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By: laura_ap
Vendetta Towing Inc.
Vendetta is Awesome, had a Ford Taurus wagon and it broke. I called my mechanic and he said it would cost over $1500 to fix and the car wasn't worth it and he suggested to sell it as a junk car. So I called all the ads on Cleveland Craigslist and all of them offered low pay for my car except 2 businesses. I tried the higher paying of the 2 first a and checked to see if they were real business on different websites including here on the yellow pages The other one was a real business to and higher than Vendetta but when they came out they dropped almost $150 from their quote. I was mad so I called Vendetta seeing that they were only $50 less than the other company's original quote. When Vendetta got there I noticed a nice looking tow truck (un like other guys truck that leaked oil in my drive way"!) and the worker was professional and well groomed looking guy. I actually thought it was kind of cute the guy was short and looked so small in the big truck seeing that he was so short :). I told the guy what happened with the other guy that came out from the other company earlier and explained what was wrong with my car. Well the guy checked my ID, wrote down my lic and vin of the car, checked the vin, checked to see if the car was stable to tow, then had me with his partner sign the title and his partner was a notary and notarized the title. Then they had me sign 2 paper that were the same stating that this car was sold as junk, will not be used on the road again, and guaranteed it would be out of my name by 3 business days, the papers were also notarized and they gave me a copy. He then paid me the amount they quoted, gave me a receipt, and then I watched the guys hook up my truck and before they left the guy came to me and said, "I'm sorry about the other company, we pride our self in being professional, please be careful in scrap companies you choose because a lot of them are very un professional. So if we quote a price, we stick with it long as the car is complete." He then continued to tell me all the other services they offer and then he said " While I was in the truck I called my boss, and told him what you went through, he then said give her an extra $50 to help her get a new car. So with that here is our business card, and $50 more, and hope you think of us in the future if you ever need us or have a friend in need. Also my name is Juan if you ever have to call the company feel free to let them know I was the driver that picked your car up." He then got in the truck and left, I'd have to say I've dealt with towing companies before, but that was the quickest and most professional service and the most well groomed tow truck driver I ever seen. I recommend them to anyone that needs a car scraped or towed. Also just so you know they beat other scrap companies I called from the yellow pages too, and were very fast. I then checked the next day to see online if the title was still in my name, guess what; it was out my name and in their name. They did it faster then 3 days. I highly recommend Vendetta and want to say thank you again.
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By: Rich C.
Cunnigan's Auto Svc & Repair
Hi im the owner of Cunnigans Auto Service......I would like to respond to the negative comments that were left as my review......As for the man that claimed they we suckered them........The man claimed he was a disabled retired vet that was confined to a wheel chair.....We sold them the van 1500 under what was listed.....the blew a power steering line sometime on the trip home.......Now Nick M proceeded to make threats ....we offered to overnight a line to them....also when he filed the complaint with BBB we offered help....he stated in his report that the van was awesome and already fixed...wait your going to talk trash!! Just because you feel entitled!! We have complete shop cable of handling any and all repairs on all domestic and most foregin models!Now Miss Sabrina....She bought high perfomance truck gave it to her 17 year old son!! Who took it to Columbus and the way back at 95 miles an hour blew a radiator house and continued to drive it back to cleveland "called me to me what happened"!!! Then him and his grandfather tried doctoring it before mom found out!!! These people feel as if money grows on trees and no sense of responsabilty for what they and there actions do! So if you want to buy a car from a man that works 6 days a week for his family.....That has dedication to upgrade in tooling to keep up with industry standards! One more thing I sell 500 cars year.....So thank you look forward to doing business with you!!!
By: m...rose
Detroit Auto Clinic
I have never written a review – so know that if I’m writing one, it’s because I feel awfully moved to spread the word.My father was a patient in Cleveland Clinic over the holidays. I had driven 6 ½ hours to visit him and then eventually take him home. His SUV had begun to overheat once I arrived in Cleveland and I was panicked being in a city so far from home with a sick father I was planning to transport 6 ½ hours back. I did a Google search and found Detroit Auto Clinic; every single review was good – which is unheard of! So, I called Gilbert and spoke about my issues and he said to come in. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about Gilbert and Detroit Auto Clinic. He took me right away (also, let me say that I am a woman and that can tend to work against a person at an auto garage…), assessed what I would need and fixed only what it would take to get us home. No price gouging, no making up ten other things that were wrong – just honest, old school business. I was so relieved; he restored my faith in the world! If you are in the Cleveland area, or are ever in need while traveling through, I simply cannot recommend Detroit Auto Clinic and Gilbert enough. He was a life saver and I am forever grateful!
By: angela1221
Ron's Auto Repair
I have gone to almost every single auto repair shop in northeast Ohio and have never found a more honest mechanic then Ron and his crew.. They have given the best deals to me and everyone i have sent up there. Every time ive gone to another mechanic i walk away feeling like i got ripped off. When i leave Ron's i leave feeling like i should owe him more money for what i have had done. He's honest in telling you whats wrong and honest in telling you where to get your parts the cheapest for the repairs.. and if he cant fix it he will be honest about that. Not like the other guys that tell you something then repair something that didnt need repairing just to make some money off of you since your already there.. If he cant fix it he will tell you who can. ME and EVERYONE I KNOW WILL TELL YOU THAT RON'S IS THE BEST MECHANIC SHOP THEY HAVE EVER BEEN TO.. Even if i lived in PA. i'd still drive here to get everything i own fixed by him.
