By: mrsrobdog82
Gilbert K Moran, MD FACOG Inc
Dr. Moran is not only one of my favorite physicians, but one of my favorite people EVER. He's been my OB for almost two years, and has attended to me through a pregnancy, c-section, and ectopic. I've had a handful of OBs over the years, and everyone pales in comparison to Dr. Moran. You will not get better care with anyone else in the valley. I saw him personally through every one of my prenatal appointments, got calls back from him when I had complications on Christmas day, and he personally attended to me during labor and delivery. Ultimately I had to have a c-section, and firmly believe I had a quick and easy recover because he's an absolutely skillful surgeon. I felt so well taken care of during my entire pregnancy and recovery and am forever grateful to my amazing OB. When I had an ectopic pregnancy and needed emergency surgery, Dr. Moran was out of town but still kept in direct contact with the physician on call (Dr. Illingworth- also awesome) and then checked in on me immediately following surgery. As for the complaints to the staff and wait times- it's a Dr.'s office. They get backed up- yes...just like every other office I visit. I've never had an issue with the staff and have received nothing short of excellent care. Can't wait for baby #2 so I can see Dr. M often again!
By: Esmeralda G.
Gilbert K Moran, MD FACOG Inc
#1 Doctor...This facility is amazing.Dr.Moran is professional and a very knowledgeable Graduate of UC Irvine.After being diagnosed with a massive cystic tumor on my right ovary and two terrible Doctors in the Fresno area who were ready to professionally ROB ME OF MY CHANCES OF MOTHERHOOD BY SCHEDULING ME FOR A FULL HYSTERECTOMY ...Dr. Moran SAVED both my ovaries and I can have children.I am forever thankful and BLESSED Dr. Moran was placed in my path during my trying journey he is proof that Angels exist and that God's plans are plans to help us prosper and not plans to harm us. PLEASE if you have been given a negative diagnosis go for a second opinion...Dr. Moran and his staff are very well informed and professional this gentleman with God's grace spared my chances of MOTHERHOOD all it took was FAITH! #DR.MORAN IS THE BEST EVER#Thank you Dr. Moran and staff you are AMAZING...THANKFUL FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK #GO TEAM DR.MORAN#1 IN WOMAN'S HEALTH!
By: Julia C.
Gilbert K Moran, MD FACOG Inc
Dr. Moran and his staff are truly amazing people. Dr. Moran is a true professional. He is caring and skilled. After going through a few bad experiences and being told I needed a full hysterectomy and would never have children. Dr. Moran saved my reproductive system entirely through a very successful surgery. Because of Dr. Moran I can still have children. He is an an amazing doctor, the world needs more Doctors such as himself. I am so blessed he came into my life at such a trying time...I hope anyone who reads my testimony will know they have been blessed as well to have him as their doctor. THANK YOU DOCTOR MORAN YOU ARE #1 .
By: Joann M.
Clovis Medical Group Inc.
Dr Jeffrey Gardner is truly a caring doctor. He is interested in me & takes time to ask me how I'm doing! The staff is great. They are friendly & courteous always. Dr Gardner's nurse assistant is always so sweet. You really feel welcome at this office. Carolyn was so helpful, by calling me to assure me they will help me with my referral to a specialist!!! I greatly appreciated her time & interest in my needs. So, thank you all for being such a caring staff!!!
By: Peggy M.
Gilbert K Moran, MD FACOG Inc
I have been a patient of dr moran's for quite a while. He is a great dr with a great personality. He is very concerned and caring. His office manager on the other hand is the meanest lady I have ever met. It's not because I have a bad payment history or missed appointments, I have never done that. She's just mean, but I love dr moran so I put up with her. I do recommend him if you want a great dr.
By: Ruth M.
Clovis Urgent Care Medical Center
I will never never come to this place. I waited 3 hours in the. I never thought I was goin to spend half my Saturday in urgent care. There was only 6 patients bfore me so it wasn't that it was packed. My gosh how much can u a Dr. Ask a patient!!!!!!! I'm still waitin to b seen will we hit the 4 hour mark in the back room ugh!!!!!!
By: raterm
Marybeth Yuskavage MD
A great physician who puts a lot of effort for the patient. She will really try to answer all of your questions and have you leaving the office with a sense that she is there for your overall well- being.
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By: glorybound
Nguyen Loan DR Inc
Dr. Nguyen is very kind and efficient. She is a very good Dr.
Tips & Advices
Scoliosis is a disorder where the spine curves sideways. Most people develop the condition during the growth spurt before puberty. The cause of scoliosis is unknown and most cases are mild, but the rare severe instances can disable a person.
Orthopedic surgeons attend four years of medical school, then four to five years of orthopedic residency in a hospital. They must also be licensed and certified in orthopedic surgery by the state in which they practice.
The terms "orthopedic doctor" and "orthopedic surgeon" refer to the same profession. Related specialties include podiatrist, a doctor who works with the bones, tendons and ligaments in the feet, and a sports medicine physician, a doctor specially trained to treat athletes.
The cost of a visit to an orthopedic surgeon depends on the type of tests ordered and treatment given. For example, an MRI costs $500-$1,300. An initial consultation costs $100- $500, while anesthesia for a procedure generally ranges from $2,000-$4,000. Overall, an orthopedic surgery can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000.
During a consultation or first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, the practitioner will ask the patient a variety of questions to understand the situation. The surgeon might ask about the patient's pain levels, medical history, and any prior injuries. Then, the surgeon will administer a physical exam and possibly schedule tests to better understand the problem. Possible tests include a stress test, x-ray, or MRI.

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