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By: Angie M.
Southern Medical Clinics
I love having Dr. Chin as my daughters PCP. He is a wonderful doctor however, getting in to see him is a different story. I have been waiting for months to get my daughters wellness check up and on at least 4 occasions she has been sick and I have had to take her to another doctor because no one at Southern Medical would answer the phone and if I got the answering service, no one would ever return my call. I have called at least 20 times in the last several months and NEVER got a call back. Dr. Chin came in to my place of employment and I told him what was going on so he called the number for me, he listened to the voice mail that played and told me to leave a message and assured me that they would call me back. I'm still waiting.
By: lguill
Southern Medical Clinics
I had to wait a very long time for the visit (the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5), but when I was taken back I discovered why. The physician was very thorough in his assessment of my current/urgent condition, and he gave me a lot more information and treatment options for my illness than I received from an emergency room visit a few days earlier. Secondly, he wasn't just interested in "running me through the mill" and taking my co-pay. He spoke briefly with me about vitamins, staying current with routine medical exams, and having my blood worked checked periodically to assess the state of my health. This is not your average "doc-in-a-box."
By: Holly B.
Skyridge Medical Center
Top notch, clean cut All-American classic place. Rare to find any place of any size these days staffed by intelligent people with manners such as this. Nice to see quality actually still exists in small pockets of this once great nation, and Skyridge is a testament to that. Wish the freeloaders and inbreds who can't even string together a decent sentence in English wouldn't badmouth their FREE medical care. Or go home. I'd rather not have to sit next to you while in the waiting room, anyway.
By: Angela H.
Southern Medical Clinics
Just wondering, Brian - was this based on a one-time visit or have you been a long-term patient? You'll be hard pressed to find a more personal and caring Professional than Dr. Chin in the surrounding area. He is a "whole person" care-giver. I've found him to be as concerned about the "whys" of an issue as he is about the issue its' self. As for the receptionist, I can't comment. Hopefully this was an isolated occurrence and will be addressed. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
By: patricia.h.morrow
Southern Medical Clinics
I took my little boy there a couple of times. You have to wait for a while but it's worth it. They always make sure you understand everything and treat you with so much respect. And even while he was treating my son the doctor seen that there was something wrong with me and treated me with no questions asked and no charge at all.
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By: Shelly W.
I love love love the Cleveland CVS Minute Clinic! 18 months and older can be seen! You can be seen for illness, vaccinations, or wellness screenings!
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By: Mary C.
Skyridge Medical Center
Everybody was great but the P.A was not very nice or friendly. The Er. Ladies were great and the X-ray techs were great.
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Academic medical centers provide the widest range of specialty care treatments, including the latest technological advances, clinical trials, and surgical techniques. In general, an academic medical center is a better choice than a community hospital for complicated treatments or rare diseases. Pediatric intensive care, especially, is usually performed at academic medical centers.
Academic medical centers offer a broad range of specialized services, from allergists to urologists. Some of the larger medical centers have entire hospitals or clinics focused on a particular medical service, such as cancer treatment, though specialties vary among the centers. Patients whose community hospital or local doctors do not have the facilities or expertise to address complex medical conditions can be referred by their primary care physician or local specialist to a major medical center (there are more than a dozen in the United States).
Yes. In addition to their inpatient hospital services, medical centers can offer a wide variety of outpatient services, such as pain clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgery, imaging and laboratory, mental health treatment, and outpatient cancer treatment. Medical groups – doctors in private practice but affiliated with the medical center--will also have offices within the medical center.
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