By: sharon.d.greenawalt
Done Right Automotive
Ray and his crew at Done Right Auto are wonderful, caring, trustworthy gentlemen. They answer the phone, give quotes and I feel that their prices are very reasonable. When I have an issue, I call and ask if they have time to look at it. I have been there so many times that they know my voice, but I've seen the care and concern that they extend to others that are coming in, looking for help for their car. My most recent repair included, front rotors & pads, front stabilizer links and inner bearing that were pressed into the steering knuckle. They don't use cheap parts - because they don't want you have issues from using these kind of parts. Parts and labor on that last repair came in at just under $950. I called 4 other places and I believe that my bill would have been higher had I gone somewhere else.
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By: Joey R.
Allstar Discount Muffler
Took my 2000 grand caravan to wallmart because of a wobble which i first think is a bad tire, they gave me a printout of what thet did, which included removing all tires and fully checking balance. they said nothing was wrong with my tires so I go too all star muffler the next day thinking tire rod, balljoint or the like. the guy gets my van up on the lift. he found a couple things that werent related to the wobble then he comes to get me to come look at tons of steel belts hanging out all the way around the inner wall of a tire. I think oh my God, no way wallmart even looked. I take pictures and the printout back to wallmart the next day and raise hell with the manager. Thanks all star they fixed a few things at a great price.
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By: bill.anderson.58555941
Jason's Automotive Inc.
I wanted to get the car checked over because I had not had it in any shop for a long time. At the least I thought I needed new spark plugs. I took it to Jason's on a recommendation and they got me in right away. They spent about an hour checking the car over, pulling plugs, tires etc. When they were done he said everything looked good including the plugs and there would be no charge. I was shocked that they didn't charge me something for their time and especially surprised like most places they didn't "find something to fix" whether it had to be done now or not. They are honest and if nothing else that deserves my business.
By: Bob H.
Mufflers For Less
I am never disappointed when I take my vehicles to Mufflers For Less. I ALWAYS get excellent service, a quality exhaust system with a superior warranty, and absolutely the best price in town. Wether it be brakes, exhaust work, shocks, struts, anything they have ever done for me has always been to my satisfaction. For the past 15 years I have taken all my cars there, as well as my wife, kids, in-laws, family and friends, and had nothing but praise from everyone. I highly recommend Mufflers for Less to all without hesitation.
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By: Penny S.
Allstar Discount Muffler
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By: Rick A.
Mufflers For Less
Had a catalatic converter install went bad within a couple months Mufflers For Less refuse to warranty it!! Very crooked people lied and said that my car destroyed it!! Lied and said all my dash lights were still on and my car was at fault. LIE LIE LIE!!! NO LIGHTS OR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT WERE EVER ON Following the replacement of the converter!!! Currently working with the attorney General trying to resolve this situation. I do not recommend this app to anyone!!! Sincerely honestly and respectfully submitted.
Tips & Advices
With the proper maintenance and adherence to driving within in the guidelines of engine performance designations, remanufactured engines can last 100,000 miles or more. With modern technology, engine lifespans have dramatically increased over the years. It is not uncommon for engines to last 200,000- 300,000 miles, or more--before a rebuild or remanufacture is even necessary.
While remanufactured and crate engines are very similar, there are several key differences. The biggest difference is that crate engines are as close to new as possible, without actually being new. Everything internal is replaced, which is not always the case with a remanufactured engine. Second, crate engines do not have to meet factory original specs. Some are upgraded to high performance engines through specialty shops. Crate engines are ready for immediate installation. These factors tend to make their price point higher than for a remanufactured engine. Adherence to factory specs is the biggest difference; remanufactured engines are required to (with some exceptions), crate motors are not.
Remanufactured engines nearly always come with a warranty. There may be exceptions, so it is important to learn the specifics of the auto shop. There is no reason for a shop to not offer a warranty on what is basically a new engine. While not getting a warranty would be rare, confirm the engine comes with a warranty prior to making any commitment.
All gasoline and diesel engines, with some exceptions, are eligible to be remanufactured. Old, rare and out-of-stock engines, engines with cracked or damaged blocks, and specialty engines are examples of engines that might not be eligible to be remanufactured. Also to be considered are parts availability and a mechanic’s knowledge of a particular engine.  Most modern and popular engines are eligible. Lower- end production and rare engines might require specialty shops that work in these areas.
The most commonly remanufactured engine is the inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. It is the most mass-produced engine in the world and is the primary power plant in the most popular cars in the world, like the Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla, and the Ford Focus. The next most common remanufactured engine is the straight, or “‘inline” six, a six cylinder that is a larger and more powerful engine popular in many smaller, light duty trucks, SUVs, and an engine option in the Toyota Camry. The popularity of these cars and these engines makes them the highest in demand for remanufacture.

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