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By: Marine J.
I love Brian, his family, the food they make for Marine's Special Need's Way - Medical Reasons and take great care of me - Craig and Staff too ! The customer satisfaction is numero uno at DonnaGio's Always - that's why they are they are the best in town - they really pay attention to the customers needs and not just do it a few times, get lazy, forget your needs and then wonder why you stop calling like some other places in town - DonnaGio's is consistent, they don't forget what you need or what you like... I had a terrible experience elsewhere and the owners nice as can be... We got along great, one time they leave their teenager in charge and I'm the last customer of the night... Got my order in it was Zuppa D'Clams a favorite dish of mine ... This was about nearly two years ago, the clam's were left unwashed as they were in a bit of a hurry to leave, close the store... Well, I don't know about you, but this dish with dirty, gritty, gross clams in it was so disgusting, I literally choked on a clam and had to get it out of me before an obstruction, I was in major trouble... I explained to the owners that the clams weren't properly washed, the kid lied to his parents... His Mom, who I love, insisted her son wouldn't lie to his parents... To this day, the boy still has not said he was sorry, knows what he did, can't look me in the face lies to his parents, I got into a fight with the owners who I loved because they denied their sons actions leaving the alternative of calling me, there good customer and friend a liar - I will not stand for that crap at all... I'm still waiting for this kid to apologize and tell his parents that a major step in prep process was skipped... Because they were in a hurry to leave making one of their best customers sick... And they actually blamed the customer for the son doing wrong and lying on top of it... There loss is DonnaGio's gain... So that's the point in explaining why... If you are in business, never get lazy with caring for customers - your bread and butter is everything - don't cut corner's in food, service or anything at anytime ever... It always counts - your customers expect Perfection..The last hint is this, this is a tough economic structure, for all eating establishments, if you are going to keep your prices highv, people will buy less... Work out prices in an affordable structure for all on average for every family, you will drive up the rate of your business very fast.. All My Best RegardsRev. Marine JourdanInterfaith PriestHoliday Season DEC 2013
By: George M.
L'angolo Trattoria Italiana
Delicious food, friendly and great service, cozy and wonderful atmosphere, the pasta is homemade by hand of the chef. BYOB.I highly recommend for authentic Italian cuisine.

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