By: Nikki C.
Sardinia Jewelers
At first I was very leary to trust this place. Simply because they don't operate the same as any other jewlery store I have purchased from. They have an old school computer system and they go by your word. I "laid away" an engagement ring and put half down in cash. I was scared because there wasn't a contract for me to sign, and nothing in writing to prove what they told me about making payments or anything. I trusted them and I was not let down. All they gave me was a receipt. They said that is their contract and "their word" and they were right. They gave me a receive which reflected total price of my ring and how much I paid that day and how much was left to pay. They stored my ring in there safe with their copy of receipt and when I went back to finish paying, it went smoothly. They didn't hastle me or do anything fishy. The ring was mine and they sent it off to be sized (for free). It was done being sized within 3 business days. These people are kind and honest and I would purchase from them again.
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By: Noelle R.
Samuels Jewelers
I was impressed by my experience. My man wanted to get me a ring and we are also graduating from college in May. So we are on a budget and boy was the customer service amazing. Let me tell you my ring is off the hook and it's very low priced. We couldn't be happier. I honestly did not imagine getting a ring of that value for that price. Also when I went into the store me and my man were given snacks, cups, of water and treated like gold. I would recommend everyone here. Trust me!!! Noelle
By: Ryan K.
DeVons Jewelers
Great experience. I was short on time with my anniversary around the corner and needed a bigger diamond for my wife's engagement ring. Devons made it happen no problem. Wife was happy Thank you so much Devons especially that young man named Alex :)
By: Kadie G.
DeVons Jewelers
My husband and I have always come here to get our jewelry. We have never had a bad experience here. Everyone there takes care of you and tries their best to work with what you have. I highly suggest devons for anything you need.
By: Hugo S.
Sardinia Jewelers
They had more variety and better pricing than other jewelry stores at the mall. I received very good service from them.

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