By: Emily S.
Parma Vacuum
I was having problems with my Hoover and came into this shop expecting a long turnover time and inefficient customer service like I've received at other places. The gentleman operating the store (I feel like a dirtbag for not getting his name) carried my vacuum in from my car, quickly assessed the lack of suction, found a clog, cleaned it out, cleaned one of my filters, sold me a new HEPA filter (at a very reasonable price!), and carried the vacuum back out to my car, all in about 10 minutes. My experience could not have been more pleasant and I'm thrilled to have my vac back and running like new! Very professional and efficient service, very much appreciated! Thanks for getting me in and out the door with my simple fix in mere minutes! I will be back!!!
By: keithdemerest
Parma Vacuum
I came in this week to have my vacuum repaired, and discovered they have amazing customer service! The guy who assisted me was very helpful and friendly. He was able to determine there was nothing that needed repaired, but that the vacuum wasn't assembled properly after I replaced the belt. He didn't charge me for his time, and was able to answer other questions I hade in regards to my new Hoover. I will continue to support this business, and highly recommend you to use them.
By: John Z.
All Suburban Vacuums
Wow Great Service!!!! The guy who was working took my vacuum apart in front of me and showed me everything that was wrong. He gave me options to choose from and was not a pushy salesman. I was also very impressed when he came out to the car and grabbed my machine from me. I would stay that the customer service is by far the best if have seen in any industry. Will Definitely Recommend to friends and family. Keep up the great work.
By: Josie C.
Parma Vacuum
Excellent service! I took my old Singer sewing machine in for service and was thrilled with the result. My machine is like new. Great customer service too-- I would recommend Parma Vacuum to anyone!
By: connie1
Gray's Auctioneers
Knowledgable, honest, secure facility and free pick up ... how great is this place!!! Deba Gray and her staff are exceptional!
Tips & Advices
If a customer cannot find or does not have the owner's manual for his or her vacuum cleaner, it can usually be found online on the manufacturer's website.
Ducted vacuum cleaners, also called central vacuum systems, are appliances installed into the building itself. Users can plug in the hose and begin cleaning right away; no outlets or cords are needed.
Bagless vacuums should have filters replaced every three months.
Many vacuum repair shops offer free loaners to customers.
Big-box stores that sell vacuum cleaners usually offer vacuum repair services. Vacuum repair shops are also a good resource, but might have shorter hours. but . Manufacturers might also offer repair services for vacuum cleaners they produce.

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