By: Ruslan D.
Spring Garden
Unfortunately I'm not able to reply to ungrateful review that was written by user named "dirtyredtruk". My kinds words of advice. Please do not leave negative reviews simply because of a "language barrier". I understand that at the time you were frustrated in regards to a undelivered meal due to miscommunication. In my experience -I've never had an issue with their delivery. For all the world may know, one could make the stereotypical assumption that "dirtyredtruk" is just a southerner with an English dialect that's more difficult to understand over the phone. Either way, please be more calm and collective with an understanding mind that we're all here trying to make a living. Being a 7-year loyal customer to one restaurant baffles me on the fact that during those years, not once did you bother to create a username and write a review of appreciation these folks at Spring Garden for the food they prepared on your behalf. Yet, the moment that one mistake is made, without hesitation is a poor review of incompetence is written. Shame on you, honestly - be more mature and reasonable.To the fine folks at Spring Garden - may you your business grow with diligence and your lives be filled with prosperity.
By: stealth13
This is a very good Italian restaurant. Prices are a little on the high side but customers receive nice size portions. I had the veal parmesan at $13, and I though it was delicious. This is not your typical Italian restaurant its way better. The restaurant was very clean along with a warming atmosphere. The only downside to this place is that there were not that many items on the menu to choose from. Overall it was very good. If I am ever up in Cleveland again, I will pay Briccos a visit for dinner.
By: John B.
XO Prime Steaks
WOW. 2nd date with a special lady went very well at XO! It was a pricey night out, but mission accomplished. We had the calamari and crab cake appetizers. For main course we each ordered a steak (superb) and on the waiter's (Tommy) recommendation, we split a HUGE lobster tail that they had on special. This tail was easily 5 inches wide and 10 inches long. I think this lobster was on steroids. Have been to XO before and after I pay down my credit card balance from this meal, I will be back. LOL
By: Keighleigh L.
China City
Decent food, within walking distance (of sorts). The delivery is rather quick and the delivery guys aren't jaded, they appreciate when you give a good tip. Apparently one of the dudes looks like Glen from the Walking Dead so....bonus! You can tell this is a family run place since you'll see their kids there studying, helping out, etc. The location is great, located real close to a Sav A Lot because who really wants to cook right after getting the groceries? :D
By: Larry S.
Clifton Martini & Wine Bar
Good food. Poor service.. Party of five Saturday night appetizers served along with meal rather than before. Steaks and pork chops served with no steak knives Watery onion soup . Major chip on water glass which had to be replaced. Live in the neighborhood and have eaten here numerous times and service is consistent ly poor. Will be hesitant to take my guests back. Food two stars. Service no stars.
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By: Deanna S.
The food was good for what it was, I wasn't expecting gourmet but just something to eat when I don't want to cook and don't want typical fast food. Yes some items were probably store bought, but they don't claim to make everything from scratch. Overall good food, clean place, and they even have a customer rewards program. They're trying
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By: superk734
Panda Buffet
I found the food to be very good, it's clean, restrooms are clean. Passed this place a million times and finally stopped, the food is awesome when It's fresh, sometimes they hold the food too long if no one comes in to eat it, otherwise, it's really really good.
By: kjnatzke
China Chef
Although somewhat hard to find as its location is more like a hole in the wall, but the staff is very pleasant it is clean and food has good taste. I only wish they had a few offerings for those with gluten intolerance issues maybe they will add something soon.
By: Shirley C.
House Of Hunan
I like how they have a classic menu and a kind of fusion of many other cooking from other amazing ways to cook in the world. They really know what they can offer and they stick to what they know and cook, they cook it good.
By: Jennifer W.
China Town 1
Called in order, got there and they didn't have it made. I'd gotten there about 30 mins after placingf the order. They didn't compensate for me having to wait an addition 15 mins for them to make my food.

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