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By: Jean W.
Zymler Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Shingles My shingles began on November 8, 2012 on the top of my head and down the left side of my face and neck. The chicken pox outbreak covered my left eye, half of my nose , cheek, mouth and chin. This part of my face, including half of my tongue were numbed and painful.The left eyelid would not open.My general practitioner prescribed medication and referred me to my optometristwho, with the aid of his nurse, forced the lids to part and inserted medication in the eye. A steroid was given and instructions to use this medication four times a day for one week. The following week, after re-examination, the sixth and eighth nerves found to be damaged. Again, a steroid was prescribed twice a day. Despite the prescribed medications, the eye retained a constant blur-as if water was constantly flowing in the eye. I was informed that there wasn't anything more to be done, but all would heal in time.I was aware that this condition might last months and, possibly, a lifetime. The following months I experienced constant, throbbing, headaches, and an unbearable itchyness.The use of various lotions to soothe my skin helped, but very little.My daughter, who is a patient of Dr. Zymler, heard the he was treating a person who had been suffering from the shingles a few years with no relief. This person was treated for shingles through the use of acupuncture and lazer therapy and was cured.Reluctantly, I decided to see if there was treatment for shingles through this method.I felt that medications were tried (and I even used nerve shield-not - FDA approved from a health store). I was tired of waking up in the morning and finding blood on my pillow and my fingers from scratching my skin in various places during the night. I followed all recommendations of hot and cold compacts throughout the day and night. The use of these wore thin and I became desperate enough to try anything and everything. This desperation was the best step, the best advice I ever took.After three treatments I had an appointment for my eyes to recheck the status. It was found that I no longer had nerve damage. The water fall in this eye was no longer there.With each treatment I found and continue to find that my severe headaches are gone and the unbearable itchyness is very low and not as painful. The pain on the top of my head still remains, but it is light and I am able to wash, brush and have my hair cut with ease. I can put hair rollers in my hair and sleep without pulling them out.At first I thought all this healing was wishful thinking, however, I know it is not. The relief that I am experiencing is indescribable. I am able to touch my left side of the face and neck. My tongue is no longer numb and I was able to have dental work done with ease.I still have pain on the left side of my head, forehead and the upper eyelid. I can feel an uncomfortable pulling in my eye, however, it is all very tolerable and mild. The treatments will continue as long as recommended and along with them, my confidence.Christine Wroblewski
By: berthat
Zymler Chiropractic & Acupuncture
November 1, 2013I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care that I received through Acupuncture treatments in your office.I had been going to University Hospitals pain management center for seven years, receiving cortisone injections that gave me maybe 30 days of some relief, finally the doctor informed me there was nothing else not even another surgery would help my back get better. Prior To coming to see Doctor Zymler, I had lost all hope of ever recovering and being functional again after being told nothing else could be done. At the last Cortisone into my facet joints I experienced some problems from a tube being inserted in my throat to keep my airway open doing the anesthesia, it was after that I decided to seek him out for treatment. I had read in a book that acupuncture was helping a lot of back patients get back into the swing of life. I doubted it..but I felt it was my last result.After a few treatments I woke up one morning able to move better...I sat up in bed surprised that I felt better. I remembered being so excited that I went for a short walk feeling less pain then I ever felt since my injury in 2003.The first time I was ever able to walk around the block of my home since being injured. As I continued treatments, I started to feel like a new person. I am so happy that I tried an alternative course; acupuncture because through the skillful treatments of David Zylmer, D.D.C., I am in less pain and take no medication for my back condition. I am forever indebted to Dr. Zylmer and acupuncture treatments for relieving me of this debilitating condition. I am now able to work part time, twenty hours a week and I have hope that with continued treatments I will return to work full time in the near future.Whenever I meet others that suffer from a back injury the first thing I say is "you must go for acupuncture treatments, believe me is works, look I can raise my leg up again."Because of acupuncture treatments I am free of addicting pain medications.I am no longer depressed over my injury from work..but confident that now I am getting my life back.Thank you Doctor Zylmer, for not giving up on me and sticking me with those little life saving needles that have given me my life back.As you can see now I can go out and enjoy my life again, thanks to acupuncture.Bertha Toney
By: Sheryl V.
Zymler Chiropractic & Acupuncture
I have been going to Zymler Chiropractic for more years than I want to admit - but I will - almost 30. In that time, Dr. Z has helped me with dislocated ribs, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and stress management. He is thorough, funny, and caring. He will always listen to what you have to say and give you an honest answer.

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