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By: Jen B.
Foxmoor Apts
Several years ago when I moved in this place was awesome. Quiet, mostly retired crowd who were friendly and actually cared about their space. The woman in the office (Mary Lou) was so friendly and helpful. Now the staff couldn't care less and the people living here are the same. My neighbor's kids scream at the top of their lungs all day, every day. I'm afraid to park my car in the parking lot because people have no respect for property and bang their doors into it. They don't salt when it snows and I have a lovely view of an overflowing dumpster from my balcony. Rent is high (more if you have pets), and there are zero amenities. Wait, there's a crappy tennis court no one uses. There was a basketball hoop on the tennis court which at least kept some of the children from playing in parking lot (throwing balls at people's cars), but the staff decided the basketball hoop wasn't part of the lease and removed it. I can't wait until my lease is up and I can get out of here! In two and a half years management has completely ruined this place. I've heard that some of the people that have lived here a long time have complained and were told to pound salt because "there's always someone else who will move in". They don't value the good tenants who have lived here awhile, instead preferring to bring new people in. Update: I gave them my notice that I was moving and they proceeded to harass me for the rest of my time there. They wanted to do a "pre-move out inspection" while I was packing, then another inspection while I was moving. Then during my move the manager made me vacuum the lobby because she said I made a mess on the floor. Not sure how she can tell as the carpet is so badly stained all the time. I hired a professional cleaning crew to clean the apartment before I left as I figured they would give me a hard time after I moved. Paid $160 for cleaners, and Foxmoor still took $222 of my $299.00 security deposit. Move here at your own risk!
By: Paige S.
North Church Towers
PLEASE BEWARE!! This place is roach infested! Moved in 7 days ago and I'm horrified. Seeing roaches every day in the common areas, have found some in my unit. The management and leasing office is well aware and isn't telling potential or current residents (which is highly immoral and illegal)!! They are not taking the proper steps to rectify the infestation either. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO MY WORST ENEMY! It's a nightmare. *If possible and willing, can you please contact Forest City Residential Management (216-621-6060) and complain!
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By: Mickey 1.
Musicians Towers
This is one God awful place to live. Maintenance and cleanliness lacks big time and the elevators are constantly out of order. Earlier this year we kept losing hot water for up to 5 days while Millennia headquarters kept telling us to hold on. Headquarters does not like to replace anything, just put a temporary band-aid on it. At night the parking lot is almost pitch black and they refuse to put up sufficient lighting. Even though we have complained about it. They also let people in the neighborhood park in the parking lot which takes away our spaces and there's not even enough for the residents here. They don't bother to tow them even though there is a sign so why would the non-residents stop? This apartment has great potential but headquarters doesn't care. We're constantly given 24 hr notices stating that maintenance is coming to do a repair within the next 3 DAYS! So if you have to be somewhere and don't want them in your place alone you'll have to stay home all 3 days, and that's if they even come. Even contractors will come to your door and claim they are maintenance which they aren't which makes me very very leary to open my door to a face I don't know. Do yourself a favor and don't move here.
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By: Owls B.
Musicians Towers
While it's true that the rent is low for the elderly folks on a fixed income, you get what you pay for. Utilities are free but turning the heat on is up to the management who doesn't have a slightest idea when to turn it on. In November, the heat is still SHUT OFF. It's freezing and no one gives a damn. If you elect to have a space heater, then you MUST report this to the management who will add on an additional monthly charge for that. Ditto for the window air conditioner at summer. SUCKS - stay away from this place!!!!
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By: Tara C.
North Church Towers
Do not move here. Everything breaks and they don't fix it. Management doesn't return calls or emails. Worst place I have ever lived. Neighbors are friendly and all have the same complaints. Everyone leave after a year.
By: Mokona L.
Mystic Creek Apts
WHY is this apartment listed under the heading of handicap accessible? They will NOT even abide by the Fair Housing Act.
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By: Dana M.
Westbrook Village Apartments
Many updates since the 2013 review. Lived there 2 years, could not have been happier! Great staff and management.
By: Anonymous A.
Islander Apartments
Unfortunately there isn't a option for no stars. This place is a joke. They fix nothing, bed bugs every where, the staff from the maintenance to the pool staff. Including the entire management that owns this dump of a complex. They will pass the problem and blame it on someone else but themselves. Refrain from signing anything with these scums. I'm gladnI left there a year ago, instead of them trying to up my rent 100 more dollars. Not including all of the Indian people who live here that smell worse than the dumpster. Bed bugs, high rent for a dump, and stinky tenants. Sounds dreamy right? Dont make the same mistake so many do every month.
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By: Megan S.
Marsol Apartments Leasing Ofc
This company has been renamed to The Drake and is an absolutely terrible place to live!! STAY AWAY! This company will try to take your money anyway that they can. They are nothing but a bunch of SCAMMERS. Horrible customer service, no respect for their tenants, and they are not truthful people. Also seems to be a new person working in their office everyday, very high turnover of employees. They claimed that my rent was not paid when I clearly paid rent, paperwork had been "misplaced" when it was signed at their desk in their office. They make up numbers for what fees that you owe them and refuse to print bills to show the breakdown. The location itself is great but it is not worth it to live there. The elevators are dangerous and the doors will close on you. I move out at the end of the month and that day cannot come fast enough! I am honestly afraid to see what more hundreds of dollars they are going to try to make me pay when I move out after being charged hundreds already. Ridiculous joke of a company.
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By: Andrew W.
The Chesterfield
I currently live here and have lived here to date for a year and a half. I read the reviews and heard from people about the poor condition of the Chesterfield but also assumed things would get better. After talking to the old management I was reassured everything was going to change. Many broken promises and let downs and stabs in the back later, here is my review. Lets just say the management is terrible (The newer property manager has actually kicked a residents pet). Infestation is a problem. They fine for everything and are raising rent next year even though nothing is currently working. The AC didnt work for 2 months of the summer last year. They lied to residents saying that they couldnt turn the AC on yet because of a city rule, but then those signs were removed a week later. Quickly removed because their were talks of class action law suits being issued. However, the Chesterfield staff instead blasted heat into residents apartments with central air. There is no way to completely shut off the heat, only to hope to restrict the flow of it coming out of your unit. It sucks to think about how ------ you are being treated. When its 90 degree outside, midges are stuck to your window and there arent screens so you cant open the windows, and you have hot air coming through your AC unit. I was promised re-embursement for running my fan since my Electric bill trippled and they said I had been mis-informed. So I was not only miserable, but dubbed as well, and had a large bill to pay. Lets just say the girlfriend needed convincing to come over as did my friends because being at their parents house was more enjoyable than even stepping foot inside the chesterfield. And all the apartment photos on their sites are artists takes on the space, because the reality is nothing looks like its shown. Even the pool on the roof is bad since it's not heated it takes until 2pm to warm up and by then bugs are all over the top of the water. So there isnt even a good time to actually go swimming and its only open during the usual pool season, then you lose access to the roof once its closed. Talk about pointless, having a pool and it being 80 degrees in October and not being able to go up on the roof or swim. Cheap place, bad property manager, and you'll hear (corporate controls.... more times than you'll ever want to hear). So why have Cleveland based employees if corporate dictates everything anyways? Just annoyed and after 2 years of bad treatment, they are going to up my rent even though over the last two years promises of new things were never kept, very slow, and I still paid full price when everything was "In progress". Now that things finally are getting done you're going to charge me more!? Get real. If you are a college kid, the doors are at least cleaner. If you are a local, I suggest you live from home. If you are not local, I suggest you look elsewhere because otherwise you will likely get sick and spend most of your time elsewhere anyways... Just saying.

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