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By: Lynda S.
All Pets Animal Hospital
Dr. Patrick Reagan of All Pets Animal Hospital in Clovis, New Mexico, is a Miracle Worker!A couple of weeks ago I got up one morning and couldn't figure out why our 8-year-old Cattle Dog, Lady, didn't jump up and beg to be let out like she normally does. I investigated and discovered that she was unable to move her back legs. Terrible, sad, scary... all sorts of fears of what the problem could be ran through my mind.My husband and I carried her out to the truck – she weighs over 70 pounds. We got her to the vet's and after Dr. Reagan examined her, he said that she had lost 100% of her back legs – meaning there were no reflexes and no deep pain response – plus she had lost 10% of the reflexes in her front legs. She also had lost control of her bowels and bladder. All of her blood tests and x-rays were normal, with the exception that he found signs of stress, which would be a normal response in an intelligent active dog who didn't know why she could not feel or use the back half of her body. But young Dr. Reagan had a "hunch." He wanted to give her a steroid injection and keep her overnight so he could observe how her body responded. We didn't want to leave her, she's a rescue with abandonment issues, but he persuaded us that it was the best thing for Lady. I couldn't sleep that night, I kept praying and reliving our last walk together, which we had done the evening before she woke up paralyzed. Lady and I typically walk at least a mile every day, weather permitting. During our last walk there had been no sign of lameness. I cried, thinking that might have been our very last walk. By 6 a.m. the next morning, Dr. Reagan found her standing and wagging her tail. Over the next several days, Lady's mobility and reflexes slowly returned. Today, our girl is running and playing like a puppy again!We love our fur-baby so much. We are very grateful to have her still with us and still functioning. Every day I pray that she will be with us, healthy and happy, for a long time to come. But we never know, do we, when it is our "last walk." I try to make every day and every walk special, for that reason. I told Dr. Reagan that I wish we could adopt him!Merry Christmas to everyone ~ and a Happy New Year!Lynda
By: jennym8704
The Sierra Pet Hotel & Spa
I love this place! I have two 100 lb dogs and I bring them here multiple times a year and I have never had a problem. I use the doggy daycare service, their kenneling service, and their grooming service.The only time I've ever been asked to use their Vet is if my dogs needed their bordetella *kennel cough* shots. I was notified that they would be using their vet and I approved it. I've used 3 other kennels in our town and almost every time I've picked my dogs up they were sick. I have yet to pick up a sick dog at this location. Maybe I've just been in lucky, but I can tell you that they truly do take care of the animals. :) I will continue to use this location!
By: Danielle L.
All Pets Animal Hospital
There has always help available from All Pets Animal Hospital when needed. Dr. Hudson has always been direct with me about any situation. Everyone has been compassionate and sympathetic when the situation arose.
By: Shelby C.
All Pets Animal Hospital
I've been bringing all of my animals to All Pets Animal Hospital for about 24 years. I absolutely love them and everyone who works for them. Everything is clean and impeccable at All Pets.
By: Maury G.
All Pets Animal Hospital
The vets and staff at All Pets Animal Hospital are so caring for the animals. I trust them with any of my pets. They truly take a personal interest in every animal that walks in the door.
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By: Mary P.
All Pets Animal Hospital
I would't bring my cats anywhere but All Pets Animal Hospital. For almost 30 years I've been bringing my cats to them and they do a wonderful job, I just love All Pets.
By: Jon G.
All Pets Animal Hospital
Christine, Dr. Reagen, and Dr. Hudson are all very good. I'm very happy with their service and pleased by their confidence and level of knowledge.
By: Rachel W.
All Pets Animal Hospital
I've been bringing my dog to Dr. Hudson for around 8 years now. He's an excellent vet and he's very thorough in his explanations and diagnosis.
By: Allison P.
All Pets Animal Hospital
What I like most about All Pets Animal Hospital is that they genuinely care for the animals. I recommend them to everyone I come across.
By: Debbie W.
All Pets Animal Hospital
What I like the most about All Pets Animal Hospital is their competence and that they genuinely care for our animals.

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