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By: jmalss
Model Talent Bz
I have been with This agency for a few years now (about 6). With school in the way, I am unable to continue to go every week, although I would love if that was a possibility. When I first joined I had a big dream of becoming a famous actress. They made my dream feel like it was just out of my reach, and with their help, it was possible. I started taking classes, both acting and modeling. I loved it. The people were kind and helpful. I could tell they truly wanted you to be successful. In 2009, I went to a convention in New York City called IMTA. I felt very prepared and to this day it is one of the best weeks I can remember. There were 100% callbacks within my group from the agency. I got three that I was very happy with. Unfortunately school go in the way again and I was unable to sign with anyone because I was unable to move. I continued taking classes. Not only did I learn how things are run in the business, but I learned how to walk and talk with confidence as well as proper etiquette. I loved being there. When I was there it felt like home. I have made friends there that I will never forget. It takes hard work and dedication and a true love for this crazy, competitive business. I have taken many photo shoots here and have received my pictures, head shots and composite cards for all of them. If you work hard and truly want this, you will be successful here. I have done a total of two conventions with the agency, the one I mentioned before in New York and one in Texas called Model Talent Expo. At both of these conventions, competitions, expos, what ever you would like to call them, I have been successful with callback all the way from a managers in LA to commercial model agents in New York to an agent in Atlanta who works mostly with television series. I attended local showcases and even won scholarship money. I am still in school and my parents wish for me to finish before I sign with anyone and move to my dream home in LA. I want this with all my heart. This is my dream and They help make it come true.

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