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By: Jim T.
Health Choice Chiropractic
Personable, attentive, knowledgeable all while being extremely patient and caring. Friendly atmosphere coupled with ease of scheduling appointments and addressing issues related to accidents or injuries all the while offering great care when one is well for prevention. One typically only sees a doctor when they're not well, have an accident, etc. However, is another thing to see a chiropractor for prevention of; illnesses, injuries and overall strengthening one's ability to stave off infections. The body is one designed to heal itself. Chiropractic is that added benefit to help the body stay well. Not to mention the affects overall related to well-being. We put our bodies through a lot with; toxins, processed foods, stress, sitting all day at a computer or working on our feet all day. Seeing a chiropractor is the greatest gift a person can give to themselves. Dr. Ray and his staff are great!
By: James M.
Stasio Chiropractic Center
I am a 42 year old male who has had many visits to Dr. Stasio. He was in no way unprofessional nor did he push any religion on me. When I spoke to him about the christian music (he, having no idea who am or that I have been a christian for 20 years) was open and very nice. He never asked me to attend any meetings of his own, or churches. He never said anything about religion that I haven't heard a dozen other christian pastors teach on Sunday or anything you cannot just find written already in the bible. The Fox 2 Report is nothing more than an attack on regular christian beliefs. I do not belong to his so called group in any way and thought people needed to hear some actual customer opinions.
By: mitzipinki
Stasio Chiropractic Center
This was a really good substitute for my normal deep tissue massage therapist who had shoulder surgery. I love the boldness of God that they speak of and to be honest, none said anything until I asked questions. They are a part of the body of Christ that I love and so creative. Each of us has a different part of the body of Christ and we all cannot deliver the same message. A+ for the delivery of the message! For those who don't like it, good thing there are other therapists that can meet your needs. I for one bought a couple of packages and I will be returning. Kudos!!
By: Bill B.
Stasio Chiropractic Center
Been going to both places for years, must have had over 50 massages, very reasonable prices, most of the workers are 25-35 years old not kids like the news reported, I have nothing but good things to say, they have a picture of Jesus in the Lobby and they play Christian music, therapist seemed happy and well adjusted, some where married with even kids of their own, I'm very sorry they have been put out of business. I guess attacking Christianity is still fair game, you know if it was any other religion the News wouldn't cover it with a ten foot pole !!
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By: Gary C.
Kaminski, Ray
Dr. Ray Kaminski and Valerie are very professionals And Expertise On Your Chiropractic Needs. I Had very bad Lower Lumbar Pain In My Back. And Had To Take Pain Pills For 3 Yeas Until I went To Dr. Ray Kaminski Office He has Adjusted me and puts a Warm Pack on my Back before adjustment. I have not taken any pains pills for 6 months and free of no pain. He is a miracle worker. A Professional at Work. Gary Carney.
By: tina.louise.127
Stasio Chiropractic Center
You get what you pay for. The massages are decent, but the atmosphere is anything but relaxing. The music is very loud and it is not the of a relaxing type. I asked for it to be changed and the therapist said they were required to play that music at that volume. I will let my certificates run out and then I will go elsewhere.
By: jbigelow
Bender Chiropratic Center
The staff at Bender is incredible to work with. They really put the personal touch back in patient care, and Dr. Bender takes a personal interest in his patients. I have refered all of my friedns and family and i strongly recommend that you try thier services. Josh Bigelow - Clinton Township.
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By: Trevor B.
Health Choice Chiropractic
I've never had a problem with them. They've always done fantastic work for me and they definitely know what they're doing!! And scheduling appointments is a breeze! I highly recommend them! Love Brenda and Val, and Dr. Ray of course!!
By: brewer1004
Gulyas Chiropractic Center
I had hurt my back and went to him as a new patient. He did not do any normal adjustments but basically said he came up with a new "technique". Overall I did feel better, but I will not go back.
By: kathy.schedlbauer
Stasio Chiropractic Center
I've been going for 8 years to his offices they have been nothing but professional I will miss both the massage and the adjustments

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