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By: Arlena T.
Rich's Place
My car's brakes were one stop away from going out. The guys at Rich's Place were genuinely concerned for my safety and didn't even want me driving home and offered to take me home. Because I had not secured a ride to work for the next day, I had to drive home. Shortly after leaving, I found a ride to work and called Rich's Place back. They volunteered to come pick up my car for me while I was at work. They got the brakes completely repaired in one day. They even did a free screener on my car to make sure everything else was all set. The brakes on my car now have never worked better. The guys at Rich's Place did a marvelous job, and they treated me like family, making sure that I was safe first and foremost. These are the guys you want working in your vehicle! They are trustworthy and provide incredible, personable service!
By: carefulbuyer2011
Auto Pro
Great Prices. Went in for a engine replacement and not only did they give me the best price but also free towing to there shop. They said the car would be done in a week and they actually got it done in four days.The technicians are very knowledgable and the work was done properly. I have been going to many auto repair shops but by far they are the best!! I would definately recommend this shop to someone who is looking for honest and great service at a reasonable price.
By: Karll B.
Consumer Car Care
My name is Karl B. I found this shop online and took my ford explorer there for a catalytic converter and sensors. They did a GREAT job at a GREAT PRICE, they also fixed my rear axle. I was so pleased, I took my truck back for rear brakes, and again they did GREAT work for a GREAT PRICE. If you want your car fixed right and at a great price Consumer Car Care is the right place to go. They also gave me and my wife a ride home to get our other car. They are GREAT.
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By: joni.p
J B's Garage
I am new to town and when I asked the women at the gym where to take my car for repair they all said "JB's!" I was involved in a minor hit and run and was concerned there could be damage. I also thought i was due for brakes.James did a thorough checkup and assured me there was nothing wrong with my car and charged me only for the oil change I asked for. He is a great guy and an honest mechanic. What's not to love? I wish I could give him 10 stars.
By: lyjustice
H & S Automotive
H&S automotive is the best place to bring your vehicle. Here you speak directly with the mechanic that will be performing the work these guys are very personable and professional. I highly recommend this place I was able to get all the work done in a timely manner at a reasonable price without any haggle. H&S automotive for me back on the road in no time so if you're looking for good reliable no hassle service give them a call just ask for Mike...
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By: Joanne G.
Five Stars Auto Care
What could have gone horribly wrong got rescued by Junior and Paul. An $18 oil change turned into a $400+ safety job that required speed in timing, part acquisition and unscheduled customer transport. The team pulled together and pulled it off getting me on the road to my next appointment with speed and genuine concern. A loyal customer remains a loyal customer and future business is nearly certainly guaranteed
By: Frank K.
Five Stars Auto Care
I brought my truck in after I spent 2.5 weeks trying to find & fix the electrical issue that it was having. I tried just about everything. Eventually I gave up and had my truck towed to 5 star. (They even paid for the tow). They got my truck fixed in under 30 hours and it performed better than ever. I highly recommend them and I plan to come back here whenever I'm stumped again with my vehicles.
By: Mary C.
Consumer Car Care
This is a great place to take your car. When my car broke down, I called Consumer Car Care, they offered me free towing. After having my car brought in, they were able to diagnose the problem quickly and didn't charge me an arm and a leg. The staff was friendly and explained to me what was wrong with my car in a way that I could understand. They just got a customer for life.
By: umdguy
Midas Auto Service Experts
I went here and told them I needed a new muffler because my car was loud and it looked like the muffler was hanging. They told me the muffler was fine and I only needed some other smaller parts replaced. It turned out to be much less expensive than I expected and they got it done faster than originally promised.
By: Ken C.
AMP Automotive
I highly recommend Andy and his team for all of your cars maintenance and repair needs. This shop is the one and only shop that I feel comfortable referring women to. If you are like my wife and feel that you are about to get tricked by a shady mechanic- please rest assured that will not happen here.
Tips & Advices
Ceramic brake pads are made from dense, durable ceramic. They are favored for their relative silence while driving compared to metal or organic brake pads. They also have little wear and tear on the overall brake system and are very reliable. However, they are more expensive than metal or organic brake pads. Additionally, their performance deteriorates in extreme driving conditions.
Brake rotors typically last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles.
Brake shoes are used in drum brakes--rather than disc brakes--which is the original braking system designed for vehicles. Just as brake pads are the friction component of disc brakes, brake shoes are the friction component of drum brakes. When the brakes are applied, a wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoe against the brake drums, which spin while the vehicle is in motion, and causes the vehicle to stop.
A squeaking or squealing sound when applying newly replaced brakes is normal. It comes from the rotor vibrating against the new brake pads. It should quiet down after about 250 miles, and should be more or less silent by 750 miles, when the brake system has had some time to synchronize itself.
This depends on the car, the brake system, and the car owner's driving habits. Typically, a car's brakes should be replaced after about 50,000 miles, but some car's brakes may last anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Car owners shouldn't wait for a magic number to replace their brakes. They should check them regularly, and pay close attention if they hear any weird noises or if the car feels shaky while braking. Brakes are a critical safety component of a car, so it's important to stay on top of brake maintenance.

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