only told by the owner it was clean and ready to move into; we documented over 75 pictures of filth and damage to the apartment over the first weekend we had the keys. On two separate occasions during winter, they tried to add fees to our bill that were not agreed upon in our lease. We refused to pay for a heating bill they weren’t producing for us and kept claiming only the owner sees. I had to threaten to get a lawyer for them to understand they can’t add “penalty fees” for a bill regarding rent if it wasn’t agreed on in the lease to begin with. And finally none of the damages we documented from the first two days we moved in were fixed the entire 10 months because every time they tried to send someone out to repair something we were given less than 24 hour notice and we told them not to send anyone if we can't get a minimum of 24 hour notice (we have a dog and needed to coordinate being there when they would want to fix anything). Since they never inspected the unit before we moved in, they were trying to get us to agree to let them over with less notice so they could look around the unit without us there. This office was the most unprofessional, rude, underhanded, and uneducated group of people I have ever had to deal with.
By: Jewelee J.
North Idaho Rental Co
Obviously Patrick, there are two sides to every story. The sad thing is you were in the wrong to come in to this office let alone any office and start making demands and accusations. We accommodated you in a respectful manner to get you out of the lease. If you are familiar with the laws you must know that you are in a legal binding contract and therefore are responsible until you are released. Our office and staff have policies and procedures that need to be followed and you did not want that done, you wanted your problem solved immediately. We did everything needed to get you off the lease and it was done. You actions are your responsibility. the things you said in our officer were uncalled for resulting in you being escorted our of the office. You were NOT yelled at in any way. You were in MY face making accusation and demands. You can say what you want but in the end you know the story and so does all the employees in the office as well as those who heard your accusations and comments. You were threating to me and my staff and causing a scene that was unnecessary. it was unfortunate that we had to call the police. what happened in this office was a result of your behavior. the best to you Patrick.
By: apryll.mains
North Idaho Rental Co
This place is TERRIBLE!! I was a tenant for two years, never paid late, when I moved in there were ants everywhere and the sink bubbles slowly down drain, when I asked about that, they said they would look into it. about six months in I woke up at two am to find the kitchen sink stopped up and flooding the kitchen!! it was a four plex, and my neighbors downstairs next to me same problem! I called roto rooter and the plumber said it was years of grease from the mainline that connected all four of the apartments, then rental co sent me a HUGE bill saying I had to pay everything! I took them to court and won, proving that it was all four apts connected to main line and caused stoppage downstairs to both apts, then when that was settled, it came time to move and I left that apartment in TEN TIMES better shape than when I moved in. I had the manager of hospital who oversees a tight ship and 20+ housekeepers and he was super impressed! when I left, they charged me, 80 bucks for a burnt out light bulb, 100 dollar cleaning fee of outside government property where some kid used sidewalk chalk, and 250 dollar for a dirty oven that I CALLED ABOUT and they insisted NOT to use OVEN cleaner, so I used good old fashioned elbow grease and hot soapy water for two hours on that sucker til it sparkled except for one spot in the back! I refused to pay and they swore they would take me to court, I am still waiting because I have pix to prove these people are swindlers, and liars!!! take my word for it, THESE ARE TERRIBLE FOLKS TO RENT FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: libr6139
North Idaho Rental Co
rented for four years, left the place in better shape when we moved out, they tried to make us pay for new carpet, couple holes in the wall ect that was all there before hand adding up to $3400, i said no he said lets make it easy pay half and i wont sue, we went to court, they lied luckily we took video and won!!! Don't ever trust them, I've talked to several people they have ripped off!

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