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By: Remrie A.
Deb Wyckoff Realtor With Era Lentz Assoc
"How did it go?" - Simply put, it could not have happened without her!Our contract on the house fell through once and it took 9 months to purchase this home, and she latched on like a bulldog and fought tooth and nail to make this transaction happen. She is tougher than hardened steel and has a soft warm heart that genuinely cares about getting people into the home of their dreams, and into better living situations.Her primary source of advertising is word of mouth. From repeat buyers and referrals from her buyers to friends and family, and her 20+ years of experience is absolutely critical to any serious buyer. I've been researching properties all around Cleveland for 2 years prior to buying, reviewed hundreds and hundreds of listings, and visited dozens. I could have let my house go when the contract fell through the first time, but I made my decision on it, and Deb made it happen.As a buyer, I have experience with buying single family and multifamily homes, I've rented 9 units in the past and have been involved in real estate since 2010. Deb didn't need to hold my hand through the process, but at any point I needed to let her take control, I was 100% confident in her ability and professionalism.She helped me look at properties from Bedford to Euclid, Chardon and Chagrin, and various other greater Cleveland areas. She pointed out structural flaws, code violations, and anything else that would make a property we were looking at difficult or expensive to purchase/fix. She also surprised me with her ability to figure out the properties I would like the most. Because I don't buy a house because it has nice kitchens and bathrooms, I buy houses because I like the land, the city/county regulations, expandability, basement, driveway, bedrooms, and useful oddities.One house she picked out which I never found, she knew I would like it more than any other, and I did, the numbers just didn't work on it, and the conditions to sell it would likely have been just as difficult or more difficult than the house I already picked.All in all, I expect to be able to purchase another home by summer 2018, and Deb Wyckoff will be the first and only realtor I call to help with the next transaction, and refer to anyone I care about who needs a realtor who will care about them. Between California, Ohio, and Indiana, I've dealt with a lot of agents. Some good, some bad, and a lot who I wouldn't trust with a pen. Deb blows all of them out of the water.
By: Cami F.
Montlack Realty
I recently moved out of Montlack Realty Shaker Lakes apartment building. I lived in a two bedroom apartment by myself which cost the same amount as living in a one bedroom (I was paying the same amount as my classmates who were living in a one bedroom apartment). Additionally, I only paid $35 for utilities to Montlack because of the building I lived in. The only reason I moved out was because I graduated law school in May and will be taking the Virginia Bar Exam this July. I am not from Cleveland, OH and had never been until I went to law school there. Living in Shaker Lakes apartment made me feel like I was at home. Like old apartments are there are always somethings that can be tweaked. When I called about issues I had in my apartment, the maintenance people were there within 3 to 5 days. I always received a notice if they came into my place without me being there (I gave them permission to do so) and it would either tell me that the issue was resolved or update me on the progress of it.I loved my apartment!! And although some of the ladies at the front desk can appear to be unfriendly and don't smile at you even when you smile back, they still helped me when I needed help. If I ever move back to Cleveland, OH I will be contacting Montlack to rent an apartment and no one else!!
By: Jacquet B.
Montlack Realty
I lived in Montlack Realty Fairhill tower for five years. The west facing two bedroom apartment has the most amazing view of the Cleveland downtown and the lake. It was a treat for us every day to view the amazing sunset from our bedroom. The apartment is well managed and the office staffs are really great. John and Butch were always there to listen to us if we had any issues in our unit. The apartments are really affordable considering the vicinity to the Cleveland Clinic and the Case Western. We have never faced a single problem with the maintenance as they were always there to fix things even in late evening hours. Montlack has several apartments in the Fairhill road, Kemper area but the Fairhill tower was the most convenient for us as it was walking distance from the Clinic and the Case and also the RTA stops just in front of the building. There are hiking trails across the building on the banks of Doan brook. Overall, the area is a safe place to live with a family.
By: Kyle Q.
Montlack Realty
My sister was a tenant for years in an apartment on Van Aken Boulevard. She passed away suddenly and since I live out-of-state, I had to rely on their staff over the phone from a distance. Butch was more than helpful, considerate and sensitive at the time of my loss. He took a huge burden off my shoulders and coordinated all the final details of closing up her apartment with a nearby friend. Couldn't have asked for better assistance! Thanks again!!!
By: Erni G.
Montlack Realty
I had thought about buying a home, but why leave when I've got it made right where I'm at? My updated suite offers all of today's modern amenities, yet still retains an old world charm. The maintenance staff is courteous and my requests are handled promptly and efficiently. And with the shops of Shaker Square and the rapid transit line right at my door, I couldn't ask for a better location!
By: Mirna E.
Montlack Realty
I lived in Shaker lakes apartment for 4 years. Nice area and apartments to live in. My unit had full kitchen and an huge extra storage which was a big plus. It's in walkable distance from lakes which we enjoyed. Management was mostly responsive to any maintenance requests. Usually was take care within a day or two.
By: Evelin M.
Montlack Realty
John showed me several units before I chose my apartment and Lauren helped me throughout my move-in process. Anytime I needed anything, the staff was very accommodating and responsive. My neighbors were great, also, and I really loved the shaker square area. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
By: Theo H.
Montlack Realty
Been around over 5 years at two different properties near Shaker Square. Having been here that long I can say that I have noticed things improving over the last year and half or so. I've had a number of issues over the years, some small, one or two more serious. Staff attitudes have been markedly improved.
By: Cyu U.
Montlack Realty
Stayed in Montlack Realties buildings for four years and haven't had any problems. Maintenance requests were quick and painless, rent was reasonable and the staff were understanding. I would continue to rent from them if a change in cities wasn't inevitable.
By: Tasia Z.
Montlack Realty
I had a very positive experience with Montlack during that time. Repairs were generally dealt with in a very timely manner, and the building was kept clean and well maintained in the common areas. The office staff was easy to deal with, and I wo

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