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By: John E.
Twaide's childcare&learning center.
In response to Theresa J:We provide a safe, healthy, nurturing and responsive setting for children. Parents are responsible for any payments due for childcare. We have no control over the Michigan Department of Human Services time frames for approving or DENYING individuals childcare. Therefore, it is the parents responsibility to pay tuition rates agreed upon by both parties. In addition, parents are required to pay their family rate contributions every two-weeks based on their monthly income. In this particular case, the parent was denied childcare on at least 3 attempts based on income. Therefore, we offered childcare for her children at a substantiel discounted rate of $250.00 every two weeks for 3 children, ages 1, 2, and 6 years old. Meanwhile, while her DHS case was finally being processed and approved. The rate remained the same for at least 1 month.The parent was provided the handbook and contract, which she signed. Jan. 2017, our policy and contracts were revised. She was provided the policy and revised contract. However, she claims she didn't receive it. Yet a staff member and director witnessed her reading it.Our agency has the right to revise contracts at anytime if necessary. The parent was approved for DH S services which provided 80 hours. Yet the parent continously exceeded the approved amount.Our prices are fair and reasonable. We are open from 5:30am to 12:00am. We are not a baby sitting service. We give parents 1 hour to pick their children up before charges occur. DHS hours provided are for childcare services and not for parents to scrutinize.
By: Courtney S.
Diapers 2 Diplomas Learning Center
Let me just start off by saying, "I Absolutely Love This Center!" I was a little hesitant at first because I knew nothing about this center and there were not many online reviews. However, after my previous child care provider did not work out. I decided to give this center a try mainly due to location. Well let me just say this was one of my best decisions yet! When my son started this center he was having issues with authority, behind told No, getting out of play mode and just listening to anyone other than his parents. Well this center was very understanding, nurturing and patient with my son. I was so worried that he was going to be kicked out. About (2) months in, my son did a total 360 and listens (I mean really listens and follows directions from his teachers) he gets along well with the other kids. It easies my mind and heart knowing that he is thriving at this center. They pretty much cater to all of your needs. I decided this center needed a recent review from an honest parent. P.S. You also get referral credits so if you decide to enroll your child at this center tell them Courtney S. referred you. One Happy Mom....
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By: Bionka R.
Twaide's childcare&learning center.
I would beg to differ with the previous review. My children have been attending this center since it's opening day and with great pleasure I would give this facility more than 5 stars. The owner of the business not ONLY oversees her babies( as she calls them) but she is actively involved with them throughout their day. She offers the children educational activities that prepare them to move on to the next level in school as well as in life. She always has a pleasant attitude at 6:00am that continues all the way to 5:00pm when I pick my kids up. Her staff are always clean friendly and welcoming as well. I knew this was the place for my children when I walked into her open house, my eyes lit up with such approval of her establishment. So clean, so warm and inviting. Not only do my children go there but my siblings as well. I will continue to share how Great Twaide Childcare Center is because more children need the love and care that she provides my children with. DON'T BELIEVE ME GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!
By: Trina J.
Twaide's childcare&learning center.
I love this facility so much, I highly recommend this center. The staff is affectionate and welcoming towards my child. This is not only somewhere children interact and play together, but also are educated. My child is excelling in math, science, reading, and writing. My child came home and was able to tell me the smallest planet as well as the largest planet. She is able to express her feelings, interpret the food groups, identify rhyming words, read her sight words, and able to do her homework with very little assistance. She (the owner) has taken her time out to accommodate my extensive schedule and stay here with my child. No other center that I'm familiar with works with if you have a flexible schedule as well as she does. Not to mention the cleanliness of the center is kept up to par. The owner shows trustworthiness, integrity, dedication towards my child and her future, also is very sweet and compassionate. I'm highly indebted for the facility, staff, and owner.
By: kelly.macleod
Chef Raymone Cafe & Catering
Chef Raymone Cafe & Catering is the ABSOLUTE BEST!! The food is phenomenal and the service is beyond AWESOME!! My personal favorite is the Macadamia Nut Crusted Chicken and the Teriyaki Beef. If you have an event coming up definitely hire them to cater your party...and don't forget you can also order "pans" of food to take to a party with you! You won't regret your decision and neither will your guests!! Love Them!!
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By: Maryam H.
Kiddy Korner
Hello Everyone,I wanted to let new comers know that Kiddy Korner is an wonderful place to send your kids. The staff is really caring and understanding. My son went the head start program in 2016 and he just loved the program, his teacher was Ms. Rashidah who was fantastic. Anytime Ms. Rashidah notice anything that was off about my son that day she brought to my attention. The establishment is adorable and clean.
By: momma1221
Diapers 2 Diplomas Learning Center
It is by far the best day care around. It is really clean, and there is a lot of space in every classroom so they aren't shoved in a little room. The staff is super friendly and the owner is one of the nicest people I have ever met. They are by far, hands down, the best daycare in the the area and I am an overbearing picky mom.
By: gooddad1981
Veda's Playhouse Inc
My daughter has went her from 6mo to 7yrs old. I am very happy with service. She has learned the basics of sign language and Spanish. She is also at the top of her class in first grade. If you are looking for a great daycare take your child here.
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By: Aubrayll H.
Twaide's childcare&learning center.
Worth every penny! My child has learned so much and became so independent. Mrs. Evans is very sweet and professional and treat the children as her own. my child runs in the door every morning so excited, that comforts me. Thank You so much Twaide!
By: Zaria R.
Twaide's childcare&learning center.
This Childcare and Learning center is the best of the best. This will get your child prepared for kindergarten. This is a clean, friendly, and inviting facility that your children would enjoy. THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

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