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By: doitright
Mega Bird Store
This is for the people who apparently need enlightenment after their reviews of our store. They obviously don't know birds. Dona has a big heart. period. She is a very knowledgable and caring bird expert that many people have been referred to for her help. We even had a veternarians office bring us a bird that they couldn't help. We took her off of the 'Walmart' food and now she's doing great and even has a boyfriend. We have two ducks, that were once taken in because of injuries, and live at our store. They quack a lot, especially Louie, hence the shirt. Someone needs a sense of humor. The store is an older building, with an interesting history, and it has lighting and skylights- when it's overcast it may not be as bright but it's never dim! Smoking is only outside on the deck and never wafts into the bird room- if these people smelled smoke then they were in a restricted area. People shopping for a bird, need only ask for help and we will show them the birds and tell them what they need to know. Every customer is aknowledged. If they are poking or harassing the birds, it can be an unpleasant visit. We don't dress in our 'Sunday best' but we dress casual because we are a bird store and the work never ends- and it can be messy working with birds. Feeding and watering, in addition to sweeping and mopping, is done EVERY MORNING. Some birds like to wet or soak their food in their water and it may discolor it. Our birds are handfed, or parent raised, babies and adults, and others are from homes that didn't want them anymore, or couldn't keep them. Some are rescues. Birds can pluck when their home environment changes and they come to us that way- and once they pluck, they rarely stop. Our birds get fresh seed, water, treats, love and attention every day. Since the birds are in their cages constantly, not like in a home, cleaning is an endless and nonstop job. We do get compliments all the time, on how clean we are. Some birds like to scream and vocalize, especially Sherbie, some chirp and sing, and some talk and imitate everyday sounds. Are birds quiet? No. You never know what you will hear. We have many, many wonderful, loyal and repeat customers- and new ones every day. We also do boarding for our customers- they know we love and take great care of their babies.
By: birdcrazy
Mega Bird Store
Mega bird store is an awesome place to purchase either a baby bird or a re-homed bird. Dona does a great job with rehabbing birds people have dropped off or abandoned. It is true that she has a couple of birds who are missing feathers. These are her personal birds that she single handed rescued, saved, and rehabbed. These birds were long plucked before Dona saved them. If you spent any time there you would know these are well loved and VERY spoiled birds. I have several birds and almost all are from Mega Bird. The babies and the re-homes are all beautiful fun birds. My vet (an avian expert) even commented on how healthy and socialized all of these birds were - even the one's that had been abandoned or rescued. This is because of Dona's handling of these birds. If the cages and conditions were deplorable as one disgruntled person claims - the birds from the store would not have been as healthy as they are. Every bird I have gotten there has been well socialized, well loved, healthy, and intelligent. Mega bird has the freshest food and the time and experience to help new and experienced bird owners. Dona helped me rehab a bird that did not come from her store before I was even an established customer. She took the time because of her love of birds and her concern over the birds having good and quality relationships with their people.In terms of the person who described the crude tee shirt. First - the shirts say shut the duck up - for anyone who is familiar with Mega Bird - there are two resident ducks that live in the store that run around. Enough said.I have no issues taking my birds visiting Mega Bird - all of the staff know my birds and my birds know them. I would not allow anyone else to clip my birds or to trim nails or beaks.
By: nyc7181
Mega Bird Store
Ok so like most of you i read all the negative reviews so i was hesitent. But I was going to cocoa for the day so i stoped in. Honestly the place wasn't filthy but it wasnt spic and span but come on any parrot owner knows parrots play with there food and dig through spilling it. But it was not as bad as most reviews made it out to be. I was there for about a half hour and the girl that worked there was extreamly friendly and walked me around answering all my questions. Her manor of dress? id call it normal for someone handleing birds all day, are you really gonna wear nice cloths when your handleing animals that are messy? no. well i was there she was takeing the macaws out and excerciseing them by giveing them there out of cage time. The only bird i saw that was plucked was a bird that was there being boarded for a customer and this was not a recent event he had all new growth. all the birds for sale looked very healthy with nice plumage no ratty tail feathers. My only complaint was it was very loud but with so many birds its expected especially with macaws. All the birds were very friendly and one cockatoo was playing with me. This is a small bussiness not a multi million doller enterprise so when you go use common sense before leaveing a review. I have two parrots one is six months and the other is three years so i have expiernce with birds and enough to know that the birds in this store are being well taken care of.
Tips & Advices
Pet owners usually sign a waiver stating that any injury or illness a dog suffers while at daycare is the responsibility of the owner. However, most facilities carry liability insurance and pet business insurance in the event of a serious incident. To prevent illness, facilities are strict about requiring proof of vaccination and general health from a veterinarian prior to accepting a dog. However, in an off-leash setting, scuffles or fights might occur. Reputable facilities will often hire vet assistants who can treat minor injuries and under-the-weather dogs.  For anything more serious, a good daycare should make it a priority to get the dog to a vet, and get in immediate contact with the owner.

